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Milk & Honey

Oh my love

I no longer sorrow in your absence

But rejoice in your memory

As you flow through my mind

As milk and honey to my sustenance

Lift your sweet eyes from prayer

I assure you I am there

Imprinting on your heart my sacred vow

As in the long ago till now

It is whispered in the corners of my mind

I look for you and find that everything is bliss

And all that I have missed

Is the touch of your strong hand

Oh my love

How could I ever sorrow in your absence

When rejoicing in the splendor that you bring

While I am possessed to cry

With milk and honey on my mind

The tears subside within the hour of my joy

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: Kristina Pomomavera



I tremble in your presence

Timid for your touch

Craving your desire

Wanting very much

To love you

Angry by your absence

I summon you in vain

To bear my discontentment

And brokenhearted pain

With the pound of flesh

I ruthlessly subdue

And all those good intentions

I thought to give to you

Safely tucked away

In the pocket of my dress

Lying on the floor

Beside the goddamned mess

Who’s broken

©Kay Salady

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Satin Moths

Today, I’m looking back

and I’m also looking forward

with a melancholy mind

that wants to drag behind

all the memories that cling

like chitin on the wings

of satin moths that fly

toward the light as I

who stumbles in the dark.

Without you here today,

all I can do is pray

to see your face once more;

inhaling your warm skin

as we embrace again,

my love.

©Kay Salady



Inferno of my soul,
this ivory is burnished
by sweltering flames
of eternal desire
rising from a vision
that frustrates my flesh
and infuriates my mind.
Ravaged by exasperation,
I am consumed by hours
of your absence. O’ jealous
infiltration! She marches
mad with envy through
halls of endless time.
Alas, I wait. This empty
shell whispers your return.
Arrive amid the embers of
my longing, cool my fevered
brow with a touch of adoration
as you carry your fair lover
to be burnt away to ash.

©Kay Salady


Immense Emotion Slowly Seeps

Immense Emotions Slowly Seep

Immense emotion slowly seeps

From a puncture dripping pain

His absence causes my soul to weep

Despite the promise that I keep

In fear he’ll not return again


Immense emotion slowly seeps

Into these eyes that long to see

His face within the gentle rain

His absence causes my soul to weep

ith suffering so wide and deep


Into this heart where love still reigns

Immense emotions slowly seep

To seal the promise that I keep

And gently heal the aching pain

That caused my anguished soul to weep


Commitments he has vowed to keep

While walking in the sun again

Immense emotions slowly seep

No more absence – ne’er to weep


©Kay Salady




Taunted by Visions


Within every waking thought

And deep inside my dreams

Visions of my lover taunt me

As I reach out

Void of a need I cannot fulfill

Parched by a craving I cannot quench

Fearing the absence of his touch

And suffocated by the distance

©Kay Salady