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When Walls are White

those sanitary walls

at the end of endless halls

are painted white

in the darkness of despair

with no other place to go

she sits rocking to and fro

to alleviate the pain

she cannot bear

she tries so hard to place

each unfamiliar face

that urges her

to feel so very small

she then curls into a ball

at the injustice of it all

laying fetal in a sea

of nothingness

until one blessed day

the lady makes her way

through the doors

of her prison

free at last

©kay salady

City of Strangers

Old age is an island surrounded by death . . . 

Foreign to myself

In this foreign land

I fear my own reflection 

I run toward the light 

Only to find darkness

For I sought solace

In empty arms

That reach to touch

No one
©Kay Salady



I paused to tend my wounded spirit
At the end of a broken heart
Empty of expectation
Then I felt your presence
Shining before me
Oh sweet angel
Of my dreams
You have

©Kay Salady



I tremble in your presence

Timid for your touch

Craving your desire

Wanting very much

To love you

Angry by your absence

I summon you in vain

To bear my discontentment

And brokenhearted pain

With the pound of flesh

I ruthlessly subdue

And all those good intentions

I thought to give to you

Safely tucked away

In the pocket of my dress

Lying on the floor

Beside the goddamned mess

Who’s broken

©Kay Salady



Sad Girl

“I made a vow right from the start that you would never break my heart.”

Things can never be the same
We’ll never reignite the flame
I’m feeling lost and numb inside
And all my words scurry and hide
Escaping me evading you
It seems the easy thing to do
I think we’re better off this way
With very little left to say
Things can never be the same
We’ve inflicted too much pain
Being senseless being sad
Being heartless being mad
Without thinking of the cost
Our relationship’s been lost
I feel broken I feel small
Did you care for me at all
I made a vow right from the start
That you would never break my heart
But then I fed on the taboo
Of falling so in love with you
Oh how I hate to say those words
They leave me open and absurd
So I’ll just zip these pretty lips
And try my utmost to resist
But can I really stay away
I want to babe but I can’t say

©Kay Salady

Walking the Broken Road

Broken Road

I was royalty
Then you bent me so far
I ended up impoverished
Dragging my tattered gown
Biting a bloodied lip
And wiping a dirty face
You liked the rust and lace
As the wind caught my hair
But it faded to gray
As did I
Now there is nothing left of me
But a whisper
The grit in my toes
Reminds me of you
Where I have been
Feeling so unclean
In need of sanctuary
If only to bathe
And to rest my weary soul
If only to stumble
From this broken road

©Kay Salady

The Edge

The Edge

Hours move as seconds

When entranced by sweet emotion

Waiting on the edge of hope

To fall into your kiss

Softly urging timid hands

To gather yours in mine

Captivated by the rapture

Of my longed-for lullaby

It urges me to fly with wings

So broken by my fall

Wanting to surrender

Every fear I have at all

The song I hear you singing

Makes me feel that I’m alive

You take me to a place

I want to be for all my life

Inside the shadow of your smile

Persuading me to soar

Assuring me that I won’t be

So broken anymore

©Kay Salady

An Intimate Dance

An Intimate Dance

We give of ourselves

So freely

Losing our innocence

As well as our minds

All in the guise of love

Discovering our frailty

As broken shells that crumble

Beneath each pirouette

And all too late, we notice

The music box has stopped

Our hands long to rewind

The tune as well as the time

Yet, fingers bleed from thorns

Held for far too long

Each petal dried and gone

Somehow, the sweet scent lingers

About this silhouette

That slowly glides across the floor

Resuming the familiar dance

©Kay Salady

My Quickening Desire

My Quickening Desire

Feel me, love

My quickening desire

is rising with each breath

its flames becoming higher

burning deep emotion

that i cannot contain

I fear that for the want of you

I’ve raged and cursed your name

Each night, I crumble

so small, inside my bed

drowning in the misery

I feel inside my head

This body, broken

the gift I gave to you

the essence you did not inhale

the touch that would not do

Yet, I still love you

my ultimate desire

Were the years of waiting

cast into the fire

Are you a dream

a figment in my mind

or could you have been everything

that I had hoped to find

©Kay Salady

And I Did Lose Calliope

And I Did Lose Calliope

There stood a thrilling carousel

And upon its horse I’d ride

Spinning kaleidoscopically

Somewhere back in time

On days when happy endings

Surpassed elusive dreams

I had my pick of bright brass rings

To easily achieve

Yet I attempted stoically

To take a chance to need

A shining ring outside the reach

Of my colossal steed

And I did lose Calliope

As I went tumbling down

And I had lost my innocence

And soiled my lovely gown

With all its vivid colors

That ran within the rain

Of forlorn tears that took the years

And turned my days to gray

All that pretty music

Was lost inside my fall

When everything was broken

The carousel and all

The carousel and all

©Kay Salady