A Moment in Time

I open my eyes

And you seep into my mind

The essence lingers

Recreating a moment

That I never will forget

I slowly begin

To ease you back inside me

Igniting a spark

That becomes a raging fire

Like the love that we two made

©Kay Salady


A Good Man

When I think about the price I pay

For digging up my yesterdays

They’ve made me push the love away

From such a good man

Broken promises inside the dark

And filthy hands have left a mark

That will never fade away

I could let it go today

With hands that are a healing balm

That caress me down, make me calm

Hands that plan to do no harm

Are yours the hands

Of a good man

A righteous man who loves the Lord

Would do no harm; he can’t afford

The price he’d have to pay

I need a man who feels this way

So, before you hold me in the night

Convince me I won’t be alright

With the price I’d have to pay

If I push the love away

From a good man

©Kay Salady

Sea of Emotion

The sea of my emotion

Surpasses understanding

I have been a fool for you

Beyond the endless hours

Where days of recollection

Recounted in the darkness

Enfold me with a rapture

That brings me to my knees

Begging if you please another day

©Kay Salady

Colors Flash

I am so in love

With your beautiful soul

You spread your wings

And colors flash before me

Blinding me

To all I know that’s true

But then I realize that you

You don’t complete me

Maybe I complete myself

And even though

I may not shine as brightly

I still shine and I can fly

I can lift these wings and fly

And when I sing my song for you

You don’t seem to hear me

Even when my song is true

You don’t seem to have a clue

Because you’re whistling louder

Than the other birds

I guess the need to be heard

Has gotten the best of you

And so you strut your stuff

Feeling you’re not enough

Neither am I it seems

You were just a dream

And so was I

So lost in love

I thought I knew your soul

Finding its beautiful

Light before me

Blinding me

From what I felt to be true

Something inside of you

Reached out to say

I could believe again

Why did you take me in

So I can let you win

You wretched bird

©Kay Salady

I Don’t

I was so into

The very idea of you

And just for awhile

That crooked little smile

Enveloped me completely

Holding me so sweetly

In the rapture of it all

How love did sweetly call

Until I heard the ring

Of the finite little things

Attached to its accord

And then I cried dear lord

It’s all too much

Too great a price too pay

For feeling feelings in a way

That never seem to last

Becoming buried in the past

Then strung high into the wind

No I’d rather call you friend

And save my soul

©Kay Salady

Tea & Sympathy

He laid his weary head

Upon my broken heart

Then he began to cry

And I felt compelled

To hold him close to me

Longing for that smile

That is so endearing

The one that brought

Him near me after all

©Kay Salady


It rouses me from slumber

Having pulled me far down under

Completely breathless in its waters

Clutching me with hands

That confound me with demands

Too great for me to ever comprehend

And in this reality right now

That the fear I fear allows

Things are harder than they seem

When tangled up in vivid dreams

That one would like to end

This was surely not my friend

And as I fight to claim back air

I am helplessly aware

The more I struggle

That much tighter is its grip

And I try so not to slip

Before I fall

Completely overcome

By it all

©Kay Salady

Precious Child

Not a day passes

that I don’t fear

the loss of you

my precious child

How would I

go on breathing

I recall the day

that you were born

I lifted you high

before the Lord

in thanksgiving

and dedication

for I knew this gift

was not solely mine

I often tremble

when I lift you up

in prayer

then pause to remember

that beautiful day

reminding myself

that you were never

solely mine

and that a village

raised you

while the world

embraced you

as heaven


©Kay Salady

The Essence of Your Appeal

I stretch forth these hands

So barren of your touch

Never knowing the true essence

Of your appeal

Gathering all the tears I’ve cried

And placing them before you

As a token for the years

Of my allegiance

To one who knows my heart

But never my embrace

The saltiness of tears

Or fragrance that is me

Surrounding you in warmth

Blanketing your sorrow

With all that I possess

Within my whispered yes

I am here my love

©Kay Salady

In Every Leaf, a Kiss

The breath of summer lies underneath

The burnished kiss upon each leaf

That now adorns these autumn trees

That you and I sit far beneath

And so tenderly, her raiments fall

As sweet November surrenders all

To the long ago and far away

When love was new and we gave way

To the fantasies we’d held at bay

We now recall as we look now

To November’s trembling boughs

Glittering golden in the sun

Reminding us of how we’d won

At being lovers and being friends

At writing stories that never end

And with every leaf that falls

We still remember; yes, we recall

Our love

©Kay Salady