Ode to Luna

Divinity swam in a chalice

And I sipped of her silver light

Ruminating deepest thought

In awe of her tonight

I wept in adoration

As she slowly veiled her face

With breath held tight

I made my wish

On a star that fell with grace

Its death rebirthed an offering

To fill her to the full

With the deepest of intention

On this night so magical

She blushed blood red the instant

I asked her to be mine

She blushed blood red

And she remained

Flushed for the longest time

Held captive in the darkness

Her face began to pale

She disappeared into the mist

That rose beyond the vale

She took with her my longing

Each dream and each regret

Filled with aspirations

Of all I hadn’t yet

The light of hope that shone

Softly through her eyes

Was a beacon in the darkness

To help me realize

That I am but a weaver

And my tapestry the stars

I sew dreams into their beams

Of light so very far

But I shall dance with Luna

When she comes again

As a blushing bride filled with pride

Luring me back in

Yes I shall dance with Luna

In her divinity

But never sip the silver cup

She shared tonight with me

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: Dr. Chantz Richards


Dragon & Dog

You make my blood boil

With that red fire spitting tongue

I was warned of you

Beware the purple dragon

He will be your nemesis

©Kay Salady

My Place in Time

I return now to that place

Where I may reacquaint

With unrequited dreams

Wherein that one sweet face

Resides where I have traced

A seal upon my heart

As memory for he

Whose love was meant for me

But given to another by mistake

If for mercy’s sake

Time turns its hands again

Where I might meet with him

Upon another plain

Then as a bird I’d fly

Into another sky

Where I would gladly die

To swoop into its depths

If time would answer yes

There is a place in time

This time for me

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: Author, 2018

Center of My Soul


I can’t avoid you
No matter how I try to
This passion flashes
Before me night and day
With vivid colors burning
The love scenes that are churning
Deep inside my mind
I fight to breathe and find
It’s all that I can do
To stay away from you
I hold my breath and cry
And then I wonder why
The world keeps us apart
When you’re inside my heart
And you will always be
For you’re a part of me
And that will never change
Even though I’ve rearranged
my life
You’re the center of my soul
And the half that makes me whole
My love

©Kay Salady

The Lily from My Bouquet

Vanilla, strawberry, black heart cherry, and lime… If I could flavor this flower, these would be the flavors I’d choose. I dove right into its petals and rolled around awhile like a garden fairy brushing my wings in its wonderfully scented center and took a nap. When I awoke, I was hungry for something sweet. So, I broke off a piece of petal and tasted. Then I chipped away at a stamen and chewed. It was a sweet, fruity, vanilla confection! Inside the tips of the stamens was cherry limeade that fizzed and dripped down with a frothy, bubbly, citrusy sparkle so cool and delicious. Who knew such wonder lived so deep within the petals of a lily? Who knew? I knew. 😏

Kay Salady

Image: Kay Salady

Spanish Eyes

He held me on his toes and waltzed me ’round the room

Then kissed my tiny feet with a brush of his perfume

Singing, “Spanish Eyes”, a song for only me

I see his face in dreams smiling happily

As if to let me know that families never end

And that somewhere in time we all will meet again

©Kay Salady


She who loved deeply

Lost hope of expectation

While in her frailty

She bled upon the canvas

Exhibiting her strength

©Kay Salady

A Moment in Time

I open my eyes

And you seep into my mind

The essence lingers

Recreating a moment

That I never will forget

I slowly begin

To ease you back inside me

Igniting a spark

That becomes a raging fire

Like the love that we two made

©Kay Salady

A Good Man

When I think about the price I pay

For digging up my yesterdays

They’ve made me push the love away

From such a good man

Broken promises inside the dark

And filthy hands have left a mark

That will never fade away

I could let it go today

With hands that are a healing balm

That caress me down, make me calm

Hands that plan to do no harm

Are yours the hands

Of a good man

A righteous man who loves the Lord

Would do no harm; he can’t afford

The price he’d have to pay

I need a man who feels this way

So, before you hold me in the night

Convince me I won’t be alright

With the price I’d have to pay

If I push the love away

From a good man

©Kay Salady

Sea of Emotion

The sea of my emotion

Surpasses understanding

I have been a fool for you

Beyond the endless hours

Where days of recollection

Recounted in the darkness

Enfold me with a rapture

That brings me to my knees

Begging if you please another day

©Kay Salady