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His Invitation

I fell in love with the distance

An arm’s length away

Yet impossible to hold

I reached out to grasp

His invitation

Then searched the world for him

As he inhaled

The supplication of a child

Who hungered every instant

That led me to believe

That he was waiting

A hint of his divinity

Fed fire to the flame

That burned inside my chest

And I cried out for reprieve

Sealing away my tears

Inside his alabaster jars

Perhaps tonight he’ll come

To accept my offering

I will behold his dazzling eyes

And I will fully realize

A life well-lived

©Kay Salady


“Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” ~Proverbs

I lost my mind today while the Saints shook their heads

I could feel their disapproval yet I purged my soul and bled

All these years of trying turned to rust upon my tongue

Its cold metallic taste dripped anger ’round the room

In an instant all the love that I had gained turned away

Leaving me a stranger devoid of words to say

Laid bare before myself face down before his throne

Ashamed of what I am and so ready to go home

I stabbed the one I love the most right in the heart today

Rather than being kind I had such ugly things to say

Why do we hurt those close to us such undeserving fools

We brush away like cookie crumbs the love of trusting souls

Then wonder why we sit and cry feeling we went unheard

With so much power inside a tongue so careless with its words

©Kay Salady


We are as flowers in the field

Each uniquely beautiful

With variating hues

And transparencies

Some display perfection

While others imperfection

Yet Creation gathers us all

To form the earth’s bouquet

©Kay Salady

Image: Copyright Marc Bordons

Secretive Thoughts

“You dance secretly inside my heart, where no one else can see.” -Rumi

Secretive thoughts

Seize up my breath

Until tiny deaths

Surge at my soul

With such wonderful

Fragments of you

Then my body quakes

Oh how it aches

For a lingering taste

Of warm honeyed lips

As your fingertips

Encircle mine

Pushing me down

And making me drown

Inside of a sea

So deep within me

As I rise and fall

Throughout it all

I wonder if you

Would drown with me too

If only you knew

©Kay Salady

Scarlet Letter

To know that I have touched a heart is rare and beautiful

So well worth the price I pay for laying bare my soul

Of fantasies and secrets I have kept throughout the years

The tapestries that I now weave can bring us both to tears

The crimson flow of ink this weary poet puts to page

Is left behind because my greatest lover went astray

Tonight the rhythm of his heart is pulsing through my veins

Perhaps there is some meaning to the feeling that remains

I still bear my lover’s mark inside these empty hands

Although I know he is not mine I fully understand

Yet he meets me in my dreams we greet as lovers do

Then I so unashamedly relay it all to you

Each familiar tender touch that makes my body quake

That sends a woman straight to hell for it’s a grave mistake

To think to take him to my bed while I commit the sin

Of looking into the dark eyes that tell me to give in

©Kay Salady


The only thing missed

Was mere physicality

You’ve felt everything else

Deepest pieces of me

Those that live on

Far past this earthly flesh

©Kay Salady

Sweet Bliss

I bathe myself in her silken blush

And fully immerse within the hush

As sunlight kisses that fragrant swirl

Of delicate petals in a world

Where pure perfection brings sweet bliss

My pounding heart cannot resist

To burst with passion for this rose

Who in her beauty dares to pose for me

©Kay Salady

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Before the Mirror

I want to stand before the mirror

To hold my breath and reappear

Back to a time when I was young

Back when days were filled with fun

Locked inside a lover’s gaze

He held me there

His eyes ablaze with longing

He reached for me with eagerness

And I enraptured by his kiss

Berry sweet and warm as wine

I could kiss him for all of time

Then complacently stare out into space

With salty tears upon my face

Waiting for the world to end

The scent of love upon my skin

Never wanting to come down

I slowly turn to see a face

That salty tears outline and trace

Finding he has held me here

He has appeared before my mirror

With that same kiss as warm as wine

That I can taste inside my mind

©Kay Salady


The little raven

keenly eyed each passerby

with expectation

of a rare and dazzling find

in one fell swoop she seized it

©Kay Salady

Clara’s Closet

Ruffles the Clown

She slipped into her party dress

Then painted on a smile

Chose all of her embellishments

Thinking all the while

Of the joy that she could bring

By twisting little toys

From bright balloons

And she’d be there soon

To greet the girls and boys

She reached out for her parasol

And grabbed a pair of gloves

Pirouetted then darted out

To do the thing she loved

Beneath the boughs of evergreens

Along the avenue

A clown named Ruffles could be seen

And she is that one we knew

©Kay Salady

*Ruffles was a professional clown (called a Joey) receiving her certification in 1993 Bellevue, Washington and she is my friend.