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O’ breath of life, once restrained by mortal flesh

You did not fear the painful sting of death

When through the veil, your spirit chose to fly

In search of things beyond the earth and sky

Now breath of soul, near to the throne of God

Reposing, where bright angels feet have trod

In peacefulness, beyond the wildest dream

While living waters flow from a crystal stream

As a loud voice, that calls forth to your soul

Newness of life, my child, drink to the full

For all of Heaven sings love songs to its King

Forevermore, at the end of everything

©Kay Salady

To Dream

To Dream

Pillow, embrace this somnolent skull

As I lie in wait for the hour to fall

That I might leave this world of woe

To dream in fields where poppies grow

Sweet veil of sleep, my asylum be

Seal your doors; remove each key

As I sip the wine of reverie

Blissful and begotten


©Kay Salady

So Far Beyond this Life

So Far From this Life

Tonight, I gather thoughts

Inside the velvet stillness

As I caress the shadows

That are softly falling

In the hush of inspiration

The aura of my being

Rose up to greet the sky

Far beyond the veil

Of worldly delineation

A silence beyond words

Quickens my perception

Of knowing that I’m real

And valued in this realm

The grave that wants my flesh

And world that seeks my soul

Cannot acquire my fear

So far beyond this life

Tonight, I gather thoughts

From the far side of the veil

Knowing I am real . . .

That I shall never fail


©Kay Salady

La Nuit

La Nuit

Night stretches her veil

Across the indigo sky

Lulling us to sleep

With sparkling charms of comfort

That illuminate our way

©Kay Salady

Beyond the Veil

Beyond the Veil

Beyond death’s veil of sorrow, wait for me

For I expect to greet your tender kiss

When I embark a ship that sails to sea

In passage to the arms that I so miss

My loving hand will tap upon your door

With an urgency that you will not forsake

The one who lingered long upon the shore

In waiting for this journey I will take

My darling, will you recognize my face

As I stand there before you in the throng

Or will the beauty of your paradise erase

The memory of our love affair so strong

One day, I’ll pass beyond the veil and know

The waiting arms and kiss that I love so

©Kay Salady

Lady Justice

Lady Justice

Where are you sweet Justice
I thought I heard your name
While wandering in the darkness
And then the moment came
When your truth arose to shatter
The beliefs within my mind
For the two-edged sword you carry
Cuts from either side
There within your hand
The inequity of your scale
Sways over a land
The hand of Justice failed
Detached from what you’d done
You did not see your sin
Blinded by obscurity
Opposition won again
Remove your veil sweet Justice
And open up your eyes
Perhaps the day will come
When you’ll sprout wings and rise
To point your blade towards evil
By measuring the weight
Of truth that lies within
The heart of each debate
O’ kiss the wounds of children
With your pallid lips
And touch the scars of women
With your stone-cold fingertips
Heal the broken-hearted
By descending from your throne
Embrace with retribution
Those who seek you as their own
Where are you sweet Justice
Can’t you hear your children cry
Your name throughout the ages
Sweet Justice do not die

©Kay Salady

Dream of Long Ago


Recommence my deep reflection

Upon tranquility

So deep within the gaze

Of eyes transporting me

To dominions beyond conception

Prismatic auras send

The purity of love

And peace without an end

A hush then winged seraphs

Rise with sounds of thunder

Heaven’s curtains open

As through the veil I wander

Swimming in a sea

Of crystal clear and blue

Its light infusing me

With everything brand new

My heart becomes as milk

And my tongue as honeydew

Stardust covered vessel

Encasing raptured soul

Bows before the throne

Of all that’s Wonderful

I wash his feet with tears

That glint like diamond snow

My hope throughout the years

And dream of long ago. .  .

©Kay Salady

Image Credit:  “Seraphim Awakening”