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I am so sorry

For having made you a fool

But then so am I

To sit and dream of a love

That should have been surrendered

©Kay Salady



Within this darkness

The bitterness of memory

Steps in again to taunt me

Yanking at these chains

The links of which remain

Past incantations spoken

Past every single token

With water from the wells

Of his cathedral

This Father came to save me

But you know how fathers can be

When brothers leave the room

Of little girls in bloom

It isn’t rare

For those who dare

Those living tools of Satan

While others are debating

To do the same

For their own gain

While flowers in the attic

Appear to be combative

Rocking to and fro

Steady as you go

Never will you grow

Steady as you go

Rocking to and fro

©Kay Salady

Harvest Moon

October was ours

But Luna never waited

As she slowly sank

Amid the fading embers

Of a love that chose to die

©Kay Salady

Harvest Moon descending behind Sleeping Ute Mountain

City of Strangers

Old age is an island surrounded by death . . . 

Foreign to myself

In this foreign land

I fear my own reflection 

I run toward the light 

Only to find darkness

For I sought solace

In empty arms

That reach to touch

No one
©Kay Salady

No Rest


Stepping lightly o’er the mound
Trying to avoid the sounds
Of rubber boots that slosh through mud
And flower pots that make a thud
Filled with water up to brim
For my red geraniums
That make a dismal scene seem bright
But nothing ever sets things right
Within a place that bears such loss
Filled with the stench of earth and moss
Along with old decaying leaves
And the dead beneath the eaves
Of weathered mausoleum stone
Where I dare never walk alone
But meekly wander o’er the ground
Tentatively without a sound
As if to listen for a word
But not a word nor breath is heard
From beneath the hardened clay
No requiem from far away
Echoes through the murky air
Although I’ve felt it here somewhere
Between the shadow and the soul
That briefly touches to console
As I recumbent to the earth
So uncertain of my worth
Dare to remove this mortal stain
Plead for respite from my pain

©Kay Salady

Tear-stained Jar

I ever slowly dip my pen into the tear-stained jar
Contemplating everything that’s left a painful scar
Upon the alabaster flesh that you had come to know
Caressing and possessing, in the not so long ago
My musings take me to a night black as black could be
When I lay warm inside a world that covered you and me
Submissive to your every touch, I lost myself to you
Until this very moment, you own me through and through
At times, I contemplate the lips that took away my breath
Or feel the hands that roamed my body, thrilling me to death
Sinking into tender flesh with everything I am
Imagining your ravishing, until my mind gets jammed
And then I fall . . . I hit the wall
I ever slowly dip my pen into this tear-stained jar
I want to pour my soul to you, though you are very far
The silence holds a quietude for offering up a prayer
Clinging to my constant need for words that just aren’t there

©Kay SaladyTear-stained Jar

Before the Evening Meal

Before the Evening Meal

Something so simple
As two loving souls
Reaching out
To unite in prayer
Before the evening meal
Can break the heart
Of one who sits
Day after endless day
And as she perceives
Her greatest dream
Something so simple
Is an undying prayer
Like manna from heaven
To one who sits
With a heart crushed by grief
She lowers her head
Into trembling hands
And violently mourns
Her loss

©Kay Salady



I hide behind my indiscretion
and you cover me there with your hands
Hot and salty, as the tears that come
later . . . so much later
Your warmth mimics security
as I ride these waves of confusion
crashing against serrated rock
that tears at flesh belonging to no one
Instigating pity, bleeding weakness
into once pristine water

©Kay Salady

Long Forgotten

Long Forgotten

We dwell upon loss
Forgetting our gain
Then focus on thorns
While bright roses fade
And all the short while
Neglecting to smile
Our life passes by
Before we can try
To embrace it
We seek to rewind
The days that were kind
The moments we’ve missed
Each soft, tender kiss
When joy had surpassed
Our wildest of dreams
This patchwork of life
Fell apart at the seams
So we gather our thread
From spools that are worn
The needles have dulled
And the remnants have torn
We attempt to make do
With what we retrieve
Piecing together
The things we believe
To have mattered
Our sad fingers trace
Each bit of old lace
Aged photographs
Of an ancestor’s face
From the bright long ago
And we think of the days
So far away, so far
As we wonder why they are
Long forgotten

©Kay Salady

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A Book of Wisdom

A Book of Wisdom

I saw a book of wisdom
and turned its yellowed pages
then read inspired words
whispered by the sages of old
I sought to follow prophets
and thought to bow to kings
turned by inner thoughts
toward much higher things
than I imagined
I read the aged laws
established for a land
relevant for its time
and tried to understand
how it could be
For mankind had advanced
beyond a thousand years
Not all the words held truth
still some of them I fear
sat well inside my mind
I stood and looked about
the world and its confusion
suffering such loss
over and illusion of grandeur
Angry for the wound
that festered in each soul
wanting to be healed
and somehow to be whole
but there was nothing
There was nothing
I found a well of wisdom
and pondered my reflection
Searching for the answer
an intense feeling of affection
enveloped me

©Kay Salady