His Invitation

I fell in love with the distance

An arm’s length away

Yet impossible to hold

I reached out to grasp

His invitation

Then searched the world for him

As he inhaled

The supplication of a child

Who hungered every instant

That led me to believe

That he was waiting

A hint of his divinity

Fed fire to the flame

That burned inside my chest

And I cried out for reprieve

Sealing away my tears

Inside his alabaster jars

Perhaps tonight he’ll come

To accept my offering

I will behold his dazzling eyes

And I will fully realize

A life well-lived

©Kay Salady


“Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” ~Proverbs

I lost my mind today while the Saints shook their heads

I could feel their disapproval yet I purged my soul and bled

All these years of trying turned to rust upon my tongue

Its cold metallic taste dripped anger ’round the room

In an instant all the love that I had gained turned away

Leaving me a stranger devoid of words to say

Laid bare before myself face down before his throne

Ashamed of what I am and so ready to go home

I stabbed the one I love the most right in the heart today

Rather than being kind I had such ugly things to say

Why do we hurt those close to us such undeserving fools

We brush away like cookie crumbs the love of trusting souls

Then wonder why we sit and cry feeling we went unheard

With so much power inside a tongue so careless with its words

©Kay Salady

Each Time I Hear You Sing

It flies right off your sleeve

Into the heart of me

A silver-tongued inflection

Begging me to bleed

You push me out completely

Then rein me in again

With a sweet succulent sound

It’s like sunlight on the skin

So warm wet and tender

I’m a newborn summer lamb

Crying for the want of you

To rein me in again!

Fresh mandarine kisses

Spray a citrus mist

Every time you lead me to

The things I can’t resist

You renew that feeling

I have tried to leave

You lead me to the beating heart

You wear upon your sleeve

Each time you pass my window

To sing your winsome song

Knowing full well I will hear it

And that I will be wrong

To think it is for me

When it was meant for her

Why did I say a word

How could I cause a stir

Oh I am such a fool

A fool that takes a fall

Each time I hear you sing

Most anything at all

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: Rob’s Coffee

Against the Wind

Breath held tight in silence

Six feet against the wind

Impossible to fathom

The pain that she is in

Behind a mask of sorrow

That she cannot deny

Growing in frustration

Despite the reasons why

She fights against the wind

A frightening foreign thing

That came to take her breath

And change the path of everything

A silent ripple in the wind

Became a deafening roar

Suddenly what used to be

Is gone forevermore

©Kay Salady

Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images Europe

Long-Ago Lost


A flower that faded
springs fresh in the mind
that inhaled a memory
where fragrance crushed
within the hand
left a stain
so bittersweet
O’ wondrous dream
where footsteps tread
along a path
far too swiftly
for me to follow
Away . . . far off
to the long-ago lost
so very deep
within your shroud
where it seems
I am not allowed to go

©Kay Salady


Image Credit:  Kay Salady Photography

Counting to Five

The scent of sea rushes over me
I stand before the bubbling tide
It washes clean the days
I’d counted all the ways
He would return

A ship that sailed
A song I used to sing
My sun that set
My hope for everything
Now I don’t recognize
The clouds up in the sky

I see the moon
She gazes down at me
Could she know the ways
I’d begged him not to leave
If only he’d have tried
If only he’d believed

The Foamy Sea by Chantz Richards

And now a stranger comes
to look at me
I feel his breath upon my skin
Shall I try hard to laugh
And shall I try to back away

The scent of sea rushes over me
I lie within the bubbling tide
It washes clean the days
I’d counted all the ways
He would return

©Kay Salady


Image Credit:  Photograph by Dr. Chantz Richards



Once lost

Never gained

All the minutes

That we could have shared

Were wasted by crying

Endless rivers of teardrops

During the many sleepless nights

Spent wondering why we wasted time

©Kay Salady

India Ink

i felt a shiver
as i feared to meet your gaze
a glint of sapphire in the sunlight
cocking your fine head
and ruffling shining feathers
dipped in India ink
adjusting your new seat
on an adjacent fence
fastidiously staring
at this old bird
whom you once knew
you left your perch on high
and came down from the sky
to say hello
and had i known we’d meet
i would have brought a treat
but i have none to offer
for a prayer
should i come back tomorrow
and carry all my sorrow
along with some sweet rice
it would be so nice
if you would fly them to the clouds
then i’d not be too proud
to shed a tear

©kay salady

indian crow-01

Letting Go


I emptied a box filled with yesterdays
and freed some space for my tomorrows.

I said goodbye to your memory today
Thinking that my heart would break
As I read each letter then threw it away
Something inside let go of the days
Spent holding onto you

I replaced each line for Valentine
And you are my life please be my wife
With the other girl who is in your world
So that my wings could be unfurled
To fly away from you

I had no idea that it would take
These letters filled with such heartbreak
For me to realize my biggest mistake
Was holding onto you

©Kay Salady

We Should Kiss

I ache with the overwhelming desire
to brush against your body, feeling its
warmth next to mine, as I bite your
lower lip and then slowly look up into
your eyes and say, “yes, we should
kiss”. But then all I really want to do, is
take you by the hand as we peel away
every tether that confines our burning
bodies that overflow with hot, lava lust.
Yes, we should kiss. But then again, I
want to hiss, growl and grown my way
through the restraints of your surrender
as you struggle, twist and curl, pummel
and pound, then shudder and shake into
a shattering, mad crescendo. Then,
sweetheart, yes. Then, we should kiss.

©Kay Salady Poetry