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Her Will

She rouses me in twilight

With nimble scarlet fingers

Outwitting the forbearance

That was laid aside to sleep

And I make a brave attempt to stir

Myself away from facing her

Protracted claws that seem to dig

Much deeper than before

With an urgency that unnerves me

Down to my very core

Now nothing hides inside my mind

Beside impending death

I tremble with anxiety

I scarce can take a breath

Holding onto the minutes that pass

In a day that will not end

While she sits upon my broken chest

Forcing me to bend

Tears well up within my eyes

I cannot run away

As she rides my body writhes

It is screaming in dismay

She holds me down in silence

While she commits the sin

Of having her own way with me

I helplessly give in

To this loathsome bitch

With hands of red

Hands that leave no trail

Other than the unseen pain

That leaves me feeling frail

And in such despair

That I choose sleep

Rather than the steady keep

Of she that still remains with me

She who is my enemy

©Kay Salady


It rouses me from slumber

Having pulled me far down under

Completely breathless in its waters

Clutching me with hands

That confound me with demands

Too great for me to ever comprehend

And in this reality right now

That the fear I fear allows

Things are harder than they seem

When tangled up in vivid dreams

That one would like to end

This was surely not my friend

And as I fight to claim back air

I am helplessly aware

The more I struggle

That much tighter is its grip

And I try so not to slip

Before I fall

Completely overcome

By it all

©Kay Salady


Within this darkness

The bitterness of memory

Steps in again to taunt me

Yanking at these chains

The links of which remain

Past incantations spoken

Past every single token

With water from the wells

Of his cathedral

This Father came to save me

But you know how fathers can be

When brothers leave the room

Of little girls in bloom

It isn’t rare

For those who dare

Those living tools of Satan

While others are debating

To do the same

For their own gain

While flowers in the attic

Appear to be combative

Rocking to and fro

Steady as you go

Never will you grow

Steady as you go

Rocking to and fro

©Kay Salady

I Am Not My Own


Descending into silence
Before the quaking of my core
From where sacred breath eludes me
With each plunge of adrenaline
That rushes through my veins
All is so intense!
My mind is overwhelmed
I am not my own
As I admit defeat
To unforeseen misfortune
And beg to veil my eyes
Inside portals of sleep
That disengage my body
From my mind

©Kay Salady




that golden eye up in the sky
drifts within a sea of pungent gas
suffocating me with anxiety
mocking as the endless minutes pass
and I struggle for a breath that does not burn
this voiceless victim has nowhere to turn
the wildfire rages in and out of me
I pray for respite and I hope there’ll be

©kay salady



I never see reality because the girl inside of me
Lives in a world where shadows descend
Along the mayhem that never ends inside my mind
So long ago, a planted seed
By fingertips that had the need to do such harm
To instill fear
Still waters weeds whose roots are here
Gripping me with fright
And even though I know you’re dead
I feel the pain and I have bled
A thousand times or more
I fear to leave my sanctity
Because your goddamned memory
Grips me by the throat
And should I feel your burning eyes
Within a crowd of passersby, come déjà vu
I fear that I may lose my mind
Dear god, that feeling’s too unkind
What would I do
Much better I should stay inside
Much better I not lose my mind
I think I’ll curl into a ball
Remaining very, very small
In fact, I just might disappear
So no one knows that I am here
At all

©Kay Salady



Seizing every breath

This cloak of hesitation

Smothers me to death

A god-awful situation

Drowning in obscurity

No one can hear me gasp

With all the insecurity

That this breath may be my last


©Kay Salady

The Shadows Follow

The shadows followed the little girl, more quickly than the sun, deep into an emerald canopy. And as she ran, the whispers came, through leaves on branches of mighty trees that stood high above the forest floor. Branches whose arms cradled life which held its breath in silence, as a menacing murmur chanted from behind two small feet, scurrying over the decay of all that fell to replenish the soil, which fed the green grove surrounding her steps.

A berry-stained basket of woven wood held firmly in her tiny hand, tapped against her knee in rhythm as her pace quickened, as well as her breath. Beads of perspiration gathered at her forehead as strands of tawny hair clung before her eyes. She was running in circles in a state of confusion, and all the trees began to appear quite the same.

The buzz of a fly or the snap of a twig enticed her anxiety. Her heart was pounding in her chest and ears. The entire world had left her alone in this place . . . she was abandoned in this beautiful, dark and ominous place.

©Kay Salady

Image Credit:  The Girl in the Woods by ~fightingfailure

Thank you very much for this beautiful painting!  It worked wonderfully with my piece of writing.