Easter Sunday 2014

From the beginning of time, mankind has searched beyond himself for something greater. Something or someone who could possibly redeem him from his overwhelming fear of death. He has trembled at the notion that there may be nothing beyond the darkness of the grave. And if there is such a place, there must be a high price to pay to gain entrance. 


He sets forth a stringent set of bylaws that he and his community must abide by, following the signs of the stars in the sky, nominating leaders who reason the revolutions of the earth and so on, as he himself determines who is god.


He bows to idols, to the wind, the sun, even the moon. Then one day, he hears a voice call to him. He hears a voice call him by name. 


“Why do you persecute me?”


   -Kay Salady


About Kay Salady

I write about the greatest force on earth that, I believe, lives on forever and surpasses all else. "All your poems read like I am watching an artist use words instead of colours full of feeling." ~Anon.

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