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You Bend

You bend 

Like a willow in the wind 

Trembling against me 

As I rush in

For one embrace 

Vying for the essence 

I recall 

One glimpse 

As sunlight bathes 

Your skin 

And the silence 

Is deafening 

As the silver cord 

Between us 

©Kay Salady


Crooked Feet 

I saw a girl

Walk down the street 

With hair of red 

And crooked feet 

And thought per chance 

If we had met

Would she have smiled 

If I had set 

The standard 

If I had paused 

To shake her hand 

Had it not been 

A great demand 

From me in my fragility 

That I’d prefer 

She did not see 

Or just perhaps 

She walks like me 

Alone with my 

©Kay Salady

Rain’s Desire 

The rain is falling

Her drops tap at my window

Asking me to play 

But she waits only so long

For me to join in the dance 
©Kay Salady
Image Credit:  Katy Perry dancing in the rain 

Inside My Mind


With my eyes
I see reality
Its clammy touch
Takes hold of me
Sends shivers up
And down my spine
Then darkness comes
To take my mind
Across the barren
Desert sands
Inside the wind
Over the land
Beneath the sea
Above the sky
I turn it off
Focus my mind
On grass of green
A summer’s day
A hand to hold
A child at play
The love I knew
So long ago
The warm embrace
I’ve come to know
Then in my heart’s
A melody
Because your love
Inspires me

©Kay Salady

Your Temptation 

You take me to places 

Warm wet and tender

Where I’d surrender 

Everything in an instant 

And in this instance

I’m aching to be near you 

Wanting so to hear you

With your breath upon my skin

Knowing if I’d given in

To my desire

That I would be on fire

And so incapable 

Yes inescapable 

In the center of your gaze

So lost within the maze

Of your temptation
©Kay Salady

Somewhere in This Moment

Somewhere in this moment

There is a silver lining

Hidden in the seam

Between the sky and sea

Somewhere in this moment

A songbird waits to sing

The purest melody

Its heartfelt offering

My soul cries with the rain

Yearning for reprieve

O’ sun come forth again

I beg the clouds to leave

Somewhere in this moment

You will rise again

To kiss the silver sea

And take away my pain

I’ll hear that songbird sing

So sweetly in my ear

The purest melody

My grief will disappear

I’ll rise above the clouds

That rule the dreary day

Somewhere in this moment

Sadness slips away
©Kay Salady

Paint My Mind with Rapture

Touch me with a whisper

Send shivers down my spine

Paint my mind with rapture

Would you be so kind

As to meet me in the midnight 

Stay until the dawn

Exploring your intentions 

Before the night has gone

And you’re a recollection 

Of the bliss I knew

Paint my mind with rapture

Before the night is through
©Kay Salady

In a Man’s World

So hard to be a woman

In a man’s world

It ain’t ever easy

Being his girl

Carrying the sorrow

Of a bitter life

Giving up tomorrow

Just to be his wife

Placing all your dreams

In a paper cup

Then filling it with tears

When he drinks them up

So hard to be a woman

In a man’s world

When you don’t really

Wanna be his girl

Carrying the dream

Of a better life

And praying that tomorrow

Things will be alright

As you stand alone

Out on your own

In a man’s world


©Kay Salady

A Forest in the Desert

The darkness’ bitter memory

Was all that lay within me

Until I emptied

My poor soul of you

I spoke the words

And brought to life

A forest in the desert

The day I realized

I could break through

No longer will they stir the dust

In search of bones and ashes

No longer will my inner child

Cry out

Weeping for the loss of one

So helpless in her effort

To cling to something

That she cared about

When all the while

My precious time ran out

And the things I thought

I cared so much about

Had turned to dust

And the investment of my trust

Blew in the wind

So now I’ll fend

For myself

As I let go

This much I know

As I inhale

The green I see

Inside of me

(c) Kay Salady








To the Wind


You may think

you know me

but you don’t

And you may say

you’ll miss me

but you won’t

as I walk away

from your day

and walk into

the haze

of memories

that you and I

could have made

But what

could be

can never be

a memory

that would


the you and me

that could

have been

So you and I


cast it all

into the wind

my special


and let

it go


©Kay Salady