In my fascination 

My wild imagination

Desires to fill my needs

With endless dirty deeds

As I lust after you 

All the nighttime through

And the spell I’m under

Is driven by the thunder

To be taken to the edge

The screaming in my head

Wakes me from my dreams

I quiver ecstatically

With thoughts of you and me

In the shadow of the night

Feeling oh so tight

And I think it would be right

To love you
©Kay Salady


I sit here in my solitude 

conversing with a stranger

And I wonder if she knows

the clear and present danger

of spending too much time

alone with something broken

Had I thought the consequence

I never would have spoken
©Kay Salady

The Call

A gift is meant to be given freely and without merit . . . such is the heart that loves. – Kay Salady

Beyond interpretation 

Is the sanctity of love

Mere words cannot define

Its beauty or the fragrance of

A moment in its splendor

Nor the memory of its bliss

The heart cannot contain

The awesome wonder of its gift

The Master has imparted

Upon each cherished soul

To whom he calls beloved

Something rare and beautiful 

And from his open hands

We pass this glowing ball

From one heart to another

When we hear the sacred call

To love

©Kay Salady

Doorstep of a Stranger

I’m sitting on the doorstep of a stranger

Making myself small so he can’t see

That I may be defenseless from the danger

And I am not as brave as I could be

Yesterday I vowed that I would struggle

Against most anything to change my life

But now I find myself beneath the rubble

Of bigger things that cut just like a knife

As I look back I realize the blessings

That slipped between my fingers in a day

Yet I had faith my future would be brighter

If I’d let go of everything and pray

I’ve come too far to settle for a valley 

When my big dream was set upon a hill

This is not the stage for my finale

And I’ll be damned if they can break my will

©Kay Salady
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I’m overly apologetic

And self-explanatory

Thanking you too much

For hearing my sob story

When do I say when

Or that I’ve had enough

Of living in a world

Where there’s never

Quite enough

When everything is you

And nothing’s ever me

You say I’m being selfish

And have no right to be


©Kay Salady

Nobody Knows

Nobody knows how I feel inside

Not wearing my heart on my sleeve

I’m keeping myself concealed

By stuffing my feelings

Until the day comes

That I explode

And then I

Will be

©Kay Salady

My Lover, Sweet

All through the night

I dream of you

And you hold me tight

You lay in the dark close to me

I never knew how love could be

Until now

All through the night

Beneath the stars

Love becomes ours

Over and over again

Passion as warm as the rain

You gaze at me

Then taste my lips

While holding my face in your hands

I never knew

How sweet love could be

In the arms of an innocent man

When all through the night 

You lay in the dark close to me

Passion is ours

Over and over again

Warm as the rain in the spring

And soft as the teardrops 

I gather inside where you dwell

Forever my darling

There’ll never be sad farewells

For I’ll be with you

Far past space and all time

My lover sweet

You are in me

Remember that you are mine
©Kay Salady


Caught in an inescapable dream

I am consumed by thoughts of you

As a never ending song

I am reacquainted 

With the gentle sound

Of your sweet voice


Come to

©Kay Salady

A Cry for Home

In the stillness

You reach out

To touch me

Lost in confusion 

This mortal soul 

Cries for home

I bow before you

As heaven opens

To receive my prayer

I in my loneliness 

Knew your love

For you knew me

Since time began

Immortal soul’s

Breath to flesh

Lingers on

And I cry for home

Once more
©Kay Salady

In Memory 

No war was won

But he had tried

It all began 

The day he died

A star inflicted

A stripe upon

The chest of Mary’s

Firstborn son

And on that eve

Of midnight blue

Died a soldier

Brave and true
©Kay Salady