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Somewhere Beyond My View

It’s raining outside

It seems unusual

The way that I’m feeling

I find it beautiful

To step from the night

Into a day

That washes my blues

All away

Now it’s raining inside

Making my life brand new

I’m beginning to feel

Just like I used to do

Before my world

Drifted away

Turning my skies

To grey

Now that the rain

Has fallen on me

All of the pain

That used to be

Rolled with the clouds

Out to the sea

Somewhere beyond

My view

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: Off Leash Edmonds

Beneath the April Rain

Beneath the April rain

Lie flowers that will bloom

From tiny seeds of hope

With the sweetest of perfume

To scent the verdant meadow

And paint the countryside

With kaleidoscopic color

Both near far and wide

©Kay Salady

Into the Rain

Let us fall

As leaves from trees

That float to the ground

To softly touch

Painting one another

With color

As they melt

Into the rain

©Kay Salady

Blessed Be the Moon

Lord, I pray for the rain

To cool this red hot fire in me

Full moon and clouds a blessing be

To bathe me in tranquility

And ease my troubled mind

I shall leave this world behind

If only for awhile

To dance with her and smile

Beneath her glowing shroud

Until she bids the crowd adieu

©Kay Salady

First Love


Redolent of leather
And amaretto merged together
On an evening filled with rain
The musk and the refrain
Of Chicago filled the air
The faded jeans you used to wear
As I tousled your dark hair
And kissed the warmth of you
Falling onto your bare chest
While you told me all the best
Of your intentions
All my life I’ll recognize
The moment I first saw your eyes
Meeting my astonished gaze
That day you set my heart ablaze
We were so in awe with feeling
With no idea that we were dealing
With a love that would not die
No matter how much we both tried
To finish our first chapter
Because the first lives on long after
We let go

©Kay Salady

Every Good Intention

Every Good Intention

I brought you a storm
Instead of a rainbow
My intention to drive
All the dark clouds away
Were foiled by the rain
That ran from my eyes
And into your heart
Destroying your day
The sound of your sorrow
Wounded my soul
Forgive me my darling
This wasn’t my goal

©kay salady

Burst the Dormant Bud

Tree and it is lovely

For too long, this stoic tree stood barren
Longing for twigs of green to fill each bough
Deeply digging, with all her strength, into the earth
She begged the Sun to sprout each bud he had endowed
The soft Spring rain drenched her skin and quenched her thirst
And so she danced, when came the breeze, to show esteem
Toward the Sun, the gentle rains and Mother Earth
For she now wears the finest gowns of forest green

©Kay Salady



You drift in the clouds
Then softly you fall
Along with the rain
Returning to me
With prismatic hues
Of sweet yesterdays
I feel your heart beating
As mine dies again
Defeated by thunder
I tremble in pain
For fine love is bitter
And want of it sweet
You whispered a promise
Our love was complete
Beyond understanding
So far above all
Forever and always
Together we fall

©Kay Salady

Strike the Blue

Strike the Blue


We climbed up on that high terrain

Where lightning struck the blue

Where thunderous hearts beat in the rain

That fell on me and you

We took that lonely desert road

Both knowing where it led

I want to do it all again

Beneath the watershed

Of hands, so warm, upon my skin

Searching for surrender

Leading me to ecstasy

Preparing me to enter

A place I thought I’d never go

With you the day we met

A place I thought that I had been

But babe, I hadn’t yet

I miss the feeling of your touch

The soft scent of your skin

I need to hold you, oh, so much

To have you here again

So near to me that I can feel

The beating of your heart

The breath, this breath has longed to steal

From lips I long to part

My hands, so soft, upon your skin

Waiting your surrender

Leading you to ecstasy

Preparing you to enter



©Kay Salady








Downcast is this heart

So laden with agony

My eyes start to rain


©Kay Salady