Near the Season of Yule

On a cool crisp and wintry night near the season of Yule

You took my hand in yours my dear it was so wonderful

The moonlight shed a lovely glow across the ice so blue

We climbed aboard a horse drawn carriage to ride on avenue

You sat beneath a blanket warm and toasty there for me

With a white carnation in your lapel you smiled so happily

Tipped your top hat with a white gloved hand giving it a pop

At your curt smile I gazed awhile and found I couldn’t stop

Until our driver snapped the reigns to horses sent asunder

Galloping down the powdery roads their hoof beats making thunder

The icy wind was in my face so I tried hard to find cover

There inside your snug embrace I did all I could to hover

You shouted out with a firm voice for the driver to slow down

And I thanked God that I would live to see the lights of town

Yet I stayed there within the crook of your blissful arm so tender

Intoxicated by your cologne I gave in to sweet surrender

The feel of your strong hand on me took my breathing higher

As I looked up I saw your eyes were lit by passion’s fire

Something so deep within those eyes beckoned me to stay

And as you bent to kiss my neck I dared not pull away

Further still your teeth sank in so deep with ecstasy

Taking me to a thousand lands as you drank the life from me

I became you and you became me then I became yours alone

And in this transformation I felt I’d finally found my home

I woke up alone in the winter snow so frozen and so still

Something inside I felt had died yet you held me at your will

I clung to death with no urge left to fight for noonday sun

And somehow deep within my being I knew I’d just begun

My fate was sealed on that moonlit night near the season of Yule

When I said hello to a dapper man who played me for a fool

I’ll never sleep the sleep of peace nor dream as dreamers do

But walk along each weary night in search for someone new

©Kay Salady


Poetry Picnic Week 11-Halloween Special


About Kay Salady

I write about the greatest force on earth that, I believe, lives on forever and surpasses all else. "All your poems read like I am watching an artist use words instead of colours full of feeling." ~Anon.

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  1. beautiful story,


    Thanks for sharing.,


  2. I woke up alone in the winter snow so frozen and so still
    Something inside I felt had died yet you held me at your will

    haunting, some times, our past haunts us, smiles.


  3. What a great read this was! Nicely done Kay!


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