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When Walls are White

those sanitary walls

at the end of endless halls

are painted white

in the darkness of despair

with no other place to go

she sits rocking to and fro

to alleviate the pain

she cannot bear

she tries so hard to place

each unfamiliar face

that urges her

to feel so very small

she then curls into a ball

at the injustice of it all

laying fetal in a sea

of nothingness

until one blessed day

the lady makes her way

through the doors

of her prison

free at last

©kay salady

Cookie Cutter Waltz


Lemon yellow light
Filtering through the window
Dances on your skin
And the shadows make me smile
As soft music fills my mind

©Kay Salady

The Breath of Soul


And when I’m dead
And when I’m gone
Will you the strength
To carry on
Without me
Take all your hopes
And all your dreams
I am the thread
Inside the seams
Of aspiration
I will be there
In all you do
I am the light
Inside of you
Within your heart
And in your mind
Walking the floors
That seem to wind
Around forever
In all the years
And all the days
That we have shared
So many ways
The joy the tears
The sweet the sour
The breath of soul
Within an hour
That lasts forever

©Kay Salady


I Am Not My Own


Descending into silence
Before the quaking of my core
From where sacred breath eludes me
With each plunge of adrenaline
That rushes through my veins
All is so intense!
My mind is overwhelmed
I am not my own
As I admit defeat
To unforeseen misfortune
And beg to veil my eyes
Inside portals of sleep
That disengage my body
From my mind

©Kay Salady


Another day has started
They all seem like the rest
I can’t recall the things I’ve done
It’s such an awful test
To see if I remember
The things that I should do
A swallowed pill the dog a bill
I think I may have flu
I always feel so tired
As soon as I awake
The doctor phoned
To let me know
Another thing’s at stake
With this worn-out body
That can’t seem to withstand
All that it’s been given
Too many a demand
©Kay Salady



This heart cannot forsake you

As I embrace each memory

Floating through my mind

Warm as golden sunlight

Then cool as silver stars

Your touch as velvet fingers

Caresses my fevered brow

When deeply I inhale

Your enduring fragrance

Of sandalwood patchouli

Chanting sacred songs

To the god of all creation

As I disrobe to saunter

In the gardens of desire

©Kay Salady



He sought to unearth

A  long-ago secret

Buried deeply in her mind

He painstakingly peeled

Away each layer

Until the tears that were stifled

Along with her heart

Broke free

©Kay Salady

One Small Instant

One Small Instant

The morning’s rays engulf me as I think of you and your soft eyes

And, oh, how I long for your hand to touch me in one small instant

Enough to let me know that you exist beyond space and time

For I have built my existence upon the hope that you are there

Engulfing my atmosphere with some semblance of your strength

Each day, clutching onto that fine silver cord attaching me to you

Accompanied by these burning tears that stream each time I tug

No, my darling, I cannot sever the source of so much anguish

For I could bleed a river that would rush my soul to you

Floating in this hollow where the echoes pierce my mind

I come to rest upon your shore with hope that never dies


©Kay Salady

Decadent Words

Decadent Words

Those decadent words
Come into my mind
They take me so high
Making me fly
Expressions of love
I can’t resist
Phrases that place
A smile on my lips
Glazing the edges
Of rich fantasy
Beyond the return
To a reality
That has long been

©Kay Salady

Pieces of Silver

Pieces of Silver

So long is this journey in waiting
For someone who slips through my mind
In the glittering sands of your desert
An oasis appears far behind
As I glance over my shoulder
I can see the days of my youth
That you scrape away from my bones
Exposing what I now know as truth
You no longer see me as lovely
My appeal disappears down the drain
You sell me for pieces of silver
What right have I now to complain
I dwell inside of a shadow
That is foreign and chills to the core
Still walking the sands of a desert
Just as vacant as the desert before
O’ serpent your eyes are beguiling
As you slither away from my head
Where you wrap yourself ‘round my mind
And feed upon each word I’ve said
Consuming me oh so completely
Until nothing is left of my soul
Soon you’ll return to devour
As you open to swallow me whole
So long is this journey in waiting
For somebody oh so unkind
Though you sell me for pieces of silver
You continuously coil up and wind
Around and around in my mind

©Kay Salady