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Soul Touch

Bodies need not touch

For hearts to skip a beat

I reached out for you

And ever softly you touched me

Transcending time and distance

A rose that never dies

Lent us its sweet fragrance

To linger for all time

Proving us immortal

A thousand lifetimes through

For you are near my side

And darling I with you

When dawns the golden sun

And glows the glorious moon

I feel you close to me

In everything I do

I have found my greatest love

A feeling so intense

And I will never know

Another as immense

For I this lowly plain

Have kissed the sacred sun

Long before the day I die

Before my days were done

The splendor that I feel

Remains within my view

Each time you think of me

And when I think of you

©Kay Salady


You are

The refreshing rain

To my unquenchable thirst

And the lotus that blooms

In my desert

You are the heart that beats

Inside my chest

So that I

Can always feel you

With every breath

And every flutter

Of contemplation

A sudden rush

Pulses through my veins

And I wonder

Does my quickening heart

Cause you to shudder

Make you feel warm

Or capture your breath

The instant that I

Contemplate you

©Kay Salady

Milk & Honey

Oh my love

I no longer sorrow in your absence

But rejoice in your memory

As you flow through my mind

As milk and honey to my sustenance

Lift your sweet eyes from prayer

I assure you I am there

Imprinting on your heart my sacred vow

As in the long ago till now

It is whispered in the corners of my mind

I look for you and find that everything is bliss

And all that I have missed

Is the touch of your strong hand

Oh my love

How could I ever sorrow in your absence

When rejoicing in the splendor that you bring

While I am possessed to cry

With milk and honey on my mind

The tears subside within the hour of my joy

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: Kristina Pomomavera

My Place in Time

I return now to that place

Where I may reacquaint

With unrequited dreams

Wherein that one sweet face

Resides where I have traced

A seal upon my heart

As memory for he

Whose love was meant for me

But given to another by mistake

If for mercy’s sake

Time turns its hands again

Where I might meet with him

Upon another plain

Then as a bird I’d fly

Into another sky

Where I would gladly die

To swoop into its depths

If time would answer yes

There is a place in time

This time for me

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: Author, 2018

Spanish Eyes

He held me on his toes and waltzed me ’round the room

Then kissed my tiny feet with a brush of his perfume

Singing, “Spanish Eyes”, a song for only me

I see his face in dreams smiling happily

As if to let me know that families never end

And that somewhere in time we all will meet again

©Kay Salady

In Every Leaf, a Kiss

The breath of summer lies underneath

The burnished kiss upon each leaf

That now adorns these autumn trees

That you and I sit far beneath

And so tenderly, her raiments fall

As sweet November surrenders all

To the long ago and far away

When love was new and we gave way

To the fantasies we’d held at bay

We now recall as we look now

To November’s trembling boughs

Glittering golden in the sun

Reminding us of how we’d won

At being lovers and being friends

At writing stories that never end

And with every leaf that falls

We still remember; yes, we recall

Our love

©Kay Salady

A day in September…

A day in September…

I risked the fall

And I risked it all just to love you

I inhaled your scent

And everywhere you went I followed

Leaving breadcrumbs trail behind

For you and I to find should we get lost

And we were lost in one another

Two lovers who could never find our way

Who could never seem to find the words to say

That would satisfy the longing we both knew

For there was something deep inside of me and you

That was too big for words to ever satiate

And we both realized that it was far too late

To come up with a reason for it at all

Perhaps they were the bruises from our fall

If so I’m sure that it was worth it all

My love

©Kay Salady

Mother May I

We have no sense of rapport

And I am not so very sure

How things got to be

The way they are with you and me

It doesn’t make much sense

That I should sit here on a fence

On the outside looking in

Of my own window

I also bear your name

And it sure is awfully lame

That I sometimes feel ashamed

To call it my own

And even though I’m grown

It hurts all just the same

That I never will again

Stop feeling lost

Or cast aside by you

And I don’t know what to do

Always finding it so hard

To choose a simple greeting card

Because none seem to fit

The way I feel

Happy Mother’s Day to you

You who haven’t got a clue

How all the things you didn’t do

Caused so much pain

And all the little things you say

Cut like a knife until today

The things you do are things

That mothers shouldn’t do

Please forgive the way I feel

And please accept my pain is real

Try to realize what this is all about

I am sending this to you

Because I need to know if you

Can help the child in me

Who’s trying to reach out

©Kay Salady

Sedona Selah

Rhymesalady, the Magpie sings

From lofty heights

Awaiting the spring

Of every wild imagining

Beyond the farthest wood

She dreams of desert dusts that stir

Inside the whirlwinds far from her

And magic mountain mysteries

Of vortex red that third eyes see

Where eagles soar so high above

Dispersing feathers bleeding love

To etch the ancient whispered words

Sent on wings of sacred birds

That circle ’round those skies of blue

Where the sun has burned the truth

The searing sun has burned the truth

©Kay Salady

In My Passion


I stand in the distance longing for presence

One breath of the essence you share

And I die in my suffering

Thirsting for a taste of the lemon

That falls with the sunlight splashing

On skin that I tremble to touch

Reaching for handfuls of cotton

From the pink of your sunset

And I yearn for romance

In the fury of purple clouds

That rise within me

©Kay Salady