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Beneath the April Rain

Beneath the April rain

Lie flowers that will bloom

From tiny seeds of hope

With the sweetest of perfume

To scent the verdant meadow

And paint the countryside

With kaleidoscopic color

Both near far and wide

©Kay Salady

Floral Leaf

Floral Leaf

Gentle bud upon the green
Skin tight leaflets towering
With urgency to greet the sun
Unfolding petals one by one
Bringing forth a soft array
Of color on a springtime day
Embellishing each tender shoot
With promises of autumn fruit

©Kay Salady

Fragile Wings

I love this artists #paintings #kihindewiley #beautiful #inspirational #concept #black #men #royalty #sex #elevated  (Taken with Instagram)

Fragile wings maintain your color

As I brush them with my love

For simple breath may blow as dust

Your embellishment from above

Who am I to touch the splendor

That my eyes lack worth to see

Yet my heart knows sincerely

This tender love must be set free


©Kay Salady






So delicate the dew

That graces fragrant petals

Subtly spiraling labellum

Bursting forth with vibrant color

Adorning shades of green


©Kay Salady