Dream Catchers

Dream catchers come and take away all the very bad

For the sleep snatcher came and took all that I had

By coming to steal away each and every night

Any semblance of sanity as I put up a fight

To hold onto a glimpse of any normalcy

As I claw at my flesh over my dependency

Upon the drug being plunged deep within my vein

This caustic love keeps filling me with tremendous pain

As I lie here awake with demons in my bed

Chanting sacred mantras that are floating in my head

Praying for some respite from the very thought of you

Swaying in the darkness as I wonder what to do

Swiping at the cobwebs that reach down to touch my face

Wishing I could wipe away every single trace

With water that is filled with salt to break this awful curse

Before he comes to snatch my sleep before it all gets worse

Dream catchers stay and catch the dreams that haunt my weary soul

Before desire feeds the flame that burns out of control

©Kay Salady

Image Credit:  http://www.tgraphic.com/userimages/new_module/TGraphic-com-L-Drawings-Dream_Catcher_Wallpaper242.jpg


About Kay Salady

I write about the greatest force on earth that, I believe, lives on forever and surpasses all else. "All your poems read like I am watching an artist use words instead of colours full of feeling." ~Anon.

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