To the Wind


You may think

you know me

but you don’t

And you may say

you’ll miss me

but you won’t

as I walk away

from your day

and walk into

the haze

of memories

that you and I

could have made

But what

could be

can never be

a memory

that would


the you and me

that could

have been

So you and I


cast it all

into the wind

my special


and let

it go


©Kay Salady

Beyond the River

Beyond the River

I am the voice of a woman

Murmuring  words of dignity

Within the clamor of sirens

Who sing the same sad songs

In a sea of duplicity

So wounded by offenses

These  waters run blood red

I bring untainted tears

To wash away the sorrows

Floating to my soul

To one so beautiful

Beyond the river


©Kay Salady




Hope burned eternal
Until you blew out its flame
With disappointment
Stifling tears stream down my face
That stain my heart with anguish

©Kay Salady

A Speckled Egg

Quail Eggs

On the nineteenth day, we sat to eat
Eight quail eggs for our Sunday feast
Seven eggs of powder blue
One for me, six for you
At half past five on
Four slices of
Three grain bread
Were two

©Kay Salady



I paused to tend my wounded spirit
At the end of a broken heart
Empty of expectation
Then I felt your presence
Shining before me
Oh sweet angel
Of my dreams
You have

©Kay Salady

Fare Thee Well, Honey

Honey and Me

It’s very difficult to say goodbye to someone who has been such a huge part of your life. However, letting go can be the kindest act you’ll ever do. The two of us have come to a crossroad and our journey is no longer the same.

Today, we stood at a crossroad

Unable to whisper goodbye

I let go your hand at the main road

Uneasy, but willing to try

I vanquished the ultimate promise

I had made on the day that we met

As I looked in your eyes, that instant

My heart was torn from my chest

Believe me, I am so grateful

For your love; I am ever in debt

My companion, my friend, my protector

You are the ultimate pet

Each night, inside my heart’s window

I will light the flame of my love

As there, inside of your new home

You feel peace from heaven above

When you rise to greet the dawn

And you run to catch the wind

Know that I am never gone

And embrace the love they send

©Kay Salady

Cookie Cutter Waltz


Lemon yellow light
Filtering through the window
Dances on your skin
And the shadows make me smile
As soft music fills my mind

©Kay Salady









©Kay Salady


Pink, a delicate color that means sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tenderness, is associated with bubble gum, flowers, babies, little girls, cotton candy, and sweetness. The color pink is the color of universal love of oneself and of others.



Model, Shimeon Mattox – Phoenix, Arizona

Following the beat of my own drum

I walk along a rainbow bridge

That leads me to contentment

I see prismatic hues

And know God resides

In the stillness

Within me

So I


©Kay Salady


One Day


The shadows walk a bloody path
Where meaning has no name
While white birds try to pluck the eyes
From men to pilfer shame
Fingers point to mock each place
Where innocence was spoiled
Long will be the days of woe
And by his sweat he’ll toil
Shadows carry chains of sin
That take away their choice
To bear the many scars of red
Yet I can hear each voice
Softly singing in the fields
A prayer that never dies
One day it all will be revealed
When birds return their eyes

©Kay Salady