Nothing but a Storm

Aware of the darkness

That shadows each day

Where hope is in sight

I stand in the storm

With head bowed low

Against the winds

That rage against me

And scream no more

Yet who am I

To face the wind

Or mock the storms

That nature sends

Perhaps it’s my fate

To see on my slate

Nothing but a storm

©Kay Salady


To the Land of Judah

One free from stain

Left Heaven’s gate

To come this day

Foretold by fate

To the land of Judah

O’ Lamb of God

Beneath the star

Where manger bed

And wise men are

With three kings

Who greet your birth

As glorious angels

Sing with mirth




©Kay Salady

Missing You

I am missing you, my brave

Your quiet touch within the night

Sends tiny chills along my spine

Makes my heart and mind take flight

I am missing your sweet words

No other voice can thrill me so

I hold your heart inside of me

It is the one I’ve come to know

My dear, with every thought of you

The flames of passion rise in me

And with its fire burning bright

Your precious face is all I see

I know we’ll never meet again

Beneath an Arizona moon

Perhaps we’ll walk within the rain

In one tender month of June

You’ll smile at me so happily

And maybe stay with me awhile

Then you’ll say you have to leave

Because it just isn’t your style to stay

©Kay Salady



The shuffling of his feet
Across that wooden floor
Persisted through my dreams
Intruding with such power
So alarming is the prowler
That I dare not confront
I live with a be-fouler
Pulling every stunt
To keep me still
That heavy dragging thud
As though his limbs were dead
Continued through the night
Pounding in my head
Then laughter in my ear
And a hand over my mouth
Made it very clear
That he’s inside my house
To stay

©Kay Salady

Journey Within

I’m overwhelmed by feelings that I’d rather not feel

In a stagnant atmosphere with an uneven keel

This paradox I’m facing shows me a familiar face

Reflected in the waters of an unfamiliar place

I’m drowning in my sorrow on a ship set out to sea

Sailing for the borders of a land that leads to me

©Kay Salady


I exhale

And all my inhibitions

Fall into

Your capable hands

My weary body

My weary soul

And weary mind

Rest easy

In the fragrance

Of your touch

And I

Am mesmerized

By you

As I

Inhale elation

©Kay Salady



Averting my eyes
From your anticipation
As you utter words
To yourself and with yourself
Pulling at your cell
Whispering to hell with
Whomever who
Though I know
You speak to you
And this thing you do
Is from the legion
In your head
And you are
Filled with dread
That I may know
Number after number
From the spell
You’re under
Passes through
Your lips
You cannot resist
The same suggestion
No answer for the question
As to why
Although you try
Try try try

©Kay Salady

Post Traumatic

I used to sit in sorrow

Weeping for the past

For love that didn’t last

Too soon forgotten

I used to rock in pain

Wanting for so much

The want of human touch

From hands I’ll never hold

I’d like to be so bold

To say I have erased

Victim from my face

To live each day

With grace and dignity

To finally face the years

Embracing all the tears

Calling them my own

For they are mine alone

Because I’m human

I can face emotion

As energy in motion

Having every notion

That I’m healing

From my troubled past

And though the scars may last

I’m no longer bleeding from

My wounds

©Kay Salady


Stop asking me to swallow

something I can’t digest

Your jagged little pills

difficult to ingest

Are bitter to the eye

and painful for the soul

I would rather die

than swallow each one whole

©Kay Salady


I’ve carried it far too long and have decided to return it to its rightful owner

I carry shame

For the torment you have shown

When all that I have done

Is love you

It is insane

That I am on my knees

Begging that you please

Forgive me

When the shame belongs to you

And the sensible thing to do

Is let it go

And walk away

Knowing I’ll be okay

I’ll be okay

©Kay Salady