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As I outline and trace
That once familiar face
I lose my whole perception
Of all that I believed
I will never cease to love you
Although never quite the same
As I did the day before
You morphed into a stranger
Leaving me in obscurity
And it is hard to recollect
The man I used to know

©Kay Salady


Never Forgotten

I kneel before you
To empty my transgressions
As nail-scarred hands
Reach to touch the forlorn head
Of one who went astray
I am overcome by your majesty
With all you’ve done for me
I scarce can take it in
That for me and all my sin
You chose to die
I then begin to weep
As I think of sinful women
Traveling through the years
To the place where they found grace
By kneeling at your feet
And anointing you those days
In a most precious way
Never forgotten
And I the same!
This sheep who strayed
A shepherd found
And I abound, yes, I abound
In my salvation

©Kay Salady

A Beggar’s Cup

How gentle is this soul

Who waits before your door

Who kneels in quiet urgency

Pleading for one drop

To quench the desperation

Of a thirsty land

Longing for a glimpse

Of the Beloved

©Kay Salady

Wishes Never Spoken



wishes and dreams

Those wishes never spoken
And dreams that go untold
Gathered through the ages
Are bound with strings of gold
And tossed into large boxes
Stored high upon a shelf
So far beyond the reach
Of those who tell themselves
They can’t


©Kay Salady







Your Scent


It has been so long
And I inhale your memory
But cannot recall your scent
As I helplessly wander
Through my thoughts searching for you

©Kay Salady




I, this fallen tree
So far beyond perception
Knew that I was heard

©Kay Salady


Image:  Tiia Monto

Silver Dragonflies


Silver Dragonfly

A memory hung on the wall

Silver dragonflies that once were yours

I sat and looked at them for hours


When suddenly they flew away

Recovering the yesterdays

Long forgotten


©Kay Salady

My Contemplation


You want to be my inspiration
And you ache to be my contemplation
The thought I run with in the night
So desperate for the answer yes
Where a sigh preludes the heavy breath
That trickle of excitement after the lip is bitten
The overwhelming essence of desire
While teetering on the sharp edge of fantasy
Impalement can be so sweet
Strike a match and ignite the flame
Oh how you move me to fall into innuendo
With just a hint of fear
Knowing full well this can never be
Yet on goes the beating of a heart
Pumping faster and harder
With verve that takes my breath to
Where you are
My muse

©Kay Salady

My Unspoken Dreams

My Unspoken Dreams
Alight upon my shoulder
My sweet enchanted dove
As I muse over untold dreams
From within the realms of love
I have searched within the silence
Of floating butterflies
For answers from the sages
Beyond the earth and sky
I ask you my Beloved
To sip from wisdom’s well
Drink in all the wonder
No mortal lips can tell
And try so not to weep
For lovers often do
In overwhelming awe
When they are taken to
The pinnacle of joy
Unafraid to risk the fall
Breath held tight in ecstasy
So high above it all
©Kay Salady

Living in the Past

I want to live in the real world

And to dream of the moment

That I drink coffee with my friend

In some small town cafe

Letting go of the memories

That have become my enemies

And the past I have clung to

That does not take part in today

As I breathe in the minute

And feel all that’s in it

Without interception

Of a perception

That is totally out of place

Clouding my days

And haunting my nights

Where nothing is right

And I’m not alright

No never alright

Existing this way

©Kay Salady