When the flower moon nears full

They step around a wooden pole

Tying ribbons in the wind

With gleeful songs that do ascend

Toward the goddess of the spring

All-in-all their offering

Is a frenzied playful dance

With hope for harvest and romance

©️Kay Salady

No Longer Mine

(Sad Girls Collection on Behance)

A heart worn on a sleeve

Pledged to never leave

One so divine

You are no longer mine

Where there was Paradise

There are self-soothing cries

And shame a newfound friend

Putting to an end

The glory days

©️Kay Salady

Second Chance

A steep decline
down the ladder of hope
Sucks away all faith
like air from the lungs
And I flutter to the ground
to grovel at your feet
Clutching clods of earth
from the garden of our love
Where have I failed you
A thousand times I cry
Scratching at your window
to know the reasons why
you’ve turned your face from me
and forgotten who I am
Still I follow you
like some wayfaring lamb
Taking all my anger
and tossing it aside
To fools who care to listen
All that’s left inside
are memories of us
The us that used to be
I have forgotten who you are
You have forgotten me
A stranger to a stranger
keeping up the dance
A dance of want and longing
a dance of second chance
Trees within the wind
asking it to blow
in some unknown direction
that neither of us know
Confusion settles in
to dirty up the soul
Words are lost somehow
A long-forgotten goal
drifts upon the wind
foreign and obscure
When I lost your love
I am no longer sure

©️Kay Salady

Pheromonic Smell

It’s inescapable

Baked into these bones

And unavoidable

Never leaving me alone

An itch that can’t be scratched

And a burn I’ll never soothe

Freezing me to death

With fear that seems to ooze

Throughout my pores

That pheromonic smell

It’s like leaping into hell

With a taste of rust upon my tongue

Cold wet fingers getting numb

Vertigo and a sense of dread

Wondering if I’ll soon be dead

I am where I was before

Paying for an old-time score

It’s inescapable

Baked into these bones

That pheromonic smell

Never leaving me alone

That sense of fear and sense of dread

Always spins my little head


©️Kay Salady


They drew at straws

To come up short

And then what’s more

Covered in blood

They tried to run

But slo-mo danced

Some took the chance

To risk it all

By standing tall

Against the reign

And dreadful pain

Of terror

Despite the sin

Or color of skin

Once again

They did not win

Too high a price

For another slice

Of flesh

©️Kay Salady

Drum Song

Pounding out the pain
A distant drum
Calls out your name
From deep within
And once again
I feel the beat
Of my own heart
That met with yours
So long ago
Familiar rhythms
Return to me
As passion surges
Throughout my veins
The sparks ignite
Scenes of the past
A frenzied dance
Of fervent song
So loud and true
From soul to hands
As I release
It all to you

©️Kay Salady

Mine Only

Where is the one I’d come to know

My Valentine of long ago

Soft painted lips of cherry red

Sealed with a kiss the words that read

To my dashing Romeo

The one who truly loves me so

Today I lie upon this bed

With Valentines of pink and red

Recalling days of tender bliss

Caught up in memories of each kiss

Pondering greetings sent to me

Signed with the phrase he’d always be

Mine only

©️Kay Salady


Cool bites of freshness

So colorful and crispy

Gifts from the garden

©️Kay Salady

Image Credit: Kay Salady


Have my days become
Spent in moments of silence
Null and void of words
Incapable of reproach
Toward the infiltrator

©️Kay Salady


A price paid for every stand taken

All the silver placed in your till

Fills you with fascination

But leaves me with regret

Always on the edge

Of survival

And failure

Such a


©️Kay Salady