Did You Know

She tore her clothing

And pulled out wee bits of hair

At the loss of you

Then she cursed the earth

Using every word she knew

Until the day she left it

©Kay Salady


Still, Blossoms Spring

Dreams are hung alongside clusters of white jasmine

Not far from the arms of the great banyan

That holds the whispered secrets of the ancients

Still blossoms spring from sacred soil hardened there

Beneath the toil of sweat and blood of all whose dreams

Are gathered there within the seams of silver linings

In a shroud of inconsistent lying clouds

That seldom seem to greet the sun

Except for when the day is done

For when monsoons come drench the earth

Taking pity to grant rebirth from all the death

That takes its toll all the angels taking souls

To the realms we have not seen for all we were

Or might have been had we chosen Jesus Christ

Had we only done the right by edifying one another

Loved our sister helped our brother honored father

Yet mother cried while we chose to make a bride

Of apostasy

©Kay Salady

All Through the Night


All through the night

I think of you

And I’m not alright

Worried that you’re not okay

By everything I had to say yesterday

All through the night

I toss and turn

My love for you burns

Like a flame and it’s insane

That all of this pain so intense

Is like a fire so immense

Raging inside of my heart

And I wish I could part with my views

That don’t seem to match up with you

I would give anything if you knew

That I do simply love you I do

I just do

©Kay Salady

Fancy You, Fancy Me

Fancy you, and fancy me

Then when you dream, please dream of me

I’d come alive beneath your touch

As I inhale the sudden rush

Of ecstasy that you’d impose

When breath-to-breath two hearts disclose

Deep desire, so very real

Suddenly, the kiss I’d feel

Along my spine, across my cheek

Would take my breath, make me feel weak

I would be smiling, fall in a trance

All for the want of your romance

©Kay Salady


Three nights ago

I felt you sit

At the edge of my bed

You played your trumpet

In the wee hours

No one was awakened

But me

©Kay Salady


You’re feeling very numb

While biting at your tongue

In your manic mood

Inside your panic room

All the while you’re shut in

You press at all the buttons

Of those who won’t surrender

To the harassment you deliver

While carrying a smile

You toy with them awhile

Inciting little squabbles

Then offering them baubles

So they’ll stay

©Kay Salady

Shades of Purple


Shades of purple foreshadow grim

Cloaked by the misty wooded rim

Where all that lingers here unseen

Beneath the towering evergreens

Stirs emotions and quickens breath

Where the slightest sound besets

One to fear what one can’t see

Causing the stable mind to flee

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: https://melurinn.deviantart.com/art/Shadowy-Forest-71138501



Have you turned to stone

Did you see the children’s tears

Flowing in such pain

All for a pillar of salt

You abandon the issue

While your sons burn with rage

Over their unheard cries

Setting fires in their hell

As they exit this world

Of empty arms

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: http://www.pillarofsalt.com


IMG_2266As blinding as the sun

The flash of a winged one

Against the austere grey

Of my Seattle day

Can lift my spirits high

And I soon forget that I

Had felt so blue

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/h_ogilvie/5985105191

Needled & Pinned


There dwells a doll

Tattered and small

In a dark corner

At the end of a hall

In a faraway land

Where the unseen hand

Of the Voodoo Man

Makes his demands

©Kay Salady