The Darkness

The darkness came to suffocate my soul

Bending my will with foreboding hands

Stripping me of all my convictions

Wide-eyed speculation frozen in obscurity

Intermittent tremor for a gulp of air

From a gullet that is torn wide open

The darkness hovers o’er this poured out shell

Chipped on edge of delinquent dreams

Floating in the vapors of abandon

©Kay Salady

Thank you, Poetry Palace, for this lovely award!

I nominate



About Kay Salady

I write about the greatest force on earth that, I believe, lives on forever and surpasses all else. "All your poems read like I am watching an artist use words instead of colours full of feeling." ~Anon.

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  1. Dear Kay,
    No darkness will ever be able to suffocate you, for you are brave and bubbling with confidence of self esteem. Love you dear.


  2. Powerful imagery. But, the darkness can be conquered too. 😉


  3. Very dark write. Darkness can be alluring and consuming. Good write, Kay.


  4. The last three lines really struck me as worth reading several times. Wonderful images that pull you in, despite the darkness, you just want to see the shell and watch the terrible things happen. It seemed even more poignant against the background of wedding bouquet and pearls – oh dear, I dread to think what sadness fueled this poem, but I’m very glad I got the opportunity to read it. Lovely stuff.


  5. “The darkness hovers o’er this poured out shell / Chipped on edge of delinquent dreams ” — striking lines with an appealing ambiguity to the “chipped on edge” part.


  6. nice….i really love that last stanza…really great imagery and feeling in that….some deep emotion here…


  7. Very powerful and full of imagery. Well done!


  8. you shine like a star,

    amazing expression.


  9. This is a wonderfully written dark poem about a lost soul. I can feel the fear, the depression and the hurt, Very nicely done my friend!


  10. the vapors of abandon…some strong words to underline the darkness..throwing shades..sometimes all we need is a candle…think i’m going to light one now…


  11. Darkness has so many colors…Nice work here.


  12. The sad darkness in your poem is described so wonderfully, it makes the reader shiver…


  13. This is real dark and so powerful, I really enoyed this piece.

    No amount of darkness could overcome the shining star that you are


  14. Thank goodness I didn’t go out “trick or treatin'” this year. 🙂
    This is written very well.


  15. darkness consuming one’s soul ….very dark and sad …beautifully written thank you x


  16. So much darkness. I can feel it completely overwhelm the character. Well put.



  17. Deep emotional impact. Intense!!


  18. You pull in vivid imagery with this poem. It’s a powerful piece.


  19. It is vivid, terrifying and I desperately want to find out that it has been vanquished! Which shows the power of your words – to call up that depth of emotion. Brilliantly written and more than a little scary.


  20. Very Nice Poetry on a Nice Theme ..
    Great Work of Creativity !! Highly Expressive !!

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    !!! Happy Rally !!!
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  21. Wow, so dark – disturbing almost. But I loved it, I could feel the air in my chest getting tighter as I read it. Wonderful work!


  22. “Intermittent tremor for a gulp of air” – great line!
    Great write!


  23. i am in awe of your words and emotions combo. hugggs 🙂


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