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They wear us thin

Then break us down

Every barrier

Up till now

Is plowed into

That foreign soil

Where nothing grows

For it is spoiled

By death

Words of praise

Are oft’ exchanged

For battlecries

Upon the plains

Where angry men

Defile their sod

Then justify it

With their God

Woe to the foolish

Who believe

In a hallelujah


When sacred vessels

Depart to war

When the pure of heart

Go out before

Their fellow man

To take offense

Without thought

Of recompense

No victor stands

Amid this loss

With spoils of war

To spread across

A seat in Heaven

When he dies

It is too late

To realize

Those words of praise

Were meant for One

Who he must face

When life is done

And all the deeds

That he has done

Can never be


©Kay Salady


O’ breath of life, once restrained by mortal flesh

You did not fear the painful sting of death

When through the veil, your spirit chose to fly

In search of things beyond the earth and sky

Now breath of soul, near to the throne of God

Reposing, where bright angels feet have trod

In peacefulness, beyond the wildest dream

While living waters flow from a crystal stream

As a loud voice, that calls forth to your soul

Newness of life, my child, drink to the full

For all of Heaven sings love songs to its King

Forevermore, at the end of everything

©Kay Salady

Spanish Eyes

He held me on his toes and waltzed me ’round the room

Then kissed my tiny feet with a brush of his perfume

Singing, “Spanish Eyes”, a song for only me

I see his face in dreams smiling happily

As if to let me know that families never end

And that somewhere in time we all will meet again

©Kay Salady

I am Angel

I am Angel

She is your beloved
Cast down from the sky
Drawn by your reflection
And stricken when you cry
It was in the long ago
A story, told and true
That grace would fall from glory
To come and rescue you
Determining your destiny
She lights up every lane
Raising you above each crest
With promise to remain
Faithful as she sings your song
Perched so very near
Bound to you, in silver chains
She drowns in her own tears
Crying for her heaven
Too long, she has endured
Your accolades of ecstasy
Her beauty, now obscured
By all the incantations
Whispered in the night
Having no significance
O’er wings that can’t take flight
Her scent no longer lingers
For she is pale with grief
The petals drop from roses
Stolen by a thief

©Kay Salady

Sensual Liquor

Sensual Liquor

Sensual liquor
We slowly drip of nectar
That flows into a chalice
Tasting of heaven
Amalgamation of two
Ripened and ready
At the peak of perfection
Aroma of bliss
Upon your sweet lips
Overpowering desire
To take your warm kiss
Over and over
Intensely I yearn
For each stupefied second
Of euphoric mirth
So heady and warm
I fall into you
Overtly thirsty
For more

©Kay Salady



Assembling his armor
His helmet and sword
The believer stood tall
And clung to the word
That he might persist
Throughout evil day
As the prince of the air
Impeded his way
In the wings of an angel
He wrestled the night
Detaining the darkness
While searching for light
Awakening the challenge
Of his promise to keep
So close to conviction
Though fear may run deep
Then through his mouth
Came a mystical prayer
In the tongue of the angels
Shooting shards through the air
Blinding the wicked one
Binding his wings
Dashing him down
To the end of all things
The sons of discourse
Cried out from his grave
As the dust and the snake
Were abolished that day
The victor then rose
On white wings in the air
Claiming his glory
Free from despair
As the angel of mercy
Whose whispers he heard
Flew him to heaven
To live with his lord

©Kay Salady

Love will Dream

Love will Dream

In the shadow of the midnight

The pale moon strikes silver beams

Through draperies I have parted

As I look out at her and dream

I whisper words of comfort

Toward a heart so beautiful

Lying there amid your dreams

I embrace you with my soul

Love will dream about you

Darling, try to dream of me

Beneath the shade of heaven

May you find sweet reveries

As blissful as the moment

I first held you in my arms

Enchanted by the magic

Of your exquisite charms

I’d lost myself in you

Then found myself in me

As I danced within your laughter

And held you tenderly

Softly rocking to the music

Of the heart within your chest

Bringing comfort so enormous

Ever thankful – ever blessed

Standing in the darkness

I can smell your fragrant hair

And though you’re not beside me

I can feel you; I am there

Holding onto you so tightly

With my love – my everything

Somehow knowing gentle Luna

Sent my heartfelt offering

©Kay Salady

Rocking on the Crescent


Overwhelming love

You carry me to heaven

Ravished in my soul

I’m rocking on the crescent

To your lullaby

©Kay Salady

Rain Mercy

Rain Mercy

Open the gates of your heaven
Rain mercy down on my soul
Days of depression are over
I’m forgiven and it’s wonderful
I dance in the joy of salvation
My garments are whiter than snow
Now I wait for the day of your coming
And know that I’m ready to go

Like rain
Your mercy falls
Like rain
It washes all my cares away
Yesterday today and tomorrow

Open the gates of your heaven
As I lift my petitions to you
Storm clouds may gather about me
But I know that you’ll carry me through
This storm just like the last
And the next as in the past
For I’ve been made strong
Through it all

Like rain
Your mercy falls
Like rain
It washes all my cares away
Yesterday today and tomorrow
Rain mercy down on my soul

Open the gates of your heaven
Send angels to carry me home
Lay me at the feet of my savior
Near the bright golden throne
There I’ll find peace by the river
My soul will be flowing with love
I will be singing a new song
In my mansion prepared up above

Like rain
Your mercy falls
Like rain
It washes all my cares away
Yesterday today and tomorrow

©Kay Salady

Ashes & Echoes

Ashes & Echoes
My burning body
An offering of ashes
And sweet aroma
Drifts along the sunlit sand
To find its way to heaven

Echoes of my soul
Within the whispering wind
Calls out to the sea
Return to me my lover
I shall await your coming

©Kay Salady