My Lover, Sweet

All through the night

I dream of you

And you hold me tight

You lay in the dark close to me

I never knew how love could be

Until now

All through the night

Beneath the stars

Love becomes ours

Over and over again

Passion as warm as the rain

You gaze at me

Then taste my lips

While holding my face in your hands

I never knew

How sweet love could be

In the arms of an innocent man

When all through the night 

You lay in the dark close to me

Passion is ours

Over and over again

Warm as the rain in the spring

And soft as the teardrops 

I gather inside where you dwell

Forever my darling

There’ll never be sad farewells

For I’ll be with you

Far past space and all time

My lover sweet

You are in me

Remember that you are mine
©Kay Salady


Caught in an inescapable dream

I am consumed by thoughts of you

As a never ending song

I am reacquainted 

With the gentle sound

Of your sweet voice


Come to

©Kay Salady

A Cry for Home

In the stillness

You reach out

To touch me

Lost in confusion 

This mortal soul 

Cries for home

I bow before you

As heaven opens

To receive my prayer

I in my loneliness 

Knew your love

For you knew me

Since time began

Immortal soul’s

Breath to flesh

Lingers on

And I cry for home

Once more
©Kay Salady

In Memory 

No war was won

But he had tried

It all began 

The day he died

A star inflicted

A stripe upon

The chest of Mary’s

Firstborn son

And on that eve

Of midnight blue

Died a soldier

Brave and true
©Kay Salady

Within the Shade of Slumber

Evening fog crept slowly 

O’er the dim lit avenue 

As I looked out the window 

Of my solitary room

Waiting for the night to fall

So dreams might come again

Hoping sleep could wash away 

My loneliness and pain

I touched your face again my love

Inhaled your fragrant essence

I took your breath inside of me

And oh the effervescence 

That filled my mind with wonder

And sent me in a whirl

I flew with you beyond the moon

As twinkling stars unfurled

A carpet for our footsteps

You took my hand we danced

In the iridescent fog

And oh the sweet romance

Within the shade of midnight

Oh the taste of bliss

That reverie had given me

For wanting of your kiss

©Kay Salady

Catch-a-Ray Tea

He wanders through the forest

Beneath the evergreens

Cursing at the rain clouds

Searching through the trees

To gather strands of sunlight

He’ll put inside a cup

To brew a special tea

That warms the body up
©Kay Salady
Image Credit:  Author’s son

As a Mother

I stare at your reflection

And gather my collection of yesterdays 

The special way you care

And all the things we share

Between the pages of our book

Each photo and each place

The look upon your face

Your hand enlaced with mine

As we walk on down the line

Of a broken boulevard

Playing in a yard 

Now torn and tattered

Where nothing ever mattered

But the landscape

While you and I got lost

Two little roses in the frost

Our beauty soon forgotten

I remember you

Clinging to me through

Each ill begotten storm 

You held me as a Mother

And there will be no other

In my life as dear as you

Your hands, beyond compare

Are lovely and so fair

Diligent to care for those in need

For all you say and do

My Sister, I love you

How can I possibly convey

The way I feel
©Kay Salady

The Lightning 

As I look at the rain

Serene and without thunder

Deep inside, I feel the lightning 

Waiting to ignite
©Kay Salady


Our lives may not have fit together,  but ohhh did our souls know how to dance. -k. Towne jr.


Oh, that you were mine

As you recline inside her shadow

Soft against her breast

Warm within the nest

That you have made

As birds do in the Spring

With hope for everything

Your offspring in your arms

So caught up in the charm

Inside your smile

As I watch you there with her

The feelings make me stir

And I refuse to let them show

I know that I must let go

I can’t bear another minute

Although my world without you in it

Has been pure hell

I can tell you’re doing fine

Since you are not in mine

©Kay Salady

I am Me

I am my own

Yes, I am me

And my possibilities 

Are endless

I am not yours

Part of the crowd

I am far too proud

To fit into a mold

Affixed with labels

I am complex

Filled with desire

My intellect 

Rises higher

Than the norm

Because my form

Is shapelier

Or I may make

Your feelings stir

Does not mean

You can demean

My common sense
©Kay Salady
Image Credit:  Dani Olivier