I am so sorry

For having made you a fool

But then so am I

To sit and dream of a love

That should have been surrendered

©Kay Salady


The Vow

Divinity transcends

Time without an end

Where lips in prayer do part

To humbly beg two hearts

That beat in one accord

Reverent before the Lord

United as one flesh

And bound in faithfulness

To keep their love

©Kay Salady

The Essence of a Woman

The essence of a woman

Rushed into the room

On a frock of cotton

She dabbed with her perfume

The essence of a woman

Lingered in the air

As she sauntered by

Swinging locks of hair

The essence of a woman

Remained within your mind

As you contemplated

Leaving everything behind

For the simple pleasure

Of inhaling the affection

Of such an extraordinarily

Delectable confection

The essence of a woman

Filled the elevator

On the day she left you

For being such a traitor

The essence of a woman

Remains upon the pillow

That you sit and hold

Weeping like a willow

©Kay Salady

My Love,

Set free your desire

That I may taste of passion

Give in to me now

Before you lose this moment

By surrendering to fear

©Kay Salady

My Darling,

In my existence

Only thoughts of you remain

And I am resolved

That until my dying breath

These lips will whisper your name

©Kay Salady


I am whispering a prayer

For a child who’s barely there

A pretty little girl

Pulling at her curls

In the corner of a room

This flower who came in bloom

Now stands in disarray

With so much dismay

She couldn’t wander

From a shapeshifting mind

that pondered

Defiling virgin flesh

He should be put to death

For what he’s done

©Kay Salady

Back Into You

In this moment

I can feel you

And I tremble

At your sweet touch

As this magic



My labored breath

You then enter

The core of me

With the incense

That you emit

Blanketing me

With tenderness

Oh so divine

I fall into

Your kind of love

And then I rise

So high above

The sun the moon

The stars and all

And then I fall

Back into you

©Kay Salady



I gaze at the Cascades outside my window
And conjure every reason why I’d done
These things to leave my Arizona desert
For this haunted place without a day of sun
Bearing all this pain so non-specific
That presses down on me each crushing blow
So cold and so foreboding unfamiliar
Affecting me completely head to toe
Forced awake inside the nighttime hours
I tremble in a cloak of frozen sweat
Pulling at my sheets I sit and cower
And pray that I am saved before my death

©Kay Salady






I dedicated a book of love

Wherein my suffering heart

Bled countless words

Across its pages

Depicting my devotion

And displaying my emotions

For the world to see

Every bit of me

Denude and unashamed

Crying out your name

Each endless night and day

Yet to my dismay

You never heard a word

And it is so absurd

That you should think of me

As one who did not see

Your worth

©Kay Salady

A New Year