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I am so sorry

For having made you a fool

But then so am I

To sit and dream of a love

That should have been surrendered

©Kay Salady


Unto My Path

When all hope was lost

I saw you in the darkness

Reaching out for me

To muster up the courage

To rely on words in red

©Kay Salady

City of Strangers

Old age is an island surrounded by death . . . 

Foreign to myself

In this foreign land

I fear my own reflection 

I run toward the light 

Only to find darkness

For I sought solace

In empty arms

That reach to touch

No one
©Kay Salady

Always and Forever


You are the brick set in stone that anchors the wall of my desire.


Inside I have retained

A thousand yesterdays

And I am swept away

With sweet abandon

I return to days of splendor

To the joy of sweet surrender

When all of you was all I ever wanted

Lost in the passion of your kiss

And the shadow of your gaze

With each moment  I recover

I realize the perfect lover

Was with me all along

And the memory of our song

Will echo on and on

In secrecy inside of me

Where I desire for you to be

Always and forever

©Kay Salady

David’s Sin

A finger of sunlight
Peered through the window
Imploring his flesh
To surrender
To his erotic dreams
And in that brief moment
She was stained
By his arousal

©Kay Salady


Toxic Storm


Your tongue, it spurns me
Lashing at my flesh
Pouring salt upon old wounds
Now resurrected
These tears are toxic
As I shudder from a storm
Of your creation
I attempt to run away
But fail to find the means
To escape surrender
How you ruin me
And all my good intentions
That lay waste among the filth
Buried in the name of

©Kay Salady

I Want to Feel

I Want to Feel

I want to feel your energy surge
as you move near to me, and all
the thunder in my heart pounding
out such violent sparks, as you pull
me by the chin, and softly beg me
once again to love you.

I want to feel your trembling hands
caress unspoken dark commands
that bring me to a point of bliss, at
which I fall into an abyss of surrender.

I want to feel the ecstasy of knowing
you’re inside of me, as if we two could
possibly be one. Running as a raging
stream, we rise and fall through all
my dreams of passion.

I want to feel your sated kiss, salty-
sweet, the one I’ve missed. A warm
and tender rhapsody, that fills the
height and breadth of me completely.

©Kay Salady



Gaze into my eyes
Exponential feast
As I harness you
Within my silken touch
Anxiously, you await
Each move I choose to make
Along the path to splendor
So easily, you surrender
To feel the rise and fall
Of my implicit call
To burst upon my tongue

©Kay Salady



You opened your mouth to reveal

The extent of your starvation

Soon after I felt the stab of your intent

Then with one meager word

Your hands explored by body

Mind racing with intensity

Craving the taste of my kiss

And so I surrendered

As you gave into me

Quickly and completely

To your surprise

And I relished the sensation

Of success

©Kay Salady

My Lover’s Arms

“In the house of lovers, the music never stops, the walls are made of songs and the floor dances.” -Rumi

In my lover’s arms
I’m enveloped in sheer bliss
Ecstasy is mine
And he seals it with a kiss
As I inhale his fragrant breath
Love songs fill my ears
With words of wishfulness
That take away my fear
Of surrender

In my lover’s arms
I never feel alone
For I am safe and warm
In this haven I call home
Swaying to and fro
With the pounding of his heart
We dance in syncopation
And the rhythm plays a part
In our surrender

©Kay Salady