Snow Moon

A storm is raging

Beneath a hungry moon

Anxious for the fall

Of hurried footsteps

That carry supplications

Before she veils her face

And all is darkness

And so I run to her

Longing to be seen

One solitary soul

Yet bright as any star

Out in the distance

That begs the chance to say

No matter come what may

My love is true

I swear upon this moon

As lovers often do

My heart beats just for you

Till Kingdom come

©Kay Salady


There are ants in my cabinets ants in my drawers

Ants on my ceiling and ants on my floors

They bathe in my shower they feast on my snacks

Then slither away to peer through the cracks

Of baseboards and outlets light switches in halls

My carpet my plants from the pictures on walls

Laying pheromone trails for others to come

And their kind invitations invite everyone

I find ants in my teapot and ants in my cup

There are ants in my toothbrush and when I look up

I see them in circles devising their plans

Of where next to gather to feast if they can

I am sure they are hiding inside of my head

Rhythmically marching around me in bed

I feel a slight tickle it is such an alarm

To find ants on your neck to find ants on your arm

Ants crawl up my legs and they crawl between toes

I am certain I’ve felt a few crawl up my nose

I have tried spraying mint along corners and cracks

And cinnamon sticks as a matter of fact

There’s this lavender spray I use before bed

I spritz it all over to chase away dread

From thinking of ants each night and each day

But nothing not ever will keep them away

Nothing I conjure from my box of cures

Will unbug what bugs me of that I am sure

I’ve vacuumed away I’ve cleaned and I’ve scrubbed

The more that I clean the more there are bugs

It’s nasty outside but it’s warm in my pad

With just enough water and crumbs to be had

Am I losing this war do I have any doubt

Perhaps I should pack up my bags and move out

But if by some chance I’m persuaded to stay

And if by some chance the ants take me away

In minuscule pieces through minuscule cracks

My minuscule voice will scream carry me back

©Kay Salady 🐜

Do I Ever

I sit and think of you from time to time

And wonder if I ever cross your mind

Can’t imagine that I never would

The love we made was really good

As I rewind the memories

So wet so wild the ecstasy

Returns to me again on days like this

I become so hungry for your kiss

Touching myself I think of you

And wonder baby if you do

Do you ever think of me

In any of your fantasies

Biting down upon a quivering lip

Wiping tears away with my fingertips

I long for you and want you near

I think of magic that we’ve shared

Have I made a huge mistake

With the risk I chose to make

By asking do I ever cross your mind

©Kay Salady

Third Wheel

You’re so quiet when I’m with you

It’s suffocating in the room

As you whisper in his ear

You speak so low that I can’t hear

And I assume you don’t want me to

Or you’re attempting to be rude

It must be weighing on your mind

That I’m interfering with your time

Perhaps you think I still can’t hear

Your avoidance ringing crystal clear

From the look I see upon your face

You’d rather I was anyplace but here

©Kay Salady

In the Blissful Moments

Oh how I had loved you

My dream of long ago

I held you for an instant

And the joy I came to know

Still lingers in my mind

I find you close to me

In the blissful moments

Of my reverie

I held you for an instant

It may seem a meager taste

But the taste was so divine

And no never a waste

Although love chose to leave

I chose its memory

For my dream of long ago

Still remains with me

©Kay Salady

Excellence has Followed

I long to be awakened

From this dim reflection

This dream within a dream

To close my eyes and finally see

Beyond all known reality

Where lies no imperfection

A loving source of light to guide

This weary soul safely inside

Always and forever

©Kay Salady

Through the Mist

The mist pervades melancholy

Over a dense forest floor

Then filters it through trees

Casting long hard shadows

Hauntingly I lose myself

To such a point that I

Become so lost within

Fearing I may die

This quiet has an echo

That resonates so strong

Inside every step I take

Attempting my way home

Two steps one step backwards

“The forest through the trees”

It seems to me I’ll never see

The place I want to be

For it covers up the pathway

Then splays throughout each tree

Inauspicious shadows

That cast a spell on me

It suffocates with sorrow

A mind engulfed with fear

Can they be of my creation

These thoughts so ever near

That seem to be so real to me

That somehow got me here

Pacing about in circles

Once a mighty oak

With a mind that thought such witty things

Now it’s playing some sick joke

Wake up wake up my darling

The brass ring’s on the branch

Open your eyes and grab the prize

This could be your last chance

Before slippin’ through the rabbit hole

In the middle of the wood

Find your way out and do it now

Or you’ll be here for good

Two steps one step forward

Reach out those little hands

To push away the shadows

So you can understand

That you created the story

Then became afraid to look

Throughout the many pages

Inside of your own book

Beyond the fear and sorrow

In the stillness there is love

At the end of the epic journey

Is all your heart dreams of

©Kay Salady

*Self-talk can be both discouraging and encouraging. It’s important that one has an arsenal of positivity to see them through.

Image Credit: Pacific Northwest Fog by Southwest Desert Lover

You’ve Never Been So Wrong

There was a time when I said

you could never do anything

that I wouldn’t forgive

But I was wrong about that

I’ve never been so wrong

The part that hurts the most

is that you could care less

about making things right

I don’t know who you’ve become

other than a distant memory

that broke my heart and turned

my dreams into nightmares

©Kay Salady

The Path

I wandered down a path

That led me back to you

It took away my breath

The scenes were misty blue

Yet flecks of golden sunlight

Danced softly on your skin

As I inhaled your essence

I wanted you again

Warm sweet and tender

Thoughts returned to me

Of you and I together

Just like we used to be

Then my heart grew heavy

And tears rolled down my face

For you had not returned

My path could not replace

The flesh blood and bone

That left so long ago

But somewhere in my mind

I did not want to know

©Kay Salady


My thoughts waver

Like tiny white flowers

Caught up in a wind

That blows uncertainty

©Kay Salady