I’ve carried it far too long and have decided to return it to its rightful owner

I carry shame

For the torment you have shown

When all that I have done

Is love you

It is insane

That I am on my knees

Begging that you please

Forgive me

When the shame belongs to you

And the sensible thing to do

Is let it go

And walk away

Knowing I’ll be okay

I’ll be okay

©Kay Salady


I Sweep Away . . .

I sweep away

all thought of you

before my heart

can bleed

For when I do

embrace you

I am overcome

with need

much too great

for me to bear

alone in solitude

I am a solitary tree

within the naked wood

I reach for you

to think of me

inside my hour of need

I tremble in my agony

I tremble and I bleed

Please bring an ax

to cut me down

I cannot bear to stand

all alone in solitude

within this naked land

©Kay Salady

Seven Seas Forgotten

Just a moment ago

You were my man

You held me there

In the palm of your hand

Just a moment ago

You loved me best

And you couldn’t rest

Without me

But time never seems

To be on my side

All of my dreams for you

Were denied

When my ship sailed

Away with the tide

Of Seven Seas


©Kay Salady

I Sit and Dream

I sit and dream

Of the infinite splendor

I feel every moment

When wrapped in your arms

For only you

Can take me to heaven

With the strange magic

Inside of your charms

I long for home

And I long for heaven

I long for love

And your tender kiss

As I sit and dream

Of your infinite splendor

Captured in moments

Enveloped in bliss

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: Lovers’ Tryst, Richard Borrmeister

Dangerous Men

All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible. -T. E. Lawrence

Contemplating sorrow

He gains control that once was lost

And in his weary mind, he inhales strength

Inside his dreams of broken seams

Where fascination meets with screams of terror

This innocence, so fresh, so new

Is barter for the rite he drew

Within his realm of reason

To partake a meager taste

Before the time is far too late

For innocence to keep her date

Outside the realm of reason

©Kay Salady


Your lambs

feed upon sweet manna

from the heavens

And earnestly

each spirit pleas

for You to enter in

to reckon loads of sin

before the Master

Then You impart

each thankful heart

with resurrection song

And as they sing along

an incense burns

reaching to the sky

to the One on High

Who is appeased

But on this day

the Devil came to say

he wasn’t pleased

©Kay Salady


Within this darkness

The bitterness of memory

Steps in again to taunt me

Yanking at these chains

The links of which remain

Past incantations spoken

Past every single token

With water from the wells

Of his cathedral

This Father came to save me

But you know how fathers can be

When brothers leave the room

Of little girls in bloom

It isn’t rare

For those who dare

Those living tools of Satan

While others are debating

To do the same

For their own gain

While flowers in the attic

Appear to be combative

Rocking to and fro

Steady as you go

Never will you grow

Steady as you go

Rocking to and fro

©Kay Salady

Sedona Selah

Rhymesalady, the Magpie sings

From lofty heights

Awaiting the spring

Of every wild imagining

Beyond the farthest wood

She dreams of desert dusts that stir

Inside the whirlwinds far from her

And magic mountain mysteries

Of vortex red that third eyes see

Where eagles soar so high above

Dispersing feathers bleeding love

To etch the ancient whispered words

Sent on wings of sacred birds

That circle ’round those skies of blue

Where the sun has burned the truth

The searing sun has burned the truth

©Kay Salady

All that Glitters

I held to handfuls of rust

That sifted through my fingers

Slowly through the years

The many memories linger

Of things that I held dear

But footprints in my sand

This of which remains

Beyond the ocean’s tide

Forever in my mind

And within the heart of me

©Kay Salady

And as They Go

Angels lend comfort as you weep.

God bless you throughout the keep.

May all your memories day and night

be ever bright, be ever bright . . .

©Kay Salady