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You are

The refreshing rain

To my unquenchable thirst

And the lotus that blooms

In my desert

You are the heart that beats

Inside my chest

So that I

Can always feel you

With every breath

And every flutter

Of contemplation

A sudden rush

Pulses through my veins

And I wonder

Does my quickening heart

Cause you to shudder

Make you feel warm

Or capture your breath

The instant that I

Contemplate you

©Kay Salady

In Every Leaf, a Kiss

The breath of summer lies underneath

The burnished kiss upon each leaf

That now adorns these autumn trees

That you and I sit far beneath

And so tenderly, her raiments fall

As sweet November surrenders all

To the long ago and far away

When love was new and we gave way

To the fantasies we’d held at bay

We now recall as we look now

To November’s trembling boughs

Glittering golden in the sun

Reminding us of how we’d won

At being lovers and being friends

At writing stories that never end

And with every leaf that falls

We still remember; yes, we recall

Our love

©Kay Salady

My Confession

I want to be your number one

Not the one who’s come undone

Because you chose another one

Before me

I want to be your Valentine

I want to hear that you are mine

With the assurance at that time

That you will always be

Exclusively for me

Because I wrote your name in red

Inside my heart and in my head

For time and time again I’ve said

That you belong to me

©Kay Salady

Always and Forever


You are the brick set in stone that anchors the wall of my desire.


Inside I have retained

A thousand yesterdays

And I am swept away

With sweet abandon

I return to days of splendor

To the joy of sweet surrender

When all of you was all I ever wanted

Lost in the passion of your kiss

And the shadow of your gaze

With each moment  I recover

I realize the perfect lover

Was with me all along

And the memory of our song

Will echo on and on

In secrecy inside of me

Where I desire for you to be

Always and forever

©Kay Salady

In My Passion


I stand in the distance longing for presence

One breath of the essence you share

And I die in my suffering

Thirsting for a taste of the lemon

That falls with the sunlight splashing

On skin that I tremble to touch

Reaching for handfuls of cotton

From the pink of your sunset

And I yearn for romance

In the fury of purple clouds

That rise within me

©Kay Salady

In the Tender Month of June

In the Tender Month of June

The night wind sings our love song

And we dance beneath a moon

Waxing as a crescent

In the tender month of June

Soothing are the whispers

Resounding in our ears

Melting us completely

Until we disappear

Inside of one another

With no more words to say

Aromatic is the feeling

That takes our breath away

Then all is left to silence

And the power of the touch

As we face one another

Eyes can say so much

Longing to secure

A special place in time

We pause along alignment

Reclaiming the divine


©Kay Salady

Egyptian Musk

I have diligently tried
To forget Egyptian musk
As it wafts through the night air
Caressing these ample breasts
As glistening beads take shape
Beneath your silken cover
And I become dumbfounded
So very lost in romance
Wanting the scent of your lips
To infuse me with pleasure
It is undefinable
The sensation that I feel
At the very thought of you
Touching my body with yours
Held in the stillness of night
Tenderly in your embrace

(c) Kay Salady

Renewal Sang

Renewal Sang

She’d lost her raiment in the fall
Then stood, so bare, against it all
As freezing winds of bitter change
Whipped hard against her stark remains
The warmth of spring called to rewind
Its bud of green inside her mind
A song of hope replayed the dance
Renewal sang of sweet romance
And as the icy flakes of snow
Fell hard to cover long ago
She hung her head as if to weep
With lifted arms, resigned to sleep
She carried whispered prayers along
Inside her limbs – a winsome song
For all to hear when short the day
That chills the bones within the fray
Of winter’s still, white resting place
The only sound of springtime’s grace

©Kay Salady

Gem Encrusted Chains

Gem Encrusted Chains

There’s a ravenous desire

To devour each fantasy

Yet something interferes

With her impatience to appease

An ambition to complete

Every movement of the dance

That was chosen long ago

Now it’s her only chance

Visions lead the way

To the center of her quest

Where gem encrusted chains

Embellish his fine chest

And music fills the air

With ancient melodies

Calling out to her

Willing her to please

Now the evening tides

Draw toward the burning sands

To quench a fire that burns

And meet with its demands

So lovers run to greet

Each ravenous command

As eye-to-eye they meet

Heart and soul and hand

The kiss that heals a wound

A scratch so deep within

Can never find renewal

And so they kiss again

For want of feeling more

To which there is no fill

It takes away the breath

And damages the will

Until you’re lost in love

So caught up in the dance

Forgetting every step

To make in the romance

You blindly walk on air

Thinking you can fly

Fall on your derrière

‘Cause you forgot to try

Forgetting reasons why

You danced

©Kay Salady

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My Desire

My Desire

“To be loved is to live forever in someone’s heart.”  Original Author:  Unknown


You broke through my heart’s unopened door

Providing wings for feelings to take flight

Your laughter is the song that I’d searched for

Filling me with joyful morning light

Alive in you, my heart rose up to dance

Inspired by the wonders of your smile

For you restored my longing for romance

By taking me to heaven for awhile


Now, I’m bitten by the passion of your lips

Enchanted by your mesmerizing eyes

Your touch is something I cannot resist

You say my name and I’m in paradise

Your pillow takes away all of my fears

I find my warmth upon your gentle chest

I know I’ll feel this way for all my years

Burning with desire that will not rest


©Kay Salady