Anne’s Beauty

The delicate lace of the Queen

Is an evocative whimsical dream

For God graced each frond

With petals beyond

My wildest of imaginings

I dare not touch this fine flower

Far too fragile for fear to devour

Her intricate lace

It would be a disgrace

So I humbly yield to her power

©Kay Salady



Oh how you hurt me

I had taken for granted

That all I needed

Was right here inside of me

But somehow my wires got crossed

©Kay Salady

Unto My Path

When all hope was lost

I saw you in the darkness

Reaching out for me

To muster up the courage

To rely on words in red

©Kay Salady

Harvest Moon

October was ours

But Luna never waited

As she slowly sank

Amid the fading embers

Of a love that chose to die

©Kay Salady

Harvest Moon descending behind Sleeping Ute Mountain


I am lovely

And I can love myself

But I cannot be proud

No, never can I say

Those words that make me small

Cut me to the knees

I beg your pardon please

For being


©Kay Salady

Broken Glass

I avoid the pieces

That shatter ‘neath my feet

For fear you’ll see me bleeding

Or I’ll be cut complete

So thin the shards so hollow

I tiptoe over now

It strikes me to the marrow

That I’ll fall in somehow

This trail that quickens me

To find the bitter end

Leads to my demise

And has no exit signs

©Kay Salady

Requiem for the Lost

A distant voice resounds

Somewhere in my soul

Singing to the broken

Vying for the ashes

Of the lost to carry home

A sinner bears the shame

That You’ve erased his name

Once again

©Kay Salady

Essence, Immortal

Your soul is divine

And your essence immortal

Fear will fade away

As leaves from broken branches

When the Master calls our name

Then we shall gather

The reins of massive horses

That sound of thunder

Ascending into heaven

Toward the crystal fountain

Every knee shall bow

And every tongue will utter

His beautiful name

For love has made the promise

To haven each weary soul

©Kay Salady

What Mortal Coil


Why sinkest thou beneath the recesses of thy stature? Art thou imbibing in some strange concoction? What mortal coil doth sink her claws into thy fair and noble flesh at thy finest hour to waste thy tender youth? O’ me! What have I done to hasten thee to flee into the arms of such a vixen? She who frothed at mouth and wailed away her siren song along a raging sea. When all the while my fairest love who suckled at this breast in jest, hath gone to suckle at the breast of such a beast who was unleashed by Satan’s power. Thou dost not see; thou dost not see! For only she hath but devised thy own demise. Henceforth , the hour ’twill be unknown, ’twill shake this body to the bone, my heart will quake and I shall see this wretched soul make fool of me. If in the end, time, not my friend, doth impart a seed. O’ me!

©Kay Salady Poetry

What Shall be My Verse


O’ what shall be my verse
My heart’s implicit cry
The soul’s unuttered words
To mark the sands of time
I dare not part my lips
When basking in the glow
Of that which steals my heart
And he whom I love so
For how can I convey
The depth of what feel
While all the while I tremble
Searching for what is real
I stand within the shadow
Of you my rising sun
And ponder who am I
Or what could I have done
To gather the bouquets
Of flowers that you bring
To me within the moments
Of reoccurring Spring
Or love that you proclaim
That takes away my breath
I dare not part my lips
It frightens me to death
For how can I compare
A flower to a rose
Autumn to the Spring
Heaven only knows
I pray you see my heart
Each time I look at you
As silence fills the air
When words will never do
And in the velvet warmth
To which we both surrender
Softly smiling we both feel
The magic of our splendor

©Kay Salady