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You are

The refreshing rain

To my unquenchable thirst

And the lotus that blooms

In my desert

You are the heart that beats

Inside my chest

So that I

Can always feel you

With every breath

And every flutter

Of contemplation

A sudden rush

Pulses through my veins

And I wonder

Does my quickening heart

Cause you to shudder

Make you feel warm

Or capture your breath

The instant that I

Contemplate you

©Kay Salady

In Every Leaf, a Kiss

The breath of summer lies underneath

The burnished kiss upon each leaf

That now adorns these autumn trees

That you and I sit far beneath

And so tenderly, her raiments fall

As sweet November surrenders all

To the long ago and far away

When love was new and we gave way

To the fantasies we’d held at bay

We now recall as we look now

To November’s trembling boughs

Glittering golden in the sun

Reminding us of how we’d won

At being lovers and being friends

At writing stories that never end

And with every leaf that falls

We still remember; yes, we recall

Our love

©Kay Salady

Dance of Death


A low and rumbling gush of breath
So haunting in its dance of death
Sought entry through each tiny crack
Discerning everything I lack
And pondering portals I defend
So stoically against the wind
I dare not join him in the dance
For agony had brought a trance
Leading to an unmarked grave
Procession’s leader would not save
My soul
Throughout the night until the dawn
I danced with death
He led me on
Until a liturgy from lips
Whispered in the wilderness
Broke the never-ending spell
That tried to take my soul to hell

©Kay Salady


The Cadence


Tonight the paltry veil of sleep
Lifted from this dreamer’s keep
As steady pulses in my ears
Stabbed me with a sense of fear
Evening shadows took my breath
Once again the hand of death
Had brushed me with a pasty pallor
Somewhere inside an ominous hour
Whence I gazed at my reflection
Having had no recollection
Of the image that I faced
As trembling fingers reached to trace
The hollow that I felt inside
Gripping me both far and wide
Deep within my heartbeat sang
A dirge of death – its cadence rang

©Kay Salady

The Breath of Soul


And when I’m dead
And when I’m gone
Will you the strength
To carry on
Without me
Take all your hopes
And all your dreams
I am the thread
Inside the seams
Of aspiration
I will be there
In all you do
I am the light
Inside of you
Within your heart
And in your mind
Walking the floors
That seem to wind
Around forever
In all the years
And all the days
That we have shared
So many ways
The joy the tears
The sweet the sour
The breath of soul
Within an hour
That lasts forever

©Kay Salady


I Am Not My Own


Descending into silence
Before the quaking of my core
From where sacred breath eludes me
With each plunge of adrenaline
That rushes through my veins
All is so intense!
My mind is overwhelmed
I am not my own
As I admit defeat
To unforeseen misfortune
And beg to veil my eyes
Inside portals of sleep
That disengage my body
From my mind

©Kay Salady



(for my muse)

I feel a strong sensation
Rising through my bones
Summoning my name
And, anxiously, I wait
Wondering if you hear
The racing of my heart
Or breath that I exhale
As I draw near to you
In my anticipation
My body becomes weak
As a bitten lip makes known
The anxiety I suffer
One touch would be divine
But can one touch be mine
Or avert ambitious need
That controls my every move
On impulse, I proceed
Toward my aspiration
To satiate desire’s

©Kay Salady



(for my muse)

Unexpectedly encircling me
Your breath upon my skin
Warm, wet and feral
Inhales the pungency
Of my passion
As you pace the perimeter
Of my inhibition
Until I am resolved
To rub my scent
All over you

©Kay Salady

Love Lives On

Love Lives On

I believe love never dies

And I have come to realize

Memories from the pangs of love

Sent from the heavens up above

I have passed through veils of death

Returned again to gather breath

While drifting down to kiss the earth

Where the greatest love gave birth

Deep inside this woman’s heart

Where I and mine alone impart

A vow of love between us two

In those moments we both knew

That we would soar yes we could fly

To our own heaven up so high

If only to return again

So many times without an end

I am here to testify

Love never fails to be alive

For when a lover fails the keep

By passing o’er to endless sleep

Love lives on surpassing time

His sacred vow of love is mine



©Kay Salady

Bliss, So Beautiful

Bliss, So Beautiful

The evening shadows fall

Deepening my sorrow

I have no breath at all

To beg to steal or borrow

A place in time with you

Before this life is through


O’ memory fade away

Why torture this fair soul

For I was marked that day

With bliss so beautiful

As beads of sweat ran down

My lover’s aching flesh

Burning for one touch

Longing to enmesh

Locked inside my gaze

His earnest almond eyes

Told me everything

Of how he agonized

To be near me


How a hint of a blush

Gave him such a rush

And a bitten lip

As a fingertip

Pointed the way

To a dimly lit room

Where roses abloom

Fell to sachet

The lovers’ bed

Inside of his head

That just couldn’t stay


©Kay Salady

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