Sad Girl

“I made a vow right from the start that you would never break my heart.”

Things can never be the same
We’ll never reignite the flame
I’m feeling lost and numb inside
And all my words scurry and hide
Escaping me evading you
It seems the easy thing to do
I think we’re better off this way
With very little left to say
Things can never be the same
We’ve inflicted too much pain
Being senseless being sad
Being heartless being mad
Without thinking of the cost
Our relationship’s been lost
I feel broken I feel small
Did you care for me at all
I made a vow right from the start
That you would never break my heart
But then I fed on the taboo
Of falling so in love with you
Oh how I hate to say those words
They leave me open and absurd
So I’ll just zip these pretty lips
And try my utmost to resist
But can I really stay away
I want to babe but I can’t say

©Kay Salady




fragile flower within the field

immaculate, although she yields

against the bitter wind

steadfast to her bit of soil

each petal folds as she recoils

into the dark of night

she opens them again at dawn

to softly cling and feast upon

each precious drop of dew

there rainbows glisten in the sun

as she awaits the day to come

when snow blankets the earth

yet her seedlings will ascend

inside the breath of autumn’s wind

then she will have rebirth

yes, she will have rebirth


©Kay Salady

Suffocating Slumber


These dreams are dreadful
And encumbered by my slumber
The spell that I am under
Holds me captive to a call
From somewhere deep inside of me
I anticipate that possibly
You may be aware
That I lie pleading
In the hollow of a bed
Never to rest a forlorn head
Tucked away so long ago
I am the long forgotten
Whose lost and lonely cries
That you no longer recognize
Echo on and on
How arresting to my soul
That a love once beautiful
Has gone astray
To agonize a troubled mind
That cannot leave the past behind
Withers away
Inside your shadowed walls
Tiptoeing as you call out
For your prey

©Kay Salady





From the center of a crowd

Shadowed by a cloud of isolation

While on the inside looking out

I can feel a silent shout

Of desperation

Wishing to begin again

And wanting so much to fit in

A world that has me by the tail

I fear for all my days

This chase within a maze

Will never cease

And as the feathers fly

Into that discontented sky

I search to find the source

Of my release

Just when I think all hope is gone

I find the strength to lean upon

Must come from wisdom’s bitter well

As I kneel, I find perfection

Inside my own reflection

This truth is difficult to tell


©Kay Salady

My entry for Bluebell Books Twitter Club Week 49



(for my muse)

I feel a strong sensation
Rising through my bones
Summoning my name
And, anxiously, I wait
Wondering if you hear
The racing of my heart
Or breath that I exhale
As I draw near to you
In my anticipation
My body becomes weak
As a bitten lip makes known
The anxiety I suffer
One touch would be divine
But can one touch be mine
Or avert ambitious need
That controls my every move
On impulse, I proceed
Toward my aspiration
To satiate desire’s

©Kay Salady



(for my muse)

Unexpectedly encircling me
Your breath upon my skin
Warm, wet and feral
Inhales the pungency
Of my passion
As you pace the perimeter
Of my inhibition
Until I am resolved
To rub my scent
All over you

©Kay Salady



There’s a mark upon her head

He can see that she has bled

At the hands of many men before

She’s submissive and she’s shy

He won’t let the chance go by

To see if he can make another score

He sets a sternness to his chin

Puts on a smile that’s sure to win

As he takes a little walk across the room

Then gazing deeply in her eyes

He makes her realize

That she’s a perfect rose in bloom

When he takes her by the wrist

He adds another to his list

Of disadvantaged women who’ve been blind

By the silver tongue and touch

They hunger for so much

That unexpectedly turns terribly unkind


©Kay Salady

Love Lives On

Love Lives On

I believe love never dies

And I have come to realize

Memories from the pangs of love

Sent from the heavens up above

I have passed through veils of death

Returned again to gather breath

While drifting down to kiss the earth

Where the greatest love gave birth

Deep inside this woman’s heart

Where I and mine alone impart

A vow of love between us two

In those moments we both knew

That we would soar yes we could fly

To our own heaven up so high

If only to return again

So many times without an end

I am here to testify

Love never fails to be alive

For when a lover fails the keep

By passing o’er to endless sleep

Love lives on surpassing time

His sacred vow of love is mine



©Kay Salady

Until I’m Free

Until I'm Free

“A woman’s greatest strength is the power of her will.” -kay salady

I lie dormant
Waiting to emerge
Aching for a surge of nerve
To open up these wings in desperation
And they flutter
Inside the walls you’ve placed them in
And I try so hard to quiet them to no avail
You break my spirit
By wiping all the scales away
But I swear to fly another day
As you cast your eyes away from me
In that time you’ll fail to see
The blush of color has returned
And the fire within my spirit burns
As I perch upon the highest sill
And spread my wings so wide until
I’m free

©Kay Salady

The Day



Chantz Richards, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Bastyr University

We cannot repeat the moment nor replicate the day

The awestruck crowd that gathered proud have all wandered away

From the electric venue that was filled to overflow

And in their desperation, some failed to even know

They had not taken the time for all posterity

To photograph the people in their family tree

For there stood a bright star in all his shining glory

Without those near and dear to capture the fine story

Of the day

©Kay Salady


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