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The Sorrow in Our Parting

Her hour is drawing near. The hour that will come here to stop our time. I cling to her like a piece of succulent fruit, inhaling all the fragrance I can savor. As I watch her stare down death, a degradation fills the air. That familiar shroud of darkness that takes away one’s breath has stolen every word I came to offer. I would not add an ounce of pain but I am certain she, too, bears this painful silence. I falter to find words, but where are words to curb the sorrow in our parting? In this moment, my head reels. All I can feel are the moments I have missed and wonder why did I resist to hear her call. For she is worth it all–much more than I have shown. I have touched a soul, a soul that’s warm and beautiful in a realm that is so bright where colors flash within the sight of the Beloved.
©Kay Salady


Carol Hiltner, you are always in our hearts. 


Intrinsic nature

Is the incense that I burn

Deep within my soul

©Kay Salady

Saint Valentine’s Day

Sincere affection

Given from the heart

Void of pretense

For legend set apart

This special day

As an offering

To honor Love

And the birth of Spring

©Kay Salady

Love will Dream

Love will Dream

In the shadow of the midnight

The pale moon strikes silver beams

Through draperies I have parted

As I look out at her and dream

I whisper words of comfort

Toward a heart so beautiful

Lying there amid your dreams

I embrace you with my soul

Love will dream about you

Darling, try to dream of me

Beneath the shade of heaven

May you find sweet reveries

As blissful as the moment

I first held you in my arms

Enchanted by the magic

Of your exquisite charms

I’d lost myself in you

Then found myself in me

As I danced within your laughter

And held you tenderly

Softly rocking to the music

Of the heart within your chest

Bringing comfort so enormous

Ever thankful – ever blessed

Standing in the darkness

I can smell your fragrant hair

And though you’re not beside me

I can feel you; I am there

Holding onto you so tightly

With my love – my everything

Somehow knowing gentle Luna

Sent my heartfelt offering

©Kay Salady

Compassion Came

I’ve seen the healing hands
Of a charismatic few
Touch the wounds of man
The day compassion grew
And a song of jubilee
Filled the pristine air
High above the trees
With an offering and a prayer
Lifted by each voice
In harmonic unity
Oh how they rejoiced
To finally be free

©Kay Salady

Ashes & Echoes

Ashes & Echoes
My burning body
An offering of ashes
And sweet aroma
Drifts along the sunlit sand
To find its way to heaven

Echoes of my soul
Within the whispering wind
Calls out to the sea
Return to me my lover
I shall await your coming

©Kay Salady

Songs of Ecstasy


Your caress is soft and warm and tender is your touch

When we fall together our passion burns so much

That we ignite a flame of fire rising from the bliss

Of satiating hungry need with every single kiss

Intoxicated by the scent within each sizzling spark

That emits a cloud of smoke drifting in the dark

As I inhale the essence of the love between us two

My arms reach out to take in yet another drop of you

As I pull you closer to me as tight as I can cling

To try to quench the need inside by your offering

Your hands clasp mine so tightly as you bite into my skin

I sweetly pierce your lips divine within this trance I’m in

Exhaling songs of ecstasy I’m singing out your name

The sweet release you’ve given me has driven me insane

You’re in the center of the ring that burns with my desire

The thunder from the storm that’s raging through my fire

The cooling rain the soft refrain that soothes my weary soul

The owner of the woman’s heart whose very breath you stole


©Kay Salady