As You Lay Dreaming


As you lay dreaming
The sunlight danced upon your skin
I held my breath so tightly in
Within the silence
So afraid that you could wake
To see the look upon my face
As I stood dreaming
As dreamers tend to do
But the dreams I dreamed of you
I’d never tell
For those who know me well
Would find a stranger
Someone standing at your door
Wanting all the more for you to dream
But never wake
For my heart’s sake
That I may dream
And go on dreaming
Then a flutter of your lid
Stopped my poor heart
Oh yes it did
As our eyes met
You looked at me so earnestly
And I was sure that you had seen
A burning fire rise up in me
So I cast my eyes away
And prayed with all dismay
That you had not

©Kay Salady


Way Back When

Cars fly by

Beneath the city sky

Lights flashing life

Into the darkness

And I wish that it would rain

To wash away my pain

And the loneliness I feel

Being without you

Here so high above it all

Yet I’m feeling very small

In my own little world

That I’ve created

I know that I will never do

Quite the same

As when with you

In the life

We had together

Way back when

©Kay Salady

Mother May I

We have no sense of rapport

And I am not so very sure

How things got to be

The way they are with you and me

It doesn’t make much sense

That I should sit here on a fence

On the outside looking in

Of my own window

I also bear your name

And it sure is awfully lame

That I sometimes feel ashamed

To call it my own

And even though I’m grown

It hurts all just the same

That I never will again

Stop feeling lost

Or cast aside by you

And I don’t know what to do

Always finding it so hard

To choose a simple greeting card

Because none seem to fit

The way I feel

Happy Mother’s Day to you

You who haven’t got a clue

How all the things you didn’t do

Caused so much pain

And all the little things you say

Cut like a knife until today

The things you do are things

That mothers shouldn’t do

Please forgive the way I feel

And please accept my pain is real

Try to realize what this is all about

I am sending this to you

Because I need to know if you

Can help the child in me

Who’s trying to reach out

©Kay Salady

I Go Insane


My thoughts of you run like the rain

Yet I can’t quench the fiery pain

That sears into my heart and mind

That I will one day wake to find you’ve gone

So I sit here and go insane

At the thought of losing you again

Just when we chose to stay together

I try to push these thoughts away

And focus on the fact that today

You are here and that you’ll stay forever

But I have lost you once before

And the pain from that is so much more

Than I can stand to bear

And I wonder if you care

Half as much as me and if possibly

The crack inside our dam could break

From the impact of my mistake

But it’s a chance we chose to take

For all the love that we both make

But things will never be the same

And that is why I go insane

©Kay Salady

On the Wing of a Butterfly

Where art thou long awaited bliss

The sun the moon the sky

Might one day send thy sacred kiss

On the wing of a butterfly

Thus imprinting all of me

With every bit of you

Hence these eager eyes shall see

The things that lovers do

©Kay Salady

Punish Me

For this love that burns

For this heart that yearns

For these eyes that cry

For these hands that try

to touch you

Punish me

©Kay Salady

From a Distance

We both have felt dejected

For all we haven’t yet

And I have oft’ suspected

That the years of our neglect

May have harmed you more than me

They’ve been hidden from my view

For we don’t really see

The pain we each go through

You try to compensate the love

That’s been stripped away from me

When you first looked into my eyes

You had the sense to see

This woman’s heart and soul

And I could sense your inner need

To feel that you’re respected

And that you can succeed

We fit just like a glove

Though we’ve been far apart

Yet we’ve gathered ties that bind

And wrapped them ’round our hearts

The love that we two share

Can never be erased

And no matter how we’ve tried

It can never be replaced

When my world’s been upside down

You’ve turned it right side up

For that and so much more

I can never say enough

Know that you mean more to me

Than a lover or a friend

Mere words can never say

How much my heart depends

On loving you

©Kay Salady

Tormenting Trout

A trout scout with a very fine snout

for predators that roam about

for small fish and bugs

like flies and slugs

hovered his pole o’er a fishing hole

with a piece of bait that would surely make

the finest fish not hesitate

to take a look at the dangling hook

at the end of his rod as he turned with a nod

to reel another in

©Kay Salady

Because I am a Woman

I was at the end of my road

He dropped me there to die

Having stripped me of my youth

He left me there to cry

With all the disappointment

That loneliness can bring

No pardon for my sorrow

Nor heartfelt offering

Thinking I had lost

At his most cunning game

Yet I somehow found reprieve

From all the hurt and shame

Inside a hidden strength

I mustered on my own

Because I am a woman

And I can stand alone

©Kay Salady

My Moods

My moods swing

Just like an axe, they swing

I could chop off a head with my moods

Then I wrestle them down to the ground

©Kay Salady