The Smell of Earth

I leave this weary patch of sand

For field of green on some fair land

Bare feet enjoy the place I’ve found

A prism of colors all around

My heart feels lighter than before

As I lie down on forest floor

I hold my breath and leave a sigh

Gaze up into the azure sky

Through the glittering emerald leaves

On outstretched branches of the trees

That reach to touch the clouds of white

Each one putting up a fight

Climbing for the noonday sun

To get much closer than begun

And as I lie here on the ground

Breath held tight to hear each sound

Of Nature in her splendor sing

The smell of Earth the smell of spring

©Kay Salady

Jingle Poetry’s Gooseberry Garden’s Poetry Potluck

Spring, Colors, Trees, and New Lives


About Kay Salady

I write about the greatest force on earth that, I believe, lives on forever and surpasses all else. "All your poems read like I am watching an artist use words instead of colours full of feeling." ~Anon.

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  1. Love this — I’m not quite ready for spring yet though. I enjoy a taste of the grayness of winter.
    This truly flowed so effortlessly…
    Nicely done my friend.


  2. yes, i also love the smell of spring

    congregating tribes


  3. I wish spring would come sooner…nice rhyming words ~


  4. Lovely poem, Kay. For the first time, I am enjoying the mild central Texas weather. Last summer was so brutally hot and dry, it made me appreciate the respite of winter.


  5. wonderful, visually written a journey of spring.


  6. Kay, this is awesome! I love how you use imagery, it’s so inventive and colourful.

    It’s quite nice weather in the UK at the moment, with frosty, sunny days. It’s supposed to snow though next week, which is annoying because it was starting to feel like spring.


  7. The flow of this poem captured my mind… I felt I was reading to the beat…
    enjoyed this:)



  8. Lovely poem, Kay! And i very much appreciated seeing the name of the hostess for this weeks gathering of poets! It’s always good to have a name with a piece of writing.
    My favorite time of year is Spring, unless of course, the season happens to be Fall or Summer or Winter! Just color me fickle!


  9. I’m right there with you!! I love everything about the Spring, the smells, the colors popping out, even the rain 🙂 Smiles and hugs, Terri


  10. THIS is a sweet delicacy of images and smells all so tantalizing! Adore every perfectly melodic word! You are such a fine poetess, Kay. I admire your gift! xoxox

    my offering:


  11. 🙂

    Really like this one.

    Omission of a few articles here and there… intentional?


  12. the smell of earth is the smell of spring,
    love the ending line.

    well done.


  13. I was magically transported to Spring.


  14. I could see it, feel it, touch it and taste it. Beautifully written!


  15. spring time is smiling time,

    vivid capture of your theme, well done.

    Happy Friday.


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