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City of Strangers

Old age is an island surrounded by death . . . 

Foreign to myself

In this foreign land

I fear my own reflection 

I run toward the light 

Only to find darkness

For I sought solace

In empty arms

That reach to touch

No one
©Kay Salady


In a Man’s World

So hard to be a woman

In a man’s world

It ain’t ever easy

Being his girl

Carrying the sorrow

Of a bitter life

Giving up tomorrow

Just to be his wife

Placing all your dreams

In a paper cup

Then filling it with tears

When he drinks them up

So hard to be a woman

In a man’s world

When you don’t really

Wanna be his girl

Carrying the dream

Of a better life

And praying that tomorrow

Things will be alright

As you stand alone

Out on your own

In a man’s world


©Kay Salady

To the Wind


You may think

you know me

but you don’t

And you may say

you’ll miss me

but you won’t

as I walk away

from your day

and walk into

the haze

of memories

that you and I

could have made

But what

could be

can never be

a memory

that would


the you and me

that could

have been

So you and I


cast it all

into the wind

my special


and let

it go


©Kay Salady




Hope burned eternal
Until you blew out its flame
With disappointment
Stifling tears stream down my face
That stain my heart with anguish

©Kay Salady



I paused to tend my wounded spirit
At the end of a broken heart
Empty of expectation
Then I felt your presence
Shining before me
Oh sweet angel
Of my dreams
You have

©Kay Salady



A phantom drifted by to beset me with cold sweat

I thought I had let go of those feelings of regret

Tormented by the relic of the past who came to call

Apparently his memory was not erased at all

He sank his teeth into my neck and tasted my sweet blood

Turning my silk butterfly into a flower bud

Then crushing it the nectar flowed onto his surly tongue

And now that he has tasted me he feels that he has won


©Kay Salady


Image:  Clitoria mariana or Butterfly-pea belongs to the Fabaceae family, and is a genus of flowering plants that are insect pollinated.

Crowded Thoughts

Lust by Soffie Hicks from Wales
“Lust” by Soffie Hicks from Wales
I wonder, can you feel me
There in your dreams, my love
As I intensely think of you
Longing to touch your body
With the coolness of my hand
And the warmth of my intention
Rest assured, my dear
You belong to me
For you are my obsession
My most cherished of possessions
And sweetest of desires
And I wonder . . .
If within your restful slumber
You had designed the spell I’m under
And know my lust for you
Well aware your long-awaited
Had wild imaginings created
Specifically by you
©Kay Salady

And the record plays . . .


And the record plays . . .

Insidious intrusion

Confounding thought

To smother a flame

Rising from embers

It’s rather amusing

That familiar song

Can conjure up feelings

Rekindling sparks

Of perpetual bliss

If set into motion

With just one kiss


©Kay Salady

Isn’t there a Place

Isn't there a Place

Isn’t there a place
Somewhere on a star
Where I can make a wish
That you are not so far
Where I can reach for you
And touch you tenderly
Isn’t there a place
That isn’t so lonely
Deep inside the night
I look into your eyes
Where everything’s alright
And then I realize
That reverie’s not real
It’s just a fantasy
To placate how I feel
When you’re not here
With me

©Kay Salady




Indeterminate hours of

Inexplicable feelings

Interrupt my life

Insulting my



©Kay Salady