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O’ breath of life, once restrained by mortal flesh

You did not fear the painful sting of death

When through the veil, your spirit chose to fly

In search of things beyond the earth and sky

Now breath of soul, near to the throne of God

Reposing, where bright angels feet have trod

In peacefulness, beyond the wildest dream

While living waters flow from a crystal stream

As a loud voice, that calls forth to your soul

Newness of life, my child, drink to the full

For all of Heaven sings love songs to its King

Forevermore, at the end of everything

©Kay Salady

Ripples in the Water

Photography by Zena Holloway

Ripples in the water

Release a soul to earth

The breath of life is taken

At the moment of her birth

An angel fell from heaven

To familiarize with man

By inhabiting the mortal

She comes to understand

The life within the vessel

As it fills with so much love

At moments, her heart wrestles

To revisit realms above

She gets an empty feeling

She cannot comprehend

There’s nothing here to satisfy

And no one to defend

The inner need that cries

For but a drop of care

Only in the solitude

Of her earnest prayer

Does she come to realize

That someone’s always there

Who never will forsake her

No matter come what may

And like ripples in the water

His love won’t fade away


©Kay Salady