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Milk & Honey

Oh my love

I no longer sorrow in your absence

But rejoice in your memory

As you flow through my mind

As milk and honey to my sustenance

Lift your sweet eyes from prayer

I assure you I am there

Imprinting on your heart my sacred vow

As in the long ago till now

It is whispered in the corners of my mind

I look for you and find that everything is bliss

And all that I have missed

Is the touch of your strong hand

Oh my love

How could I ever sorrow in your absence

When rejoicing in the splendor that you bring

While I am possessed to cry

With milk and honey on my mind

The tears subside within the hour of my joy

┬ęKay Salady

Image Credit: Kristina Pomomavera

Reflection on Pieces

at first light

i awoke from a dream

and that dream

seemed to have reminded me

of how directionless

and what a mess

my life has been

i photographed the day

she had so much to say

the pieces of my life

like the colors of the sunrise

are painted in the sky

confounding me

never the same

i need to let it be

┬ękay salady