Twill be no hour of recompense

For spilling blood across the fence

Nor claim for slanderous arrows thrown

Held in the name of god alone

Had he thought to bite his tongue

Or turn his cheek, unhand his gun

To stand for something greater still

Beyond himself, above his will

Had he the prudent thought to see

The disparaging reality

Of what he chose to leave behind

Because he dared not change his mind


©Kay Salady

David’s Sin

A finger of sunlight
Peered through the window
Imploring his flesh
To surrender
To his erotic dreams
And in that brief moment
She was stained
By his arousal

©Kay Salady


The Hand


You are ineffective
And have lost your own perspective
Of what matters
It seems that your direction
And your grasp of introspection
Is in tatters
A stranger stands there pointing
To the source of your anointing
And you follow
But you have no indication
Or the slightest inclination
Of what you swallow
The hands are on the clock
There are no gears
And no tick-tock
But there is time
Although you’re running ever faster
In no direction towards disaster
You’ll be fine
Because Heaven’s right above you
You can take the hand that loves you
Change your course
He can alter your whole being
And change the view that you are seeing
He’s the source
Of every fountain that is flowing
And every rainbow’s end that’s glowing
And His force
Is so much stronger than you know
Beyond this world down here below
You’ve lost your sight
Of how His love had come to be
By dying on that tree
The Shepherd of the Lambs
Is the Magnificent I Am
Not the hungry wolves that follow
Daring us to swallow
What we can still perceive
That we should surely leave

©Kay Salady

First Love


Redolent of leather
And amaretto merged together
On an evening filled with rain
The musk and the refrain
Of Chicago filled the air
The faded jeans you used to wear
As I tousled your dark hair
And kissed the warmth of you
Falling onto your bare chest
While you told me all the best
Of your intentions
All my life I’ll recognize
The moment I first saw your eyes
Meeting my astonished gaze
That day you set my heart ablaze
We were so in awe with feeling
With no idea that we were dealing
With a love that would not die
No matter how much we both tried
To finish our first chapter
Because the first lives on long after
We let go

©Kay Salady

Your Love


You touch me
And all my walls
Come tumbling down
As healing words infuse me
With the courage to lay down
My inhibitions
Then my eyes open
To the beauty of your soul
Painting me with scenery
So rare and beautiful
I dance within the wonder
Of this enigmatic bliss
Reaching, ever reaching
For more splendor
Such as this

©Kay Salady

Toxic Storm


Your tongue, it spurns me
Lashing at my flesh
Pouring salt upon old wounds
Now resurrected
These tears are toxic
As I shudder from a storm
Of your creation
I attempt to run away
But fail to find the means
To escape surrender
How you ruin me
And all my good intentions
That lay waste among the filth
Buried in the name of

©Kay Salady

I, the Succulence


Now the succulence of autumn fruit
Badly bruised by your intention
Lay waste outside the entrance
Of a divisive heart
No longer shining
Nor is she sweet
But blemished
By your

©Kay Salady

Fire and Ice

your rivers flow into my sea
oozing sensuality
away from you and into me
as flooding tides rise to convene
with messages upon the sands
that i collect to make a strand
long enough to circle earth
our sentiments have so much worth
you my love are raging fire
with licking flames that burn desire
and i the yearning cold blue ice
left unto my own device
meet with you to liquefy
into our love that will not die
we run throughout each other’s veins
aching to remove the pain
of distance
i tremble when i think to touch
the dark rich skin i need so much
are my fair hands such cursed things
unfit to cling unfit to bring
my love a solitary thing
oh i have touched the things you’ve touched
but i long to smell the fragrance of your hair
or see the sunlight on your skin
and how i long to walk within your shadow
as you enlace your hand with mine
one day with you would be divine
as you bathe within my sea
oozing sensuality
away from you and into me
without a word we’d rise to greet
as fire and ice to liquefy
not caring if this day we die
for our love is without an end
and you my love my greatest friend
are here at last within my arms
possessing me with all your charms
filling me to overflow
and that’s the only thing i know
the only thing i know

©kay salady

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Whispers from the Lady’s Chair

Whispers from the Lady's Chair

Nimble fingers traveled through
Careworn flesh that suffered to
The point of yearning days on end
Therefore she melted into him
He kissed the salty tears that fell
As she released the tender well
Enchanted springs had filled to brim
For she was so enthralled by him
And with each undemanding touch
To lightly brush within the hush
Of simple sweet imaginings
Inside the dreams that daylight brings
Upon the fluttering wings of fairies
Dancing in the motes that carry
Light and love to those who weep
Yet pray the prayer from sorrow keep
There is a prince around the bend
His kingdom floats upon a whim
He is invoked by fervent prayer
Whispered from the lady’s chair

©Kay Salady



Sad Girl

“I made a vow right from the start that you would never break my heart.”

Things can never be the same
We’ll never reignite the flame
I’m feeling lost and numb inside
And all my words scurry and hide
Escaping me evading you
It seems the easy thing to do
I think we’re better off this way
With very little left to say
Things can never be the same
We’ve inflicted too much pain
Being senseless being sad
Being heartless being mad
Without thinking of the cost
Our relationship’s been lost
I feel broken I feel small
Did you care for me at all
I made a vow right from the start
That you would never break my heart
But then I fed on the taboo
Of falling so in love with you
Oh how I hate to say those words
They leave me open and absurd
So I’ll just zip these pretty lips
And try my utmost to resist
But can I really stay away
I want to babe but I can’t say

©Kay Salady