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I crawl inside your head

And you feel me scratch an itch

As I exhale a moment

The ecstasy of which

You share with me somehow

As it pulses through my veins

This undulating silence

The mark of which remains


©Kay Salady


In the Cool of an Olive

I want to lay in the cemetery

On the green near the angel

Where we stood in the cool

Of an olive long ago

Contemplating painting letters

On Daddy’s headstone in our sweaters

Drinking limeade gold paint on your nose

I want to smell the scent of clover

I want to tell you over and over

Everything that I could never say

And then replace my interjections

With attentiveness in your reflection

But I can only sit and feel this way

©Kay Salady

Rocking to the Rhythm

Embraced by opulence

I lazed within your gaze

As you cajoled my soul

To surrender to your ways

And I was smitten

By the very thought of you

I felt high as you passed by

The crumbs of my confection

And without recollection

I wandered yet again

Through the path of sin

That led me to your door

Begging you for more

Of your neglect

As I offered up respect

So bittersweet

From your head

Down to your feet

Then wondered why

All I did was cry

In my abandon

Each day you poured the same

A measure so mundane

That I could barely taste

A hint of flavor

And with nothing left to savor

On my tongue

I was left intensely numb

Rocking to the rhythm

Of a heart

That beat within the chest

Of one who loved you best

Rocking to the rhythm

Of a heart

©Kay Salady

The Caged Bird Sang

The caged bird sang a song of hope

When long the day, to help her cope

With a song of freedom from despair

A cry to every caged bird where

They are in fear to fly

Her melody erased the rage

Of birds who stalk their narrow cage

Imprisoned birds were loosed the day

They turned their cheek the other way

And chose to join in song

Oh how the others sang along

With heartfelt joy, they sang her songs

On distant hills and dawn-bright lawns

The sound of freedom rang

One fair morning with the dew

With lifted wing, away she flew

Freely leaping with the wind

In orange sun rays, did ascend

To name the sky her own

©Kay Salady


My Confession

I want to be your number one

Not the one who’s come undone

Because you chose another one

Before me

I want to be your Valentine

I want to hear that you are mine

With the assurance at that time

That you will always be

Exclusively for me

Because I wrote your name in red

Inside my heart and in my head

For time and time again I’ve said

That you belong to me

©Kay Salady



You dare descend the lofty clouds
upon your steed within a shroud
of misconception
And as you draw forth your bow
and take your aim, nobody knows
how far they’ll fall
No, not at all
And as they bleed, with tearful eye
they summon you to please pass by
through the mist of all their pain
To draw forth your bow and take
your aim towards the one and only
heart that has torn theirs all apart
But do you heed that lover’s call

No, not at all

©Kay Salady

Holding On

What do I do

with my memories of you

Do I toss them away

as though yesterday

Was meaningless

and inconsequential

Can I find peace

through the release

Of all of my dreams

that cling to the seams

Of silver linings

within cloudy skies

I know it’s unwise

yet I hold on

A martyr for love

rises above

The storm clouds

in her way

And until my dying day

I’ll play the fool

As this heart breaks

all the rules

By holding on

©Kay Salady


Searching for a way

To define the indefinable

Swiping at the dirt

That muddies up my mind

Intolerant of the fog

That keeps me from myself

Unable to drink freely

From the river that I know

©Kay Salady

Two Syllables that Slide Off a Silver Tongue

I love this song

It echoes through my mind

Playing over and over again

My lover calls my name

And my name becomes music

Simple and pure

And without reason

This reason has rhyme

In a place out of time

In my little world

©Kay Salady

My Dream

Swathed in a cocoon

I feel the warmth of your embrace

It holds me through the darkness

As I search to find your face

Here within my dreams

I am so eager for your touch

Longing to be near you

Wanting you so much

Darling, you are with me

In my deepest reverie

I can feel you here beside me

Looking out for me

With such deep affection

You are near enough to touch

But just as I reach out for you

Not quite near enough

Come to me, my darling

When I rise to greet the sun

Meet me in the morning

When the lonely night is done

Greet me with your kisses

Touch me with your hands of love

Take me to the heavens

Say I am deserving of

My dream

©Kay Salady