Righteous Anger


From the land of deaf and dumb

I am standing oh so numb

As you prick me with your pins

Of indignation


And as I reach my hand to you

It seems the only thing to do

In recompense for these sins

Of indignation


How could a love that was so pure

Become so tainted and obscure

Along our rainbow colored path

Of indignation


And all the promises we’d made

The secret whispers along the way

During years of love we made

In indignation


Have somehow turned to dust

During the rain they turned to rust

As we both fought back all the tears

Of indignation


And now there’s nothing left to do

But turn and walk away from you

I can no longer face your hand

Of indignation



©Kay Salady






About Kay Salady

I write about the greatest force on earth that, I believe, lives on forever and surpasses all else. "All your poems read like I am watching an artist use words instead of colours full of feeling." ~Anon.

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  1. Excellent. I like this one a lot. The message is painfully clear!


  2. powerful illustration of your message, love it.


  3. Very sad, I felt. I’m sorry.


    • Yes, much of my poetry is sad. However, no need for you to be. Writing is extremely therapeutic and a way
      for us to purge ourselves of pent-up emotions. In it, we can also find great beauty and comfort as we see
      that we were not alone during times in our life when we may have thought we’d been.


  4. righteous anger
    kinda beautiful


  5. Dear Kay

    It was very beautiful and emotional to read your words… your lines…
    ‘How could a love that was so pure
    Become so tainted and obscure
    Along our rainbow colored path
    Of indignation’
    had a great impact on me….

    Thanks for joining in the Poetry Potluck WK 43 which I am hosting for the first time… hope you have liked it too…. and wish to see you again…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay


    • Namaste’, Om Namah Shivaya, Shashi.

      I am very happy my writing has moved you. Thank you very much for your kind compliment!

      Yours Truly,



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