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Intrinsic nature

Is the incense that I burn

Deep within my soul

©Kay Salady

The Lily from My Bouquet

Vanilla, strawberry, black heart cherry, and lime… If I could flavor this flower, these would be the flavors I’d choose. I dove right into its petals and rolled around awhile like a garden fairy brushing my wings in its wonderfully scented center and took a nap. When I awoke, I was hungry for something sweet. So, I broke off a piece of petal and tasted. Then I chipped away at a stamen and chewed. It was a sweet, fruity, vanilla confection! Inside the tips of the stamens was cherry limeade that fizzed and dripped down with a frothy, bubbly, citrusy sparkle so cool and delicious. Who knew such wonder lived so deep within the petals of a lily? Who knew? I knew. 😏

Kay Salady

Image: Kay Salady

In Every Leaf, a Kiss

The breath of summer lies underneath

The burnished kiss upon each leaf

That now adorns these autumn trees

That you and I sit far beneath

And so tenderly, her raiments fall

As sweet November surrenders all

To the long ago and far away

When love was new and we gave way

To the fantasies we’d held at bay

We now recall as we look now

To November’s trembling boughs

Glittering golden in the sun

Reminding us of how we’d won

At being lovers and being friends

At writing stories that never end

And with every leaf that falls

We still remember; yes, we recall

Our love

©Kay Salady

Sedona Selah

Rhymesalady, the Magpie sings

From lofty heights

Awaiting the spring

Of every wild imagining

Beyond the farthest wood

She dreams of desert dusts that stir

Inside the whirlwinds far from her

And magic mountain mysteries

Of vortex red that third eyes see

Where eagles soar so high above

Dispersing feathers bleeding love

To etch the ancient whispered words

Sent on wings of sacred birds

That circle ’round those skies of blue

Where the sun has burned the truth

The searing sun has burned the truth

©Kay Salady

And This will be My Destiny

I stagger down a broken road
My destiny to die alone
Looms before me in the dust
With all my dreams now turned to rust
This bitter taste upon my tongue
With afterthought that I have come
To a crossroads whereupon
I tread lightly o’er the days
Ere I embrace the last remains
Of all that I am dreaming of
And all that I have come to love
I had no forethought I would come
To the point where youth was gone
As fleeting as the autumn leaves
On burnished limbs of tawny trees
I often question my existence
Feign to offer much resistance
Knowing in the realm of things
This is a time that nature brings
With outstretched hand I sweep away
My fervent prayer to always stay
And so I round the nearest bend
Searching for a way to end
This journey that is now complete
Then I will lay down at the feet
Of one who waits for only me
And this will be my destiny
©Kay Salady

Red Rock Rush

Red Rock Rush
Water carves its way
Through the towering red rocks
Surging frothy green
It rushes up to swallow
A drifter seeking peril

©Kay Salady



I fall into a daydream
And leap into the blue
A sea of clouds envelop me
With multicolored hue
I float amid the sunbeams
That point toward your shore
Then dance within the sparkling dust
That gathers at your door

©Kay Salady

As the Fool against the Wind

As the Fool against the Wind


The highest and the least of all must face the severity the darkness has to bring.  No one is exempt from pain, sorrow, fear or suffering.  One cannot ask the moon and stars to suddenly appear from behind the mist of clouds that curtain their glow upon the frozen earth.  Yet, we hope that winter’s pallid shroud is lifted with the warmth of spring as we embrace the renewal of all things.  The fool will stand against the winds that dash his dreams into the sand as the tides wash them away.  Like so many grains in an hourglass, those dreams pass away within a sea of sadness.  The wise man sets sail, permitting the winds to carry him here, there, and everywhere that destiny may lead.  No, he does not wait as the fool, bracing himself against winter’s bitter chill, which will soon cover him beneath the frozen soil.


©Kay Salady

Love’s Reign



I’ve fallen into fragrant bliss

Of pink and purpled hues

Caught within the radiance

And warmth of loving you

Cradled in your essence

Of tranquil peacefulness

Resting ever gently

With my head upon your chest

I listen for the music

Of your heartbeat near my ear

Your breathing soothes my senses

And just knowing that you’re here

Beside me in this moment

That may never come again

Is reason that I contemplate

Rejoicing in your reign


©Kay Salady

Night of Luna

Listen for the Heart


Listen for the heart

Beating in the shadows

Where beneath a tree

Old lovers stand to pray

The long awaited comes

To greet the gentle moon

Thanking her for love

Whispered from the lips

Of ordinary men


Arise and join her dance

Beneath fair Luna’s light

Build a sacred fire

And sing in her delight

Satisfy your yearning

While in this great abode

For all the spirit lovers

Have gathered by the road

Circling, ever circling

In spirals of pure light

Filling you with wonder

Throughout the moonlit night

Listen for the heart

That joins you in the dance

On this the Night of Luna

That bids you to romance

She longs for tender touch

The same way that you do

She’s waited ‘neath a tree

To share some time with you


©Kay Salady