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City of Strangers

Old age is an island surrounded by death . . . 

Foreign to myself

In this foreign land

I fear my own reflection 

I run toward the light 

Only to find darkness

For I sought solace

In empty arms

That reach to touch

No one
©Kay Salady


This Old Chest of Cedar


I lift the lid of this old chest

To inhale my life’s ambition

And one- by- one the passing years

Go by with admonition

Slipping through these fingers

With the newborn’s faded gown

The family bible worn with age

The lace I can’t put down

For all the chapters of my life

Are dreams that walked away

And I sit and wonder

What happened to the days

Where have all my flowers gone

I fail to see their colors

Once brilliant in the sunlight

To fill my world with memoirs

Embracing me with fragrance

Dancing in the wind

Filling life with passion

I call to them again

For I feel so abandoned

Within this chest of hope

I fear I’ll drown in sorrow

And know I cannot cope

So I close it once again

Wondering why I came

To reminisce the days gone by

For yesterdays remain



©Kay Salady

Bliss, So Beautiful

Bliss, So Beautiful

The evening shadows fall

Deepening my sorrow

I have no breath at all

To beg to steal or borrow

A place in time with you

Before this life is through


O’ memory fade away

Why torture this fair soul

For I was marked that day

With bliss so beautiful

As beads of sweat ran down

My lover’s aching flesh

Burning for one touch

Longing to enmesh

Locked inside my gaze

His earnest almond eyes

Told me everything

Of how he agonized

To be near me


How a hint of a blush

Gave him such a rush

And a bitten lip

As a fingertip

Pointed the way

To a dimly lit room

Where roses abloom

Fell to sachet

The lovers’ bed

Inside of his head

That just couldn’t stay


©Kay Salady

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Color Me Blue

For so long, withheld inside this heart about to burst
I thought to bear my soul somehow, to satiate my thirst
Then came to you, so willing, unafraid to risk it all
I did not look before I leapt, but chose to take the fall
I failed to test the waters and did not check the height
But closed my eyes to feel the bliss of swimming in delight
Only to find a vagabond whose love I could not find
Searching for his solace in a soul other than mine
Your beauty remains hidden in the shelter of my heart
For unrequited love remains, never to depart
All my world is flooded in the waters of despair
Wrought by separation from a love I thought was rare
So, I drown in my deep sorrow and drink the river’s blood
That rushes o’er my body and wash up in the mud
And still remember, that I love you
Oh, how I love you

©Kay Salady

Color Me Blue

Author, Kay Salady 

Every Good Intention

Every Good Intention

I brought you a storm
Instead of a rainbow
My intention to drive
All the dark clouds away
Were foiled by the rain
That ran from my eyes
And into your heart
Destroying your day
The sound of your sorrow
Wounded my soul
Forgive me my darling
This wasn’t my goal

©kay salady

Fallen Sparrow

Fallen Sparrow

I’m hanging by a limb
And clawing for its branches
Scratching me with thorns
Of blood-stained sorrow
Black bird sits mocking me
For all I want to see
Is a glimmer of your face
Inside this hollow
And I cry out in pain
As I attempt in vain
To reach beyond today
Until tomorrow
For that lemon yellow sky
And one look into your eyes
A balm to heal this hapless
Fallen sparrow

©Kay Salady

The Dance Everlasting

The Dance Everlasting

O’ my love, you are beautiful
Gliding through the darkness
Soft, violet eyes veiled in sorrow
Ruby, red lips pouting tenderly
Against milky, white flesh
Floating on wisps of ivory tulle
Ebony tresses gathering twilight
You dance the dance everlasting
As your dreams drift about
And I gather them in my pockets
As golden coins for the morrow
When I shall pay the toll
To cross that forlorn river
Where true love awaits
Beyond all mortal flesh
Far past this earthly realm
There, we shall dance in sunlight
An everlasting dance
O’ my love, you are beautiful
I save these tears for you
For precious was your heart
And worthy is my devotion
In alabaster jars
Each tiny drop I save
To sprinkle on the roses
I lay beside your grave

©Kay Salady

Ray of Light

Ray of Light

Great Cloud of Dreams

Burst at the seams

And release your silver lining

That I may know Hope didn’t go

Too far away

In his quest to find a heart

Deserving of a new tomorrow

After the pain the pouring rain

Of sorrow brings

Perhaps he roams a distant sky

That I have failed to ponder

Please send a ray of light my way

To let me know

©Kay Salady

Like a Lamb

Like a Lamb

I am broken; I explode from my skin

Like a lamb led to slaughter for my sin

Now I kneel at your feet and let go

Of myself and my pride, in sorrow

I scream as to peel off my skin

For the shame from the pain that I am in

I cannot bear such a loss day by day

Nor to weep as I do so you will stay

Let me beg for the touch of your hand

So to soothe every scar that I can

This balm is my life or my death

One kiss will restore this fool’s breath

Believe me this time when I say

That I will do anything to allay

My suffering


©Kay Salady




Serrations *may trigger

My world starts to shrink

As I sail out to sea

Safety is drifting away from me

I’m drowning in sorrow

And writhing in pain

As I struggle to keep

From cutting again

Rust fills my mouth

Familiar and warm

Trying to keep

From doing much harm

Small indentations

Seep away stains

Painted in sin

I rid them in vain

Over and over

I try to attack

Years of regret

Remorse for the lack

That flows like a river

Deep to the core

A curse on my being

The ultimate score

I pay with my blood

I’ve paid with my mind

I lay in white dressing

That drips as they bind

Me up in a jacket

Alone in a room

Drifting in darkness

I float to the moon

©Kay Salady

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