A phantom drifted by to beset me with cold sweat

I thought I had let go of those feelings of regret

Tormented by the relic of the past who came to call

Apparently his memory was not erased at all

He sank his teeth into my neck and tasted my sweet blood

Turning my silk butterfly into a flower bud

Then crushing it the nectar flowed onto his surly tongue

And now that he has tasted me he feels that he has won


©Kay Salady


Image:  Clitoria mariana or Butterfly-pea belongs to the Fabaceae family, and is a genus of flowering plants that are insect pollinated.

This Age


I stood before the crowd

Took a bow, then said out loud

I am so very proud to reach this stage

To have surpassed it all

To have soared and then to fall

For what is life at all but my own book

I wrote a chapter, flipped a page

Recalled a memory worn with age

Made the choice to risk it all

For my own good

I will not sit with sad regret

For all that I have not done yet

In this short span that has gone by

In but the blink of my own eye

As I look into the mirror

I ask myself who is in here

Do I know you, do I want to

Perhaps I do

Do I have time to unwind

All the days that were unkind

That have taken tender youth

Away from view

And do you possibly look at me

The way I see myself

I have battled and I’ve won

I have lost and come undone

Cried my tears, faced my fears and overcome

Yes, overcome

I am stronger than I know

Like a mighty tree that grows within a forest

I had been blinded by those trees

Now I can finally see me

As I stand before the crowd

Take a bow and say out loud

I am so very proud to reach this age

©Kay Salady

No Rest


Stepping lightly o’er the mound
Trying to avoid the sounds
Of rubber boots that slosh through mud
And flower pots that make a thud
Filled with water up to brim
For my red geraniums
That make a dismal scene seem bright
But nothing ever sets things right
Within a place that bears such loss
Filled with the stench of earth and moss
Along with old decaying leaves
And the dead beneath the eaves
Of weathered mausoleum stone
Where I dare never walk alone
But meekly wander o’er the ground
Tentatively without a sound
As if to listen for a word
But not a word nor breath is heard
From beneath the hardened clay
No requiem from far away
Echoes through the murky air
Although I’ve felt it here somewhere
Between the shadow and the soul
That briefly touches to console
As I recumbent to the earth
So uncertain of my worth
Dare to remove this mortal stain
Plead for respite from my pain

©Kay Salady

Walk Away

Somehow I felt afraid
And carried so much shame
For the choices that I’d made
Were not my own
In the land of the coerced
Of which I am well-versed
I was pushed headfirst
Into the mire
My skull stuck in a hole
With no ally to console
While those left in control
Held me down
Knowing well that it was wrong
Being there for so damn long
Singing the same sad song
Became routine
For the insane
Without a name
Scarred with all the blame
Inflicted by the guilty
How does one retrieve
That for which she grieves
And somehow gain reprieve
For innocence lost
The price seems far too high
For tears that never dry
During prayer high as the sky
That went unheard
No, not a word
Now I refuse to beg
As I urge on my kicking legs
That will blast through as powder kegs
To walk away
©Kay Salady



I  lay bleeding

In a denude forest

Of expectation

My heartfelt dreams

Tucked in the seams of silver linings

Drifting by high in the sky

So silently and out of reach

I held a tiny mustard seed

And saw in it all that I’d need

To see the forest through the trees

Until you crushed the hope in me

And my belief in what could be

Then I saw the fallacy

Running through my mind

The world is so unkind

With people like you in it

Who get the chance to spin it

Upside down


©Kay Salady

And This will be My Destiny

I stagger down a broken road
My destiny to die alone
Looms before me in the dust
With all my dreams now turned to rust
This bitter taste upon my tongue
With afterthought that I have come
To a crossroads whereupon
I tread lightly o’er the days
Ere I embrace the last remains
Of all that I am dreaming of
And all that I have come to love
I had no forethought I would come
To the point where youth was gone
As fleeting as the autumn leaves
On burnished limbs of tawny trees
I often question my existence
Feign to offer much resistance
Knowing in the realm of things
This is a time that nature brings
With outstretched hand I sweep away
My fervent prayer to always stay
And so I round the nearest bend
Searching for a way to end
This journey that is now complete
Then I will lay down at the feet
Of one who waits for only me
And this will be my destiny
©Kay Salady

Always and Forever


You are the brick set in stone that anchors the wall of my desire.


Inside I have retained

A thousand yesterdays

And I am swept away

With sweet abandon

I return to days of splendor

To the joy of sweet surrender

When all of you was all I ever wanted

Lost in the passion of your kiss

And the shadow of your gaze

With each moment  I recover

I realize the perfect lover

Was with me all along

And the memory of our song

Will echo on and on

In secrecy inside of me

Where I desire for you to be

Always and forever

©Kay Salady



In the serene waters
Of your river of words
You saw my reflection
And immersed your body
Into the well of my desire
Slowly enveloping my senses
With smooth intoxication
I flitted as a dragonfly
Over the extent of you
In ardent exploration
Savoring every morsel
That satisfied my need
Rising as you fell
And falling as you rose
In sweet anticipation
It was then I knew
That every inch of you
Lay bare before me now
All the secrets you endow
Were given in return
For a fire that has burned

©Kay Salady

Dance of Death


A low and rumbling gush of breath
So haunting in its dance of death
Sought entry through each tiny crack
Discerning everything I lack
And pondering portals I defend
So stoically against the wind
I dare not join him in the dance
For agony had brought a trance
Leading to an unmarked grave
Procession’s leader would not save
My soul
Throughout the night until the dawn
I danced with death
He led me on
Until a liturgy from lips
Whispered in the wilderness
Broke the never-ending spell
That tried to take my soul to hell

©Kay Salady

Image: http://dark-tarou.deviantart.com/art/A-Dance-with-Death-614491602



I was invincible
Now I am dispensable
Adhering to the principles
That tender youth refused
My love is far away from me
And all that I had dreamed to be
Is but a fleeting memory
That I can scarce recall
A window near a closing door
I had climbed through
Before the floor had fallen
Had led me to an open space
Where my path could be retraced
And I could ponder once again
The inner child from deep within
Reaching out for one more limb
Before she takes the fall
In earnest after all
These years

©Kay Salady