Some Fantasies

Some fantasies are best kept hidden deep inside your mind

Where secret kisses meant for two can constantly rewind

Flashing through your senses touching mind body and soul

Elating hidden passions consuming one with beautiful

The movie in your mind replays a moment oh so rare

When trembling fingers reached to touch the place they should not dare

And as the lightning struck the earth causing it to quake

They realized the power of the love they chose to make

Despite the risk the two chose love over all their senses

Crossing limits stepping over traditions lines and fences

Believing in the promise they had sworn to keep that night

Feeling deep inside their hearts they had earned the right

To be together just one time to touch to taste to feel

The power of the love they shared was oh so very real

But now they pay in pieces for the sins they both committed

Knowing that tomorrow they can never be acquitted

Some fantasies are best kept hidden deep inside your mind

Where secret kisses meant for two can constantly rewind


©Kay Salady


About Kay Salady

I write about the greatest force on earth that, I believe, lives on forever and surpasses all else. "All your poems read like I am watching an artist use words instead of colours full of feeling." ~Anon.

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  1. !!!!!!!!


  2. Shukriya


  3. Shukriya, sanam.


  4. I happen to just stumble across your poetry, ..I am so damn glad I did. For several nights now, just before going to bed, I have been reading them. ..and seems as though I can’t wait for the day to be over, so I can continue reading. Several have brought me to tears, but after reading “Some Fantasies”.. I have been crying like a baby. I can relate to SO many of your poems. This one in particular ,, because ‘he’ and I are married, but not to each other. ‘He’ lives in Canada, while I live in the US…’We’..met on the internet, been talking for nearly 8 years..but never have met..face to face. Why am I telling you this?.. I really don’t know, other than, your poems have touched me so much. ..and I wanted to Thank You for sharing them. You are truly gifted.


  5. Thank you for your compliment, Lori. There is a movie, “Same Time Next Year” about a couple who are both married to other people. They decide to meet at the same place every year. When the man in the movie lost his wife and could be available for commitment to the woman, he didn’t make it. They were better off as two people lending one another comfort for a time. The affair ended. We often find that our true comfort is staring us right in the face.


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