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You are

The refreshing rain

To my unquenchable thirst

And the lotus that blooms

In my desert

You are the heart that beats

Inside my chest

So that I

Can always feel you

With every breath

And every flutter

Of contemplation

A sudden rush

Pulses through my veins

And I wonder

Does my quickening heart

Cause you to shudder

Make you feel warm

Or capture your breath

The instant that I

Contemplate you

©Kay Salady

A Waltz With My Soul

Today, I dance in life’s perfection

Embracing all that I desire

It is a daily resurrection

Of utmost passion and of fire

That is rekindled in a soul

That feels as deeply as I do

For without love and loss I know

I could not paint it all for you

And so I love who I’ve become

And learn to waltz with my own soul

As I dance throughout each day

While painting all that’s beautiful

©Kay Salady

Photography by Ruth Marie Carl “Tiny Dancer”

First Love


Redolent of leather
And amaretto merged together
On an evening filled with rain
The musk and the refrain
Of Chicago filled the air
The faded jeans you used to wear
As I tousled your dark hair
And kissed the warmth of you
Falling onto your bare chest
While you told me all the best
Of your intentions
All my life I’ll recognize
The moment I first saw your eyes
Meeting my astonished gaze
That day you set my heart ablaze
We were so in awe with feeling
With no idea that we were dealing
With a love that would not die
No matter how much we both tried
To finish our first chapter
Because the first lives on long after
We let go

©Kay Salady

Facing the Fall

Facing the Fall

I’ve deadened the feeling

Become deaf and dumb

Small oval pills

Are under my tongue

As I rock in forbearance

In attempt to maintain

A fear that foreshadows

Such intolerable pain

Nickels and pennies

I reap for the lack

Of satiable sweetness

That will not come back

Bitterness swallowed

Fouls up my insides

Wreaking such havoc

Until I provide

A finger to foster

All that I contain

I heave invocations

Screaming your name

Tears won’t resolve

This incessant loss

Facing the fall

Is a bridge I can’t cross

©Kay Salady




My body is dripping with longing

To yield to the sense of your touch

With every tumultuous feeling

I give in to the ultimate rush

Of pleasure and pain integration

Seeping, so deep, into me

Rising and falling – beseeching

The source of my own agony


©Kay Salady



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Gem Encrusted Chains

Gem Encrusted Chains

There’s a ravenous desire

To devour each fantasy

Yet something interferes

With her impatience to appease

An ambition to complete

Every movement of the dance

That was chosen long ago

Now it’s her only chance

Visions lead the way

To the center of her quest

Where gem encrusted chains

Embellish his fine chest

And music fills the air

With ancient melodies

Calling out to her

Willing her to please

Now the evening tides

Draw toward the burning sands

To quench a fire that burns

And meet with its demands

So lovers run to greet

Each ravenous command

As eye-to-eye they meet

Heart and soul and hand

The kiss that heals a wound

A scratch so deep within

Can never find renewal

And so they kiss again

For want of feeling more

To which there is no fill

It takes away the breath

And damages the will

Until you’re lost in love

So caught up in the dance

Forgetting every step

To make in the romance

You blindly walk on air

Thinking you can fly

Fall on your derrière

‘Cause you forgot to try

Forgetting reasons why

You danced

©Kay Salady

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To Purge the Grifter

To Purge the Grifter

An interloper
Is running through your veins
Impassioned by the feeling
To purge the grifter
Who has stolen quiet thought
And taken breath away
You rage

©Kay Salady

Recite the Moments


Recite the moments

Immerse me in hues

Paint me a memory

Of the day when I knew

The feel of your hand

Your breath on my skin

And the strength of your arms

Holding me close and then

Sing me a song

Simple and clear

Just one time with feeling

Won’t you my dear

For old time’s sake

That bittersweet tune

You sang long ago

When our love was new

Turn on the sparkle

That lit up your eyes

When you looked at me

And made my heart fly


©Kay Salady

That Way

Break Up Sad Love Wallpaper


Shame on me

You like it this way

Always have

You like that feeling

Of superiority

The one that I gave to you

But it was never real

I could never feel

That you were stronger

You said we were equal

But you didn’t mean it

Your reason for living

How can I be

Right now I just wanna die

How many times do I

Have to say goodbye

It wasn’t me

No I never changed

It was you who rearranged

Yourself into somebody else

And now my point-of-view

Is not the same

Oh you’re insane

For finding my thinking in past tense

To be mundane

When the water’s all run dry

And even though we try

Things will never be the same


©Kay Salady