The Twenty-First Row



Sitting in the darkness of the twenty-first row

Waiting the performance from the angel I know

And as the lights begin to illuminate the stage

The cavalier director turns the lines of the page

I could hear a pin drop as she tightened her breath

Anxiously awaiting her impending death

He whispered from the shadows let me be your fan

Just someone that you know as an ordinary man

Even though this seat is now so very far from you

You’ll know me though the crowd below hasn’t got a clue

I’m not just a number sitting out here in the dark

I kissed your lovely forehead as you left to make your mark

Turn around for me my Queenie and look into my eyes

Prove to me you love me still and that you realize

That I’ve been next to you my dear each step of your way

Turn around my lady now and listen to what I say

Strike a pose my sexy queen dressed up in ruby red

Tonight your grand debut will be upon your lover’s bed

Take a step behind the lights and lift your eyes toward me

Yes I’ll direct your every move and fulfill my fantasy

At once come close to let me see the milk that covers you

So close that I can trace the trail that glistens bright with dew

My dear you look far lovelier with your hair tied up so tight

Take my hand and dance with me upon this starry night

Hold me so close to your heart that I may smell your scent

I’ll remember you and I and the moments that we’ve spent

Tender fingers touch the curls of this your simple man

As you step up on the stage your performances began

Making love before the lights the way it used to be

Not afraid to show the world that you’re in love with me

Just one more time to show you care and that our time is real

Lift your wings my butterfly and show me how you feel

Love me like a child my queen my tender flower in bloom

It’s only you and I tonight there’s no one in the room

But me upon this seat of mine in silent twenty-one

Tell me you’ll not mind my eyes peering at the sun

Ovations are for stars I know but you are mine tonight

A pure and simple butterfly basking in my light

I want to play with you my love directing every move

The history’s behind us now we’ve nothing left to prove

You will always love me even though I am so very bad

You’ll take away my misery when my poor heart is sad

Hold onto your diablo grab his horns with all your might

The ride is hot and hard my love you’d better hold on tight

My dove is on her perch so high brilliant with her song

I hope he doesn’t hear your moan I want it to last long

Chin up and smile my baby you belong to the big world

But for me you’ll always be just a simple girl

My butterfly my fairy queen my angel dressed in blue

No matter where I am I’m always sitting next to you

Oh you don’t want me and that is fine by me

Okay I’ll stop asking and I’ll stop this fantasy

I broke the silence just to let you play with my heart

Get down from the stage and play your rightful part

We were making love don’t you get it Poo

Can’t you see I hate myself and I hate you too

I really am just someone from the twenty-first row

You don’t love me anymore babe I know I know

I wanted to make love with you just one more time

Please I can’t hate you and is it such a crime

I just can’t seem to find the right words to say

And it breaks my heart that my baby looks away

Is it about the ones to whom I gave my name

The tragic thought of losing you drives my mind insane

I always thought you’d be right here in my side forever

This is my conclusion anything but a stranger never

Please don’t take away from me what I want to keep

I am so in love with you and I’m in trouble deep

The words won’t come into my rhyme like they used to do

It used to be so easy when my rhymes included you

Please tell me you’re not angry for the time I’ve wasted here

Say that you’ll forgive me and that you still love me dear

In your silence on the stage the camera just for me

Watching from the darkness where it’s very hard to be

I reached out to touch you from the twenty-first row

You slipped right through my fingers as I let my lady go

©Kay Salady




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About Kay Salady

I write about the greatest force on earth that, I believe, lives on forever and surpasses all else. "All your poems read like I am watching an artist use words instead of colours full of feeling." ~Anon.

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  1. Glorious but very Painful. Sad to go through your poems. How can I share your sorrows. Love you poetess, Kay


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