Ascension of Her Grace

Queen Elizabeth makes her first Instagram post, The Toronto Star

In celestial beauty

She is floating

Light as a feather

Yet somehow near

With each tender sigh

Quake the heavens

As nations mourn

I enter here

To bid farewell

To a woman

Devoted Mother

Majestic Queen

Ascending on

The wings of an angel

To her beloved

Eternal King

©️Kay Salady


Long ago lovers

Those dark and delicious dreams

Savored in the mind

That come and go so often

Just as they did in the past

©️Kay Salady


Through the verdant glade I wander

In search of colored leaves that fall

For the chilly breath of autumn 

Blew so cold upon them all

In adornment for each season

Stand the trees of evergreen

Yet those dripping bright with color

Take the breath right out of me

As they blush in shades of pink

Or fade to yellow in the sun

Rich with deepening hues of purple

Or scarlet red that overrun

The forest floor as royal carpets

Ushering winter as it brings

A close to the brilliance of October

When November winds will ring

The resounding sound of sorrow 

For as in death they seem to be

Until the spring of their tomorrow

When tiny leaves return to trees

©️Kay Salady

My Darling,

How do I reason

A reason without reason

For a heart that is broken

Day after day after day

I lift an empty chalice

To drink of a love

Nurtured in the long ago

Overtly parched

My hands lie barren

And folded in obscurity

Lest they tremble

In my suffering

To wipe at forlorn tears

Or pry apart the lips

That dare not call your name

©️Kay Salady

A Union Beyond Unions

Dancing in the moonlight

We kiss in pouring rain

And sip the sweet confection

That love brings once again

It binds our souls together

Beyond this flesh and bone

We cry out hallelujah

In praise for we have found

A union beyond unions

As we forego this mortal coil

To lie with one another

Upon the earthly soil

My favorite perfume

Is the scent of your embrace

I could die inside your arms

While gazing at your face

My lover of all lovers

No greater have I found

For I belong with you

And we are heaven bound

Blessed upon this earth

Far greater than the stars

For time and all eternity

Is this love of ours

©️Kay Salady

Image Credit: Lover’s Hands, International Photo Awards


Hopeful seed
Planted in
My native land
Showered by
Heavenly rain
Rooted deeply
In rich soil
Yet bending
When the winds
Come to call
How can I be broken
When reaching
Toward the glory
Of the sun
And radiating
Its beautiful light

©️Kay Salady

🌻 🤗


Narcissistic man
He wreaks havoc with the Earth
O’ how she smites him
As she groans with displeasure
Vomiting up his nonsense

Daughter of Chaos
Impregnated by the wind
Smitten with desire
And burning with a passion
To somehow restore her loss

Renewal is born
On a path of destruction
But so few can see
For their eyes have been blinded
By a monochrome of sleep

©️Kay Salady

Morsels Tossed

The slightest innuendo
Then I with timid touch
So easily get burnt
Lured in by the hush
Of sensual persuasion
A hint will never do
I hunger in my thirst
For morsels tossed by you
I eagerly await
Where patience has grown thin
To walk a trail of hope
That you’ll appear again
I stumble and I fall
Each time I hear your voice
You cut me with a knife
That whispers it’s my choice
Unselfishly I reach
Into pockets filled with gold
Offering bits of me
Doing as I’m told
Hoping it’s enough
Praying that you’ll change
While showing you my scars
Afraid to place the blame
On you

©️Kay Salady

Image Credit: Female Feet Club/Dirty Feet

Blossoming Flower

Image Credit: Line Art/Etsy

In quiet beauty

She blossoms as a flower

How I drink her in

With untold admiration

This gift sent down from heaven

©️Kay Salady

Into Long Ago

They tore down the old house

That remains in my mind

The land has turned green

Where it stood still I find

Myself walking down hallways

And across olden floors

As if in a sepulcher

Where it lives evermore

In memories that haunt me

Inside vivid dreams

Where strangers still dance

Across tiles that still gleam

Wearing ebony dresses

With white pinafores

And grey linen suits

That await near the doors

For records to play

Each echoing tune

Inside of my mind

Encircling a room

Where gas lamps are lit

Causing shadows on walls

In deep shades of rose

As my memory recalls

I see blue colored tile

Where peonies abound

Waxed to a high polish

As feet lightly touch down

Tapping in rhythm

Skirts swishing about

Then a whiff of the musty

old attic creeps out

I am lost in the darkness

Sunlight slithers in

Along portraits of women

And portraits of men

With gaunt faces peering

From withered old frames

Their eyes dark and hollow

No emotion nor names

Yet vaguely familiar

Hauntingly so

Their eyes seem to follow

Wherever I go

They tore down the old house

That remains in my mind

The land has turned green

Where it stood still I find

Myself walking down hallways

And across olden floors

As if in a sepulcher

Where it lives evermore

©️Kay Salady