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When Walls are White

those sanitary walls

at the end of endless halls

are painted white

in the darkness of despair

with no other place to go

she sits rocking to and fro

to alleviate the pain

she cannot bear

she tries so hard to place

each unfamiliar face

that urges her

to feel so very small

she then curls into a ball

at the injustice of it all

laying fetal in a sea

of nothingness

until one blessed day

the lady makes her way

through the doors

of her prison

free at last

©kay salady

All Again is Blackness

A sudden burst of incandescence ruptures the darkness

With vast expressions of vivid color shooting forth as spray

Their puffed out painted particles suspended in midair

Ever slowly dissipate as sparkling dust into the void

Then all again is blackness until he paints my sky

©Kay Salady




Covet the darkness
When inspiration slithers
From behind chaotic day
To dance amid the dust
In a melancholy way
Suspended in mid-air
Along a shaft of light
She silently awaits
Until the hush of night
Proffers treasured secrets
Into the listening ear
Of one who waits intently
For fear she’ll disappear

©Kay Salady

Empty Shoes

Empty Shoes

I dreamed with eyes wide open

Of patent leather shoes

Ten tiny fingers trembling

Not knowing what to do

Unfastening silver buckles

And removing lacy socks

Wiggling toes and running

Far past the hollyhocks

Seemed the right decision

For her impending doom

Came with great foreboding

Each day inside her room

With subliminal murmurs

Inside her tiny ears

Should you ever tell of me

You’ll surely disappear

Making her much smaller

Than she had ever been

Sinking slowly sinking

Into a place within

Void of all that feeling

So cold and dark inside

In this space she could erase

The monster for a time

She then grew into a woman

With scars upon her chest

Failing to embrace the love

Of those who loved her best

Then choosing so unwisely

She held the hand of fate

Loved and lost at such a cost

Due to the heartache

Of walking in the shadow

Of that broken inner child

Trembling in the darkness

Longing to run wild

Still pulling at the buckles

Of patent leather shoes

Ripping at those goddamned socks

With nothing left to lose

Now running past the flowers

Unafraid of bees

Unafraid of skinning

Her tiny little knees

No more heavy murmurs

Inside her little head

Because the fucking monster

That tore at her is dead

Now her heart surrenders

She’ll love and never lose

And when I think of her again

I’ll see those empty shoes

And smile

©Kay Salady




Deep within my core
There lies a gaping wound
Hidden in the darkness
Each layer of the sin
Like an onion skin
Exposes such fragility
I picked and peeled away
Revealing pain today
Much too much to bear
Depleted, fell to rest
As the center of my chest
I dreamt of battered walls
Running ashen down the halls
With those who tore my flesh
Those who should love me best
Then awoke crippled with fear
For death was very near
And I could smell him
Yes, I could smell him
Racked with so much pain
I trembled yet again
As I had done before
Feeling small and insecure
Oh, what a pity
What have you done to me
And why can I not see
The reasons why

©Kay Salady

Blood on the Page

Blood on the Page

When I sit and grovel
Inside of despair
Why do you undermine
The burden I bear
A lost inner child
Screams in the night
Then in light of day
Cowers in fright
Begging to lose
The darkness

©Kay Salady

Wings to Fly

Wings to Fly

How foolish was I

To plummet so easily

When I owned the sky

And had wings to fly

Blinded by the sun

I shrouded my sightless eyes

Becoming undone

The further I spun

And I hurtled down

At an incredible pace

Then I hit the ground

With scarcely a sound

Inside of my head

Resounded a piercing scream

Of pain and of dread

As my body bled

The darkness laid claim

As I drifted off to Nod

Inside a soft flame

Had whispered your name

So thwarted was I

Even beyond the dark veil

For I saw your eyes

In my Paradise

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: “Please” fc09

The Dance Everlasting

The Dance Everlasting

O’ my love, you are beautiful
Gliding through the darkness
Soft, violet eyes veiled in sorrow
Ruby, red lips pouting tenderly
Against milky, white flesh
Floating on wisps of ivory tulle
Ebony tresses gathering twilight
You dance the dance everlasting
As your dreams drift about
And I gather them in my pockets
As golden coins for the morrow
When I shall pay the toll
To cross that forlorn river
Where true love awaits
Beyond all mortal flesh
Far past this earthly realm
There, we shall dance in sunlight
An everlasting dance
O’ my love, you are beautiful
I save these tears for you
For precious was your heart
And worthy is my devotion
In alabaster jars
Each tiny drop I save
To sprinkle on the roses
I lay beside your grave

©Kay Salady

Imprisoned by the Silence


Imprisoned by the silence
Of every unheard prayer
Scrawled in vain along each wall
That echoes no one’s there
To fall upon the stillness
Where footsteps fear to tread
No departure from this emptiness
That pulses in my head
No kiss for lips once sweetened
By love’s pristine embrace
Discolored by the venom
Of waiting for a trace
Of warmth for empty arms
That ache for just one touch
Cold within the darkness
Wanting for so much
Inside a heart that’s breaking
I feel that I shall die
To live for one more hour
Without you by my side
I whisper to the moon
And wonder if you hear
My earnest plea each reverie
They seem so crystal clear
Are you there my darling
Looking at her too
Can you feel my heart
So filled with love for you
Each day my strength grows weaker
And hope seems out of sight
Imprisoned by the silence
Of each cold and lonely night

©Kay Salady

Image credit:  Waiting for love by Heardwitheyes



Assembling his armor
His helmet and sword
The believer stood tall
And clung to the word
That he might persist
Throughout evil day
As the prince of the air
Impeded his way
In the wings of an angel
He wrestled the night
Detaining the darkness
While searching for light
Awakening the challenge
Of his promise to keep
So close to conviction
Though fear may run deep
Then through his mouth
Came a mystical prayer
In the tongue of the angels
Shooting shards through the air
Blinding the wicked one
Binding his wings
Dashing him down
To the end of all things
The sons of discourse
Cried out from his grave
As the dust and the snake
Were abolished that day
The victor then rose
On white wings in the air
Claiming his glory
Free from despair
As the angel of mercy
Whose whispers he heard
Flew him to heaven
To live with his lord

©Kay Salady