A Waltz With My Soul

Today, I dance in life’s perfection

Embracing all that I desire

It is a daily resurrection

Of utmost passion and of fire

That is rekindled in a soul

That feels as deeply as I do

For without love and loss I know

I could not paint it all for you

And so I love who I’ve become

And learn to waltz with my own soul

As I dance throughout each day

While painting all that’s beautiful

©Kay Salady

Photography by Ruth Marie Carl “Tiny Dancer”


Thin Ice


Rice paper
Egg shells
Thin ice
Broken glass
You can bet your ass
I’m sick and tired
Of skittering across
Trying not to cross
Your fucking boundaries
And yes, I had them too
But gave them up to you
For paper that is torn
Eggs and ice, long gone
My looking glass, ground down
By insolence so biting
That I can barely see
The me that used to be
She’s churning in a sea
Of loathing and despair
Well aware that you don’t care
To know what I’ve become
By playing deaf and dumb
To the fact that I don’t matter
Because you’ve labeled me a fool
I’m the fool you chose to school
At walking on thin ice

©Kay Salady


I left you standing there
With your fly unzipped
And mouth wide open
Just one more load of laundry
Left for me to fold
Thinking I’d be there
To finish what you’d started
As the credits rolled
The accomplishments
The world had to behold
For everything you taught me
And all the things I didn’t do
Shortcomings were my rubber
And razors were your glue
The battle scars I carried
Left me so far from intact
For anything or anyone
Before my second act

©Kay Salady

Full Thunder Moon

Thunder Moon

‘Twas a full thunder moon that rose overhead
It illumined the sky with an orange and red
Sphere of light that softly glowed
In an eerie way that drew me so
To search the shadows of its face
And bear my witness to this place
For I have seen this moon of blood
Seize the light where man has stood
There are no waters deep within
Nor living wells that time transcends
No oceans to rush beyond any shore
And so it rises evermore
Gently pulling at our tides
And asking us to come inside
For a secret rendezvous
As we both gaze the nighttime through

©Kay Salady



Beauty is fleeting and remorse lives long
We let go of people we rely upon
To replace them with those we hardly know
In our meager attempt to let things go
Then end up with strangers that we call friends
Not knowing on whom we can depend
When the rug slips from beneath our feet
We try so not to admit defeat
But truth sneaks up to slap our face
And we realize that our disgrace has come

©Kay Salady

Now That You’re Gone

One last time I flail away

For fragments of my heart

Trying to inhale the wind

From storm clouds you impart

You are an old photograph

That I haphazardly place

Into a brand-new frame

That doesn’t fit your face

All of the king’s horses

And all the queen’s men

Will never put anything

Back together again

Now that you’re gone

I’m surprised that I feel

Such horrendous pain

That is incredibly real

It has woken me up

From a counterfeit dream

Self-inflicted it seems

And it seems so insane

After all your neglect

And your inadequacy

I still carry your love

Somewhere inside me

That is deeper than death

And far past the grave

It appears I’m a fool

That no man can save

©Kay Salady




As I outline and trace
That once familiar face
I lose my whole perception
Of all that I believed
I will never cease to love you
Although never quite the same
As I did the day before
You morphed into a stranger
Leaving me in obscurity
And it is hard to recollect
The man I used to know

©Kay Salady

Never Forgotten


I kneel before you
To empty my transgressions
As nail-scarred hands
Reach to touch the forlorn head
Of one who went astray
I am overcome by your majesty
With all you’ve done for me
I scarce can take it in
That for me and all my sin
You chose to die
I then begin to weep
As I think of sinful women
Traveling through the years
To the place where they found grace
By kneeling at your feet
And anointing you those days
In a most precious way
Never forgotten
And I the same!
This sheep who strayed
A shepherd found
And I abound, yes, I abound
In my salvation

©Kay Salady

A Beggar’s Cup

How gentle is this soul

Who waits before your door

Who kneels in quiet urgency

Pleading for one drop

To quench the desperation

Of a thirsty land

Longing for a glimpse

Of the Beloved

©Kay Salady

Wishes Never Spoken



wishes and dreams

Those wishes never spoken
And dreams that go untold
Gathered through the ages
Are bound with strings of gold
And tossed into large boxes
Stored high upon a shelf
So far beyond the reach
Of those who tell themselves
They can’t


©Kay Salady