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There, I Must Be

I felt the fragrance of his kiss

Falling softly on my lips

And the scintillating touch

That he has stolen in the hush

Of sweet surrender

Such a thrill if leaves behind

In the corners of my mind

And when in quiet contemplation

I can feel that sweet sensation

return to me

It’s then I see my lover’s eyes

And it becomes my paradise

Then all I know is where he goes

There I must be

©Kay Salady


They wear us thin

Then break us down

Every barrier

Up till now

Is plowed into

That foreign soil

Where nothing grows

For it is spoiled

By death

Words of praise

Are oft’ exchanged

For battlecries

Upon the plains

Where angry men

Defile their sod

Then justify it

With their God

Woe to the foolish

Who believe

In a hallelujah


When sacred vessels

Depart to war

When the pure of heart

Go out before

Their fellow man

To take offense

Without thought

Of recompense

No victor stands

Amid this loss

With spoils of war

To spread across

A seat in Heaven

When he dies

It is too late

To realize

Those words of praise

Were meant for One

Who he must face

When life is done

And all the deeds

That he has done

Can never be


©Kay Salady

A Reason to Believe

I held onto a dream

And it held to me

Tying me down

So I’d never be

Free to love

Or able to give

All that I’d saved

Up for him

I was a woman

So eager to share

My fantasies

And so I laid bare

All that I knew

To make him feel right

And he drank it in

All through the night

He whispered the words

That I wanted to hear

He said that he loved me

He made it quite clear

So I gave him my heart

I gave him my soul

And I gave him my trust

Just like a fool

But there was a reason

For me to believe

Because he had promised

That he’d never leave

I was so wrong

To think for so long

That all of my dreams

Were between him and me

He called yesterday

With so much to say

How I had given

It all away

And oh my heart fell

I cursed him to hell

Only God knows the pain

That drove me insane

Now inside I know

That it’s time to let go

I held onto a dream

And that dream held to me

It tied me down

So I’d never be

Able to love

Or able to live

The way that he does

And it’s time that I did

©Kay Salady

Somewhere Beyond My View

It’s raining outside

It seems unusual

The way that I’m feeling

I find it beautiful

To step from the night

Into a day

That washes my blues

All away

Now it’s raining inside

Making my life brand new

I’m beginning to feel

Just like I used to do

Before my world

Drifted away

Turning my skies

To grey

Now that the rain

Has fallen on me

All of the pain

That used to be

Rolled with the clouds

Out to the sea

Somewhere beyond

My view

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: Off Leash Edmonds

Soul Touch

Bodies need not touch

For hearts to skip a beat

I reached out for you

And ever softly you touched me

Transcending time and distance

A rose that never dies

Lent us its sweet fragrance

To linger for all time

Proving us immortal

A thousand lifetimes through

For you are near my side

And darling I with you

When dawns the golden sun

And glows the glorious moon

I feel you close to me

In everything I do

I have found my greatest love

A feeling so intense

And I will never know

Another as immense

For I this lowly plain

Have kissed the sacred sun

Long before the day I die

Before my days were done

The splendor that I feel

Remains within my view

Each time you think of me

And when I think of you

©Kay Salady

It’s Me

Hey, it’s me

Did ya hear a dog barking in the night

You and I both know it just ain’t right

To be tootin’ a horn at three in the morning

But I wanted to make sure ya knew

That I’m still alive up here

So far so good knock on wood

Speaking of cottonwoods

They’re floating in the air everywhere

And I’m sneezing like a man

But that just proves me to be the

Warrior that I am

And as long as I can hear myself

I must be alive…I think

Whatever you do

Don’t get mad at me

Come up here and start

Banging on my door

Wakin’ me up

Because I’m trying to sleep


©Kay Salady

*prayers appreciated

It Isn’t So

A rusted blade

Eager to ruin my time

Saws along the edge

Of my anxious fragility

I will my inner strength

To somehow toe the line

If not I won’t be fine

Then I dig apart my soul

For all the days I was the fool

That I had been

For the breath I couldn’t find

Hidden in a mind

That lost its faith

In things it couldn’t see

Things deep inside of me

That had been planted long ago

Places I forgot to go

In all of my despair

A still small voice lies there

Crying out it isn’t so

He is a liar

©Kay Salady

On a Day that was Forbidden

On a day in September

I was consumed

By desire

And profound indiscretion

Clouds moved in

To confound my thoughts

With unrestrained passion

And I danced with a prince

In a mist of purple rain

The scent lingers in my mind

As I cling to a memory

That I fear to unearth

From the unmarked grave

Of an unholy union

That once felt so sacred

I cried out his name

From the depths of my soul

He was so beautiful

And so was I

On that day oh so


©Kay Salady


You are

The refreshing rain

To my unquenchable thirst

And the lotus that blooms

In my desert

You are the heart that beats

Inside my chest

So that I

Can always feel you

With every breath

And every flutter

Of contemplation

A sudden rush

Pulses through my veins

And I wonder

Does my quickening heart

Cause you to shudder

Make you feel warm

Or capture your breath

The instant that I

Contemplate you

©Kay Salady

Milk & Honey

Oh my love

I no longer sorrow in your absence

But rejoice in your memory

As you flow through my mind

As milk and honey to my sustenance

Lift your sweet eyes from prayer

I assure you I am there

Imprinting on your heart my sacred vow

As in the long ago till now

It is whispered in the corners of my mind

I look for you and find that everything is bliss

And all that I have missed

Is the touch of your strong hand

Oh my love

How could I ever sorrow in your absence

When rejoicing in the splendor that you bring

While I am possessed to cry

With milk and honey on my mind

The tears subside within the hour of my joy

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: Kristina Pomomavera