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The Sorrow in Our Parting

Her hour is drawing near. The hour that will come here to stop our time. I cling to her like a piece of succulent fruit, inhaling all the fragrance I can savor. As I watch her stare down death, a degradation fills the air. That familiar shroud of darkness that takes away one’s breath has stolen every word I came to offer. I would not add an ounce of pain but I am certain she, too, bears this painful silence. I falter to find words, but where are words to curb the sorrow in our parting? In this moment, my head reels. All I can feel are the moments I have missed and wonder why did I resist to hear her call. For she is worth it all–much more than I have shown. I have touched a soul, a soul that’s warm and beautiful in a realm that is so bright where colors flash within the sight of the Beloved.
©Kay Salady


Carol Hiltner, you are always in our hearts. 


Intrinsic nature

Is the incense that I burn

Deep within my soul

©Kay Salady

I Don’t

I was so into

The very idea of you

And just for awhile

That crooked little smile

Enveloped me completely

Holding me so sweetly

In the rapture of it all

How love did sweetly call

Until I heard the ring

Of the finite little things

Attached to its accord

And then I cried dear lord

It’s all too much

Too great a price too pay

For feeling feelings in a way

That never seem to last

Becoming buried in the past

Then strung high into the wind

No I’d rather call you friend

And save my soul

©Kay Salady


Words cannot express
The yearning of a spirit
Drowning in the depths
Of a heart’s deepest sorrow
No never can you fathom

©Kay Salady

A Beggar’s Cup

How gentle is this soul

Who waits before your door

Who kneels in quiet urgency

Pleading for one drop

To quench the desperation

Of a thirsty land

Longing for a glimpse

Of the Beloved

©Kay Salady



Model, Shimeon Mattox – Phoenix, Arizona

Following the beat of my own drum

I walk along a rainbow bridge

That leads me to contentment

I see prismatic hues

And know God resides

In the stillness

Within me

So I


©Kay Salady


No Rest


Stepping lightly o’er the mound
Trying to avoid the sounds
Of rubber boots that slosh through mud
And flower pots that make a thud
Filled with water up to brim
For my red geraniums
That make a dismal scene seem bright
But nothing ever sets things right
Within a place that bears such loss
Filled with the stench of earth and moss
Along with old decaying leaves
And the dead beneath the eaves
Of weathered mausoleum stone
Where I dare never walk alone
But meekly wander o’er the ground
Tentatively without a sound
As if to listen for a word
But not a word nor breath is heard
From beneath the hardened clay
No requiem from far away
Echoes through the murky air
Although I’ve felt it here somewhere
Between the shadow and the soul
That briefly touches to console
As I recumbent to the earth
So uncertain of my worth
Dare to remove this mortal stain
Plead for respite from my pain

©Kay Salady

Dance of Death


A low and rumbling gush of breath
So haunting in its dance of death
Sought entry through each tiny crack
Discerning everything I lack
And pondering portals I defend
So stoically against the wind
I dare not join him in the dance
For agony had brought a trance
Leading to an unmarked grave
Procession’s leader would not save
My soul
Throughout the night until the dawn
I danced with death
He led me on
Until a liturgy from lips
Whispered in the wilderness
Broke the never-ending spell
That tried to take my soul to hell

©Kay Salady


Deep as Death

O’ my brother
You slipped inside my dream
And held me as a little child
Your head against my shoulder
And arms about my waist
You rubbed my aching belly
And took my pain away
So soothing was my slumber
And deep, as deep as death
From the portals of your pardon
Came a mist around my bed
That satisfied a longing
Quaking in my soul
Tearing at a part of me
That never could be whole
O’ my despised brother
Alas, all hate is gone
You’ve slipped inside to show a side
I now rely upon

©Kay Salady

The Breath of Soul


And when I’m dead
And when I’m gone
Will you the strength
To carry on
Without me
Take all your hopes
And all your dreams
I am the thread
Inside the seams
Of aspiration
I will be there
In all you do
I am the light
Inside of you
Within your heart
And in your mind
Walking the floors
That seem to wind
Around forever
In all the years
And all the days
That we have shared
So many ways
The joy the tears
The sweet the sour
The breath of soul
Within an hour
That lasts forever

©Kay Salady