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The only thing missed

Was mere physicality

You’ve felt everything else

Deepest pieces of me

Those that live on

Far past this earthly flesh

©Kay Salady

The Sorrow in Our Parting

Her hour is drawing near. The hour that will come here to stop our time. I cling to her like a piece of succulent fruit, inhaling all the fragrance I can savor. As I watch her stare down death, a degradation fills the air. That familiar shroud of darkness that takes away one’s breath has stolen every word I came to offer. I would not add an ounce of pain but I am certain she, too, bears this painful silence. I falter to find words, but where are words to curb the sorrow in our parting? In this moment, my head reels. All I can feel are the moments I have missed and wonder why did I resist to hear her call. For she is worth it all–much more than I have shown. I have touched a soul, a soul that’s warm and beautiful in a realm that is so bright where colors flash within the sight of the Beloved.
©Kay Salady


Carol Hiltner, you are always in our hearts. 

Sweet Bliss

I bathe myself in her silken blush

And fully immerse within the hush

As sunlight kisses that fragrant swirl

Of delicate petals in a world

Where pure perfection brings sweet bliss

My pounding heart cannot resist

To burst with passion for this rose

Who in her beauty dares to pose for me

©Kay Salady

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Arthur came to visit with throwing stars and flames. Filling up the vacancies where memories had been of every single injury I ever had incurred. He came to reacquaint me with each circumstance then burned his name upon each tendon, each joint and tiny bone. Informing me so sweetly that I’d never be alone. And as I sit beside myself with Arthur still in tow, I wish that he would just decide to take his shit and go.

©Kay Salady

So Obscure

Author, Kay Salady

Though you reach out in the middle of the night

Your hungry hands will never touch this aching flesh

And I feel certain that your heart is far too small

To compete with the extent of all my longing

This is a dam between waters that are surging

Oh how I struggle with myself to reconcile!

I find my warmth in the reassuring distance

That veils my sadness from another so obscure

©Kay Salady


Plagued with loneliness

The bricks inside this fortress

Sealing me in pain

Yet I reach out with hope

For those who do not hear

My heart’s unuttered cry

©Kay Salady

Before the Mirror

I want to stand before the mirror

To hold my breath and reappear

Back to a time when I was young

Back when days were filled with fun

Locked inside a lover’s gaze

He held me there

His eyes ablaze with longing

He reached for me with eagerness

And I enraptured by his kiss

Berry sweet and warm as wine

I could kiss him for all of time

Then complacently stare out into space

With salty tears upon my face

Waiting for the world to end

The scent of love upon my skin

Never wanting to come down

I slowly turn to see a face

That salty tears outline and trace

Finding he has held me here

He has appeared before my mirror

With that same kiss as warm as wine

That I can taste inside my mind

©Kay Salady


The little raven

keenly eyed each passerby

with expectation

of a rare and dazzling find

in one fell swoop she seized it

©Kay Salady

My Knight in Shining Armor

My knight in shining armor

Never came to rescue me

His horse fell down and broke its crown

God damn that clumsy steed

Perhaps his armor rusted

When caught out in the rain

I waited by my window till

I thought I’d go insane

Surmising every reason why

I had to stand alone

Trying so hard not to cry

While facing each unknown

Circumstance that taunted me

Or bump in the night that haunted me

Inside of a cold and lonely space

Where I could never find a place to hide

From monsters that were very real

That sabotaged every appeal I made

The long years passed some monsters died

Yet I was still torn up inside

Still waiting for my knight to come

Upon his steed to take me home

Still waiting there beside my sill

I waited there so long until

Something snapped inside of me

I could no longer bear to grieve

I somehow found the strength to stand

I took my shield and sword in hand

I saw a steed upon the hill

Come galloping for me at will

I rode upon its sturdy back

And knew there’s nothing that I’d lack

In rescuing the child in me

That had no right that had no need to fear

©Kay Salady

Clara’s Closet

Ruffles the Clown

She slipped into her party dress

Then painted on a smile

Chose all of her embellishments

Thinking all the while

Of the joy that she could bring

By twisting little toys

From bright balloons

And she’d be there soon

To greet the girls and boys

She reached out for her parasol

And grabbed a pair of gloves

Pirouetted then darted out

To do the thing she loved

Beneath the boughs of evergreens

Along the avenue

A clown named Ruffles could be seen

And she is that one we knew

©Kay Salady

*Ruffles was a professional clown (called a Joey) receiving her certification in 1993 Bellevue, Washington and she is my friend.