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Beneath the April Rain

Beneath the April rain

Lie flowers that will bloom

From tiny seeds of hope

With the sweetest of perfume

To scent the verdant meadow

And paint the countryside

With kaleidoscopic color

Both near far and wide

©Kay Salady

She, a Tender Bud

She a silent tender bud

Waited for the rains to flood

High above her peaceful sleep

One with roots so very deep

In the still of Earth’s dark sod

Rested in the hands of God

A clap of thunder split the sky

Ere she turned and with a sigh

Gathered rain to drench her bed

The lovely tresses on her head

Floated within a moss cocoon

As her limbs reached for the moon

She reached far past her dark confines

Through the soil with shooting vines

That sprouted leaves of brightest green

With tiny flowers of tangerine

That burst with scent to reach the sun

Then folded wings when day was done

As if to pray when moon was full

To thank the Lord of Beautiful

For all she was and all she’d seen

For all she’d do and all she’d been

And as she bowed her head to sleep

She dug her roots in very deep

Then came the winds from hands of time

That blew her arms from her confines

And sent the seeds from tangerines

Beyond the trees far past the streams

And then a great and mighty flood

Washed away the tender bud

The snow of winter froze the earth

As tiny flowers await rebirth

Beneath the sod they lie in moss

So silently they weep the loss

Of one who bore them all

She who took the fall

A clap of thunder split the sky

As far beneath the soil they try

To gather rain within confines

Deep within the mossy mines

Of sleeping flowers who will bestow

Her sweet perfume before they go

©Kay Salady