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This Heart That’s Been Torn

This heart that’s been torn

Is one that’s conformed

To be all that you want me to be

A rhyme without reason

Passing each season

Meeting another heart’s need

The heart in my chest

That loved you the best

Broke with a cry of despair

This heart that’s been torn

Could no longer conform

And fled from a heart without care

©Kay Salady


Mister Lee

I hopped a train into your town

Thinking that you’re still around

Somewhere along familiar streets

Inside cafes where we would meet

Until I came upon a place

Where I felt sure I saw your face

The wind that blew the desert sand

Had held the fragrant touch of hands

That I desired with all my soul

To return to me from beautiful

To brush my cheek or touch my hair

To let me know that you are there

Somewhere within the wind

My darling once again

Then the refrain of autumn rain

Washed my mind of all the pain

Brought by reverie

Of you here close to me

And all that used to be

And all that used to be

©Kay Salady

When the Brazen Crush Desire

The heart expands as the deepest sea

To carry every human need

And fervent wish within the mind of man

Yet when the brazen crush desire

The broken heart once filled with fire

Grows cold as ice within the careless hands

That shatter it and furthermore

Wishes hide behind hope’s door

Along with blissful dreams too soon forgotten

©Kay Salady

At the Hour

In my eyes you are beautiful

And in my mind I am complete

In the hollow of the haven

That we create within the heat

At the hour of consummation

The sweetest gush of lover’s breath

Rushes forth at culmination

We each exhale at tiny death

I then devour you my love

In my great thirst for your sweet flesh

Searching for a certain something

My eager body has not met

Sadly I find I cannot fill

The yearning of this woman’s soul

Within a day nor a lifetime

While making love so beautiful

©Kay Salady


I stare into darkness

Rich as Belgian chocolate

As beads of water dissipate

In the yellow sunlight

Curious to touch

The glistening of hair

Foreign to my fingers

The memory of it lingers

In my mind

I find you beautiful

And so I dive into

The coolness of your waters

I achingly surrender

To be near you

Searching for a scent

An untamed intimation

That you’ve an inclination

Of curiosity

To be close to me

And in my thoughts I see

The beauty there could be

If you and I let go

And told each other so

In your uncertainty

You turn away from me

Without a word

©Kay Salady


Banished from sight

And barred from thought

I dwell in insignificance

My value has been lost

I peer through the window

Of an olden door

Cracked and stained

By indifference

My eyes well with tears

That burn from regret

As my heart shudders

With despondency

I who have loved you

With all that I am

Now lie desolate

In the debris

Of my surrender

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: DeviantArt

Where There is Hope



There are no words to define injustice because it comes in many forms such as greed, ignorance, contempt, and fear. Replicating the ramifications of the results will never bring about peace. We pray the lion will lie with the lamb. However, the lamb is the lion’s prey. So many eloquent prayers are whispered in behalf of those who seek unity among mankind. There will be conflict, as there has always been. One side will choose to war with his brother and another will turn his cheek. The only constant that remains is hope.

©Kay Salady


Moonlit Branches



Against the edge of twilight
The trees bear witness to my pain
As I seek a place of solace
Where hesitation bathes in shadow
Fair Luna dances along the boughs
Splaying fingers of hidden sorrow
Across the verdant forest floor
Laden with translucent tears
And in the essence of the night
I meet with reverie
There beneath the moonlit branches
Of empathetic trees

©Kay Salady

I’d Like

I'd like to crawl inside your mind
To see what fantasies I'd find
If I could look inside of you
I'd know exactly what to do
To satisfy your deepest need
To make you beg and make you plead
For more

©Kay Salady



Where would you be without your woman
If you awoke to find her gone
The one you rely upon
To ease your troubled mind
Man what would you do
With no one there
But you and
No one

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