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So Detrimental

I’ve been ignited

By smoldering ashes

From long ago embers

Rekindled to flame

The love of a life

I tried to relinquish

In spite of all efforts

Has burned me again

With a look and a word

Seeming inconsequential

For others perhaps

But never to me

A look and a word

Can be so detrimental

To a heart that’s been aching


I am weak I give in

And so easily sin

For a breath of the air

That he’s taken again

I am down looking up

I’m his tormented pup

He takes all my pain

And returns it again

By walking away

Because he can’t stay

With a woman like me

Who has too much to say

I’m an unwanted book

And he’d rather not look

To find a happy ending

┬ęKay Salady