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I am so sorry

For having made you a fool

But then so am I

To sit and dream of a love

That should have been surrendered

©Kay Salady


Sedona Selah

Rhymesalady, the Magpie sings

From lofty heights

Awaiting the spring

Of every wild imagining

Beyond the farthest wood

She dreams of desert dusts that stir

Inside the whirlwinds far from her

And magic mountain mysteries

Of vortex red that third eyes see

Where eagles soar so high above

Dispersing feathers bleeding love

To etch the ancient whispered words

Sent on wings of sacred birds

That circle ’round those skies of blue

Where the sun has burned the truth

The searing sun has burned the truth

©Kay Salady

City of Strangers

Old age is an island surrounded by death . . . 

Foreign to myself

In this foreign land

I fear my own reflection 

I run toward the light 

Only to find darkness

For I sought solace

In empty arms

That reach to touch

No one
©Kay Salady



I paused to tend my wounded spirit
At the end of a broken heart
Empty of expectation
Then I felt your presence
Shining before me
Oh sweet angel
Of my dreams
You have

©Kay Salady



I  lay bleeding

In a denude forest

Of expectation

My heartfelt dreams

Tucked in the seams of silver linings

Drifting by high in the sky

So silently and out of reach

I held a tiny mustard seed

And saw in it all that I’d need

To see the forest through the trees

Until you crushed the hope in me

And my belief in what could be

Then I saw the fallacy

Running through my mind

The world is so unkind

With people like you in it

Who get the chance to spin it

Upside down


©Kay Salady

And This will be My Destiny

I stagger down a broken road
My destiny to die alone
Looms before me in the dust
With all my dreams now turned to rust
This bitter taste upon my tongue
With afterthought that I have come
To a crossroads whereupon
I tread lightly o’er the days
Ere I embrace the last remains
Of all that I am dreaming of
And all that I have come to love
I had no forethought I would come
To the point where youth was gone
As fleeting as the autumn leaves
On burnished limbs of tawny trees
I often question my existence
Feign to offer much resistance
Knowing in the realm of things
This is a time that nature brings
With outstretched hand I sweep away
My fervent prayer to always stay
And so I round the nearest bend
Searching for a way to end
This journey that is now complete
Then I will lay down at the feet
Of one who waits for only me
And this will be my destiny
©Kay Salady

Luna’s Secret



The full moon heaved a heavy sigh

As she sank slowly from the sky

Laden with the aspirations

Of one who gazed in expectation

And I sat frozen in my pain

Gazing up at her again

On this lonely night, so blue

Wondering if you saw her too

And did she conjure memories

Of the nights you gazed with me

Did you sit and call my name

Will my tomorrows be the same

Perhaps this night may have been ours

Could we have lain beneath the stars

As Luna painted her soft glow

To this wonderland of snow


©Kay Salady

This Old Chest of Cedar


I lift the lid of this old chest

To inhale my life’s ambition

And one- by- one the passing years

Go by with admonition

Slipping through these fingers

With the newborn’s faded gown

The family bible worn with age

The lace I can’t put down

For all the chapters of my life

Are dreams that walked away

And I sit and wonder

What happened to the days

Where have all my flowers gone

I fail to see their colors

Once brilliant in the sunlight

To fill my world with memoirs

Embracing me with fragrance

Dancing in the wind

Filling life with passion

I call to them again

For I feel so abandoned

Within this chest of hope

I fear I’ll drown in sorrow

And know I cannot cope

So I close it once again

Wondering why I came

To reminisce the days gone by

For yesterdays remain



©Kay Salady

Suffocating Slumber


These dreams are dreadful
And encumbered by my slumber
The spell that I am under
Holds me captive to a call
From somewhere deep inside of me
I anticipate that possibly
You may be aware
That I lie pleading
In the hollow of a bed
Never to rest a forlorn head
Tucked away so long ago
I am the long forgotten
Whose lost and lonely cries
That you no longer recognize
Echo on and on
How arresting to my soul
That a love once beautiful
Has gone astray
To agonize a troubled mind
That cannot leave the past behind
Withers away
Inside your shadowed walls
Tiptoeing as you call out
For your prey

©Kay Salady




I take you along with me
To the center of my dreams
Where I can smell your fantasy
Just as real as real can be
In my hair and on my skin
And I partake the carnal sin
That I have no shame to share
I can smell you everywhere
As we writhe upon my bed
Waiting for each tiny death
To arrive at peak of bliss
Sealing passion with a kiss
I then softly bid adieu
To the Andreas I knew
Long ago and far away
And I wish that you could stay
Forever here with me
As I slowly rise to greet
Another day

©Kay Salady