Filth Falls


Behind the guise of peace

Dressed as pure white lambs

Professing tranquility to all creation

Filth falls from beneath garments

As arms rise to enfold the masses


With eyes clouded in hunger

Huddled in blind toleration

Hands eagerly outstretch

To receive the offering of manna

Tainted by degradation


Privileged lavish flora

As adornment for the gods

Feeding fanatical gluttony

As consummation disembowels

The beast


©Kay Salady



photo courtesy of prophet on good and evil/barry novis


About Kay Salady

I write about the greatest force on earth that, I believe, lives on forever and surpasses all else. "All your poems read like I am watching an artist use words instead of colours full of feeling." ~Anon.

Posted on August 26, 2011, in poetry and tagged , , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. How grotesque but somehow still pretty.


    • *This poem is about the guru, swami, or leader who is not authentic and is merely seeking self-gratification. Always having the means to lure people into their snare, they appear before the people who are in dire need, usually accompanied by someone of means who presents them with flowers, food or monetary offerings. In the end, their rouse is made evident. (I was hoping the tag for the photograph would give an inclination toward the false prophetic definition of the piece.)


  2. powerful …
    Thanks for the treat.


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