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The only thing missed

Was mere physicality

You’ve felt everything else

Deepest pieces of me

Those that live on

Far past this earthly flesh

©Kay Salady

Soul Touch

Bodies need not touch

For hearts to skip a beat

I reached out for you

And ever softly you touched me

Transcending time and distance

A rose that never dies

Lent us its sweet fragrance

To linger for all time

Proving us immortal

A thousand lifetimes through

For you are near my side

And darling I with you

When dawns the golden sun

And glows the glorious moon

I feel you close to me

In everything I do

I have found my greatest love

A feeling so intense

And I will never know

Another as immense

For I this lowly plain

Have kissed the sacred sun

Long before the day I die

Before my days were done

The splendor that I feel

Remains within my view

Each time you think of me

And when I think of you

©Kay Salady


You are

The refreshing rain

To my unquenchable thirst

And the lotus that blooms

In my desert

You are the heart that beats

Inside my chest

So that I

Can always feel you

With every breath

And every flutter

Of contemplation

A sudden rush

Pulses through my veins

And I wonder

Does my quickening heart

Cause you to shudder

Make you feel warm

Or capture your breath

The instant that I

Contemplate you

©Kay Salady

Milk & Honey

Oh my love

I no longer sorrow in your absence

But rejoice in your memory

As you flow through my mind

As milk and honey to my sustenance

Lift your sweet eyes from prayer

I assure you I am there

Imprinting on your heart my sacred vow

As in the long ago till now

It is whispered in the corners of my mind

I look for you and find that everything is bliss

And all that I have missed

Is the touch of your strong hand

Oh my love

How could I ever sorrow in your absence

When rejoicing in the splendor that you bring

While I am possessed to cry

With milk and honey on my mind

The tears subside within the hour of my joy

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: Kristina Pomomavera


Intrinsic nature

Is the incense that I burn

Deep within my soul

©Kay Salady

A Love Song that We Knew

I just heard a serenade

a love song that we knew

And oh my god it wounded me

my heart was torn in two

I know that if you listened

to that same melody

it would take you back

to a place so real

like it just did with me

I hope you never hear it

because I want you to forget

everything I struggle to

Please don’t say you haven’t yet

It’s so painful to remember

that special yesterday

when the love that you still carry

is miles and miles away

and you can’t feel the beating

of that lover’s heart

beneath the beating of your own

and you feel so torn apart

But if by chance you hear it

I hope she’s there with you

and that you’re not alone like me

with no one to cling to

Oh god whoever wrote that song

just crushed this woman’s heart

in the center of their hand

with their unwitting art

by painting such a picture

a scene from my own play

How could they know my private life

in every single way

I’m sorry that I’ve told you

But who else could I tell

I knew that you would understand

because you know me oh so well

©Kay Salady


I held onto love until love released me

and the pain I felt was so profound

that it shook my very soul

Then a resonating silence

rang within my ear

laying bare the forest of its essence

©Kay Salady

Saint Valentine’s Day

Sincere affection

Given from the heart

Void of pretense

For legend set apart

This special day

As an offering

To honor Love

And the birth of Spring

©Kay Salady

Il Mio Triste Vi Salutu

A faded page of memory

A smoldering puff of smoke

That conjures apparitions

To rise before my eyes

Warm and sweet with fragrance

So I reach out to touch them

For they appear sublime

Recalling what we’ve said

And done and felt about each other

I was yours and you were mine

Now gone away forever

Oh God I am not dreaming

Saint Joseph I am sorry

Your angels came with roses

For one whom I adored

Please tell me are you listening

To this my sad goodbye

©Kay Salady

*Intentional excerpts from “Judy Blue Eyes”

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Image Credit: “The Ash”, Warsaw Production House


Forever Mine, My Valentine

Things will never be the same

And I will never see his name

On all those pretty valentines

Because he is no longer mine

I cannot bear to think that he

No longer sends his love to me

When he had promised to be mine

Forever mine, my valentine

Now I must face the nights alone

And wake to find I’m on my own

Without a hand for me to hold

When I am empty and so cold

Nothing will ever be the same

Because I’ll never see that name

On all those pretty valentines

That I destroyed when he resigned

Our love that burned within his fire

Yet I still burn with deep desire

For a man I cannot touch

And a love I want so much

I’ve tried to kill his memory

But he still lives inside of me

His blood runs to my very soul

Like a song, so beautiful

That will play until I die

I won’t forget him because I

Have kept a promise so divine

To be his only valentine

I cannot bear to think that he

No longer sends his love to me

When he had promised to be mine

Forever mine, my valentine

Forever mine, my valentine

©Kay Salady