Where There is Hope



There are no words to define injustice because it comes in many forms such as greed, ignorance, contempt, and fear. Replicating the ramifications of the results will never bring about peace. We pray the lion will lie with the lamb. However, the lamb is the lion’s prey. So many eloquent prayers are whispered in behalf of those who seek unity among mankind. There will be conflict, as there has always been. One side will choose to war with his brother and another will turn his cheek. The only constant that remains is hope.

©Kay Salady


Moonlit Branches



Against the edge of twilight
The trees bear witness to my pain
As I seek a place of solace
Where hesitation bathes in shadow
Fair Luna dances along the boughs
Splaying fingers of hidden sorrow
Across the verdant forest floor
Laden with translucent tears
And in the essence of the night
I meet with reverie
There beneath the moonlit branches
Of empathetic trees

©Kay Salady

I’d Like

I'd like to crawl inside your mind
To see what fantasies I'd find
If I could look inside of you
I'd know exactly what to do
To satisfy your deepest need
To make you beg and make you plead
For more

©Kay Salady



Where would you be without your woman
If you awoke to find her gone
The one you rely upon
To ease your troubled mind
Man what would you do
With no one there
But you and
No one

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I overstepped a boundary the day I trusted you
Believing in the fairytale no other love will do
Walking down a broken road strewn with forget-me-nots
The poppy tea that I'd consumed was strong and boiling hot
I'd burnt my tongue and couldn't speak my eyes refused to see
Yet these ears took inside what you'd infused in me
Hour after endless hour the running of the sands
Merged within my being until those distant lands
Became my own and so did you or was it me
Which one is true what could I do
I found that I had somehow become so very lost
And knew that I had paid an extraordinary cost
By losing myself and losing tender youth
Wasting precious time and neglecting my own truth
My darling you are cunning but you never will be wise
You had been very stunning but love wore a disguise
Now that I can see you for who you truly are
I'm running through the forest and far cannot be far

©Kay Salady

Not Every Candle Burns

This flesh and blood and bone

Not every candle burns

Unless one strikes the flame

That makes a body yearn

Yet mortal flesh recoils

When in its devastation

Confounded by the furor

Of passion’s agitation 

I had eluded love

By my own volition 

What was I thinking of

To make such a decision

Who sees my devastation 

Or thinks to heal my soul

While I abstain from everything 

That is so beautiful 

Your vacant eyes can’t see

How the feelings stir

So deep inside of me

Not every candle burns
©Kay Salady

City of Strangers

Old age is an island surrounded by death . . . 

Foreign to myself

In this foreign land

I fear my own reflection 

I run toward the light 

Only to find darkness

For I sought solace

In empty arms

That reach to touch

No one
©Kay Salady

For but a Moment

For but a moment

I inhaled the sweet fragrance

Of the incense that you bring

You wrapped a crimson string

Around my trembling heart

And clenched with anxious fingers

This hand that let you go
©Kay Salady
Image Credit:  String of Fate by Kiyouko.deviantart.com on @deviantART


In my fascination 

My wild imagination

Desires to fill my needs

With endless dirty deeds

As I lust after you 

All the nighttime through

And the spell I’m under

Is driven by the thunder

To be taken to the edge

The screaming in my head

Wakes me from my dreams

I quiver ecstatically

With thoughts of you and me

In the shadow of the night

Feeling oh so tight

And I think it would be right

To love you
©Kay Salady


I sit here in my solitude 

conversing with a stranger

And I wonder if she knows

the clear and present danger

of spending too much time

alone with something broken

Had I thought the consequence

I never would have spoken
©Kay Salady