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Her Will

She rouses me in twilight

With nimble scarlet fingers

Outwitting the forbearance

That was laid aside to sleep

And I make a brave attempt to stir

Myself away from facing her

Protracted claws that seem to dig

Much deeper than before

With an urgency that unnerves me

Down to my very core

Now nothing hides inside my mind

Beside impending death

I tremble with anxiety

I scarce can take a breath

Holding onto the minutes that pass

In a day that will not end

While she sits upon my broken chest

Forcing me to bend

Tears well up within my eyes

I cannot run away

As she rides my body writhes

It is screaming in dismay

She holds me down in silence

While she commits the sin

Of having her own way with me

I helplessly give in

To this loathsome bitch

With hands of red

Hands that leave no trail

Other than the unseen pain

That leaves me feeling frail

And in such despair

That I choose sleep

Rather than the steady keep

Of she that still remains with me

She who is my enemy

©Kay Salady

A Good Man

When I think about the price I pay

For digging up my yesterdays

They’ve made me push the love away

From such a good man

Broken promises inside the dark

And filthy hands have left a mark

That will never fade away

I could let it go today

With hands that are a healing balm

That caress me down, make me calm

Hands that plan to do no harm

Are yours the hands

Of a good man

A righteous man who loves the Lord

Would do no harm; he can’t afford

The price he’d have to pay

I need a man who feels this way

So, before you hold me in the night

Convince me I won’t be alright

With the price I’d have to pay

If I push the love away

From a good man

©Kay Salady

After the Fall

After the Fall

Why does each breath feel so painful
Inside these trembling captive walls
Holding a heart that beats in stillness
I scarce can move after the fall
A vow was whispered so sincerely
And I embraced you with urgency
As a mother inhales her infant
Your sweet fragrance infuses me
I touched your soul and held you gently
Inside the hollow of my hand
I kissed your mouth oh so intently
I knew your love you were my man
Deep in your eyes I saw a shadow
That cast a darkness over me
And I no longer was your angel
Nor the queen I used to be
Pinioned wings can never fly
Through the heavens up above
A fallen angel deprived of courage
Lies here barren afraid to love
For every breath feels so painful
Inside these trembling captive walls
Holding a heart that beats in stillness
I scarce can move after the fall

©Kay Salady

Wounds of Love

j a

Kay Salady, Author

An ever-present urgency
Stemming from desire
Had blossomed into radiance
Where danced a ring of fire
Brilliant were its colors
Shooting flames of bliss
Into the darkest part of me
Longing for one kiss
To stay the execution
Of one simple life
Altered by a vision
That cut so like a knife
Wounds of physicality
Heal in their due time
But wounds of love
Bleed evermore
And the memories never die

©Kay Salady

What Rose Wanted

What Rose Wanted

The breath of night envelops her with the memory
Of sultry summer days filled with hidden promise
For the long-awaited one to disregard her walls
His aroma blossoms within her hungry mind
And blushing petals drip as thoughts of him unwind
With each burning inhalation quaking urgency
For his impending stay to satisfy a need
That overtakes the body and leaves behind the mind
As fingertips explore each spot she’d so much like to find

©Kay Salady


Image Credit:  Nigel Rolfe


Beseech the Moon

Beseech the Moon

Avowal of yearning
The tide rushes in
Then, unsympathetically, pulls away
I wait, in silence, beneath your glow
You, in your austerity
Oblivious to my salient need
Do you not know my hunger
You, who are filled with fervent prayer
Shining brightly with imprisoned candles
Lit by hearts of urgency and expectation
I wonder should you set them free
Will your light fail

©Kay Salady

In the Glow

In the Glow

Come meditate with me
Our supple bodies intertwined
Foreheads pressing one another’s
Spirits dancing, mind-to-mind
Pour out to me the darkness
Laid aside for all these years
Softly whisper every craving
You’ve suppressed into my ears
As we sit alone together
In the blush of candlelight
Our auras bathed in urgency
With an essence of delight
It will lead us to nirvana
As we flutter to each star
Within the unknown galaxy
We see from where we are

©Kay Salady

Beyond the Veil

Beyond the Veil

Beyond death’s veil of sorrow, wait for me

For I expect to greet your tender kiss

When I embark a ship that sails to sea

In passage to the arms that I so miss

My loving hand will tap upon your door

With an urgency that you will not forsake

The one who lingered long upon the shore

In waiting for this journey I will take

My darling, will you recognize my face

As I stand there before you in the throng

Or will the beauty of your paradise erase

The memory of our love affair so strong

One day, I’ll pass beyond the veil and know

The waiting arms and kiss that I love so

©Kay Salady

A Place Where Vows Were Sealed

A Place Where Vows Were Sealed

Somewhere within the silence

I feel your breath upon my skin

And see your dark eyes shining

Do I request too much again

To smell your body’s essence

Or to clasp your hands in mine

As I rise to meet with urgency

What this distance has declined

For far too many moments

That have left us both alone

Why are we so detached

When we both had found our home

Inside a well of comfort

Where two hearts still beat as one

A place where vows were sealed

That can never be undone

For as long as breath is taken

And morning greets the soul

I shall hold onto the memory

Of a love so beautiful

Do you think of me my darling

Within your quiet reverie

Does remembrance of the moments

That you have shared with me

Return again and fill you

With the same longing that I feel

Shall I sacrifice the hope inside

That true love is for real

By letting go the madness

That has ruled this life of mine

Thinking of a normal man

To be one that is divine

©Kay Salady


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Gentle is the Voice


How do I define

The craving of my heart

That beats in urgency

For your embrace


Soothing is the voice

That whispers tender words

And soft the loving hands

Upon my brow


Mother do you know

My strength is in your song

Your smile remains eternal

In my mind


©Kay Salady