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City of Strangers

Old age is an island surrounded by death . . . 

Foreign to myself

In this foreign land

I fear my own reflection 

I run toward the light 

Only to find darkness

For I sought solace

In empty arms

That reach to touch

No one
©Kay Salady




The wind is howling
And I cover my ears
to shun the repetition
of my deficiencies
My body quakes
by the reckoning
that comes as thunder
and I shy away
from the flash of pain
that binds me to despair
For I am swirling
in the eye of my beholder
dizzied by the madness
he has mustered
He dances in the silence
of my confusion
pirouetting with a silhouette
of truth
Then dips me
with a deviant denial
I’d been completely
ravaged by a sleuth
Rage had come and gone
within an instant
devastating all
along his path
leaving me so small
just like an infant
and stripping me
of everything I had

©Kay Salady

Color Me Blue

For so long, withheld inside this heart about to burst
I thought to bear my soul somehow, to satiate my thirst
Then came to you, so willing, unafraid to risk it all
I did not look before I leapt, but chose to take the fall
I failed to test the waters and did not check the height
But closed my eyes to feel the bliss of swimming in delight
Only to find a vagabond whose love I could not find
Searching for his solace in a soul other than mine
Your beauty remains hidden in the shelter of my heart
For unrequited love remains, never to depart
All my world is flooded in the waters of despair
Wrought by separation from a love I thought was rare
So, I drown in my deep sorrow and drink the river’s blood
That rushes o’er my body and wash up in the mud
And still remember, that I love you
Oh, how I love you

©Kay Salady

Color Me Blue

Author, Kay Salady 

Blood on the Page

Blood on the Page

When I sit and grovel
Inside of despair
Why do you undermine
The burden I bear
A lost inner child
Screams in the night
Then in light of day
Cowers in fright
Begging to lose
The darkness

©Kay Salady



Assembling his armor
His helmet and sword
The believer stood tall
And clung to the word
That he might persist
Throughout evil day
As the prince of the air
Impeded his way
In the wings of an angel
He wrestled the night
Detaining the darkness
While searching for light
Awakening the challenge
Of his promise to keep
So close to conviction
Though fear may run deep
Then through his mouth
Came a mystical prayer
In the tongue of the angels
Shooting shards through the air
Blinding the wicked one
Binding his wings
Dashing him down
To the end of all things
The sons of discourse
Cried out from his grave
As the dust and the snake
Were abolished that day
The victor then rose
On white wings in the air
Claiming his glory
Free from despair
As the angel of mercy
Whose whispers he heard
Flew him to heaven
To live with his lord

©Kay Salady


SR ks grafix


Impression of love

Dissipated from view

Once warm and tender

Now frigid and blue

Despair of a soul

Recklessly falling

Bleeding out pain

Emptiness calling

Mourning departure

Of sweet adoration

Loss that once was

A sad heart’s elation


©Kay Salady


Image credit:  Author’s daughter

Love is Poison

Love is Poison

I drank the wine

From your sweet lips

And felt the fire

From fingertips

That touched my soul’s

Intrinsic need

Digging deep

You made me bleed

With love’s unbridled

Deep despair

I searched your heart

And found you shared

The piece I thought

Was mine alone

My faith in you

Had lost its home


Where will all my passion rest

Who will take away my breath

What will satisfy my need

For you have caused this heart to bleed

By bending low to kiss

Your angel’s soft and waiting lips

With deception


©Kay Salady





I’m sinking . . .

And tomorrow, I’ll be much further down

It would be easier

To lie beneath the ground

Than to breathe the air

That I share with you today

It’s unendurable

To go on living the same way

And so I bleed

To ease the deep despair

Cutting bits and pieces

Of you away from me

Until there’s nothing left

What have I done?

©Kay Salady


Sensuous Photo by Zhang Jingna

I had decided you’d remember

My special touch along your skin

Not even once did I consider

That you’d forget – but then again

I’d neglected to persuade you

No other love could fill my space

I didn’t reinforce the issue

You found me easy to replace

By slipping her inside the covers

Her head lies easy on your chest

She now listens to the heartbeat

Of the man that I know best

I sit alone and I remember

The special moments that we shared

And I wonder if you miss me

Or realize how much I care

Does she love you as completely

Or as deeply as I do

Is she just a sweet distraction

To ease the pain you’re going through

I took for granted you’d remember

The way it felt inside my love

But somehow dear you have forgotten

Or perhaps I am unworthy of

The whispered vow to be together

And hold each other ‘til the end

It was decided that forever

We would be lovers my best friend

Who do I turn to with my longing

Where do I run in my despair

I am so empty I’m so hollow

I call your name and you’re not there

I had decided you’d remember

My special touch along your skin

Not even once did I consider

That you’d forget – but then again

©Kay Salady



Image Credit:  Redemption by

As Long as I Can See


You peel away the scabs until each gaping wound

Is oozing so much pain as if from its cocoon

Lifted wings to fly prismatic ‘round my head

The colors blind my eyes and cause a certain dread

Vertigo sets in as nausea fills a pit

At the center of my being all I can do is sit

And wish away the sin committed by my slander

I’m thinking of sweet milk with sprigs of oleander

I hate you then I love you my darling who am I

To cause this awful harm yes I deserve to die

I’ve prompted you again to think the worst of me

As thoughts of paranoia become reality

I’d slice away my flesh and give my blood to you

If that gesture would prove my faithfulness

But now I want to fly away just like a bird

No never leave the sky nor hear those painful words

You say to me are true that I cannot believe

How can I not love you or wish for you to leave

I’m tunneled in despair and cannot move an inch

I cannot breathe the air I cannot even flinch

Perhaps I’ll turn to stone a statue carved of pain

I’ll never bleed away today’s torrential rain

The storm clouds pass away then you come as the sun

Holding me again and I so long to run

As you gather me close whispering with love

That I’ve not done a thing to deserve this push and shove

How many are inside this vessel made of flesh

I cannot discern how you and I can mesh

In the presence of the torment of your soul

Yet one thing I know your heart is beautiful

Somehow I’ll cling to the one inside who’s mine

As long as I can see your presence so divine


©Kay Salady