Tomorrow, When the Angels Loosen

“Love is from the infinite, and will remain until eternity.

The seeker of love escapes the chains of birth and death.

Tomorrow, when resurrection comes,

the heart that is not in love will fail the test.” -Rumi


Tomorrow when the angels loosen

My restless soul from its restraints

I’ll not partake in worth or pardon

Of resurrection with the saints

Who clung to love ever so tightly

Never failing its return

For I’d found a beacon shining

And was blinded by its burn

Tomorrow when the angels loosen

The days of my resplendent youth

My soul will cry and beg for pardon

For I was blinded to the truth

The rays of light that I’d mistaken

For sweet love had led astray

This mortal soul into the fire

By taking all the years away

Leaving me so empty-handed

With nothing but a memory

This broken hearted soul died lonely

And failed the test so miserably


©Kay Salady



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About Kay Salady

I write about the greatest force on earth that, I believe, lives on forever and surpasses all else. "All your poems read like I am watching an artist use words instead of colours full of feeling." ~Anon.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant Kay! You carried me along effortlessly and made me feel – that’s real communication and real writing skill. Most importantly it shows you’re still in love, else your words would not have such power.


    • Thank you very much for the lovely compliment, Mr. Williams. Yes, this poem holds deep meaning for me. I do not feel words would not have any power without feeling behind them.


  2. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the title, but… I’m stunned! This piece teeters on the edge of the abyss, and I wasn’t sure if you would fall in or be forgiven and saved (I’m worthless when it comes to religious expressions)… It really took hold of me, Kay! Beautiful work, as always!


  3. Resignation, regret make this so poignant. The rhymes work really well too with the subject.


  4. Thank you! I simply adore the sufi poet, Rumi. He deeply inspires me. I feel that Barks’ translation is the best.


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