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Beneath the April Rain

Beneath the April rain

Lie flowers that will bloom

From tiny seeds of hope

With the sweetest of perfume

To scent the verdant meadow

And paint the countryside

With kaleidoscopic color

Both near far and wide

©Kay Salady

Because of You

Because of You

When I close my eyes
I fly right up to the skies
That’s what I do
Because of you

The lullaby I sing at night
Asks the moon if it’s alright
For dreams to come true
And baby if they do
I’d wake up lying next to you

When I fall asleep
All my dreams are sweet
Because of you

I dream I hold my lover tight
Each and every starlit night
Come light of day I’ll be alright
Because of you

Inhaling your perfume
We float around the room
Making shadows on the walls
I made it through it all
Because of you

©Kay Salady




O’ husband, why seek out a whore while your lover waits at your kitchen door?

Brother, your sister lies bleeding at the entrance you labeled, “Heaven”.

She is the lotus that blooms from broken clay.

She is the hope for yet another day.

Weep for your transgression!

Sweet Goddess of the Earth, Mother of the Kingdom, and Giver of Sustenance is she.

Your Queen has set herself ablaze to escape the malice in your heart.

Stifled by your ignorance, the flower has lost her bloom.

Muddied by your sinfulness, she is void of sweet perfume.

Without her there beside you, there will no longer be any room for you to bear witness.


©Kay Salady

Open Window


An open window to my room

Had let the interlopers in

On sultry nights beneath the moon

That open window to my room

Emitting scent of sweet perfume

Enticing strangers once again

The open window to my room

So oft has led intruders in


©Kay Salady

Daddy’s Song


Oh how I loved my Mother’s sweet perfume

As she bent low to tuck me in my room

Inside the comfort of the white chenille

She’d kiss my forehead softly and I’d feel

So safe within the comfort of her love


And then the shadows danced upon my wall

Their drumbeats rang within my ears so small

The demons that had marched inside my head

Had plans to take me to The Land of Dread

And I was sure they wished that I was dead


I lay so still for fear that they could hear

And held my breath and tried to disappear

Beneath the covers on my bed of doom

For I could hear each heartbeat go kaboom

Oh how I hate this lilac painted room


The dollies on my dresser look at me

As I cry for my Daddy helplessly

His gentle song can make the demons fly

And wipe away the teardrops from my eye

He scoops me in his arms where I can hide

Then takes me to the car for a night ride


I hear my Mother say that I am spoiled

But she has no idea that they have foiled

The nasty plans they’ve made to take away

The little girl they have for one more day

I love you Mommy


As I look up into the starry sky

And try to keep awake at least one eye

I ask the voodoo men to go away

And not scare little children this I pray



When I’m asleep my Daddy drives us home

And carries me upstairs into my room

He tucks me safely into my big bed

And touches the long hair upon my head



©Kay Salady