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Sweet Nothings

Whisper sweet nothings

Fragrant as cherry blossoms

That drift through the air

©Kay Salady

Somewhere Inside My Mind

Somewhere Inside My Mind

I lie within a quiet field somewhere inside my mind
Where trembling heart and rapid breath are slowly left behind
I then rise to greet the clouds on shining wings of black
So far beyond the ground of green, no thought of coming back
I am the seeds of dandelions blowing in the wind
I am a weed to be reborn with every breath He sends
And on this magic carpet ride I’ve chosen to partake
Of everything that comes my way, for it is no mistake
That I have led a life of struggle and a life of loss
I’ve broken every barrier and carried my own cross
And when the need for comfort comes, I whisper to my soul
You’ll be alright, you will survive, for you are beautiful

©Kay Salady



He whispers

and the mist of morning

softly rises from within

I then bend

as one lone bud

comes into flower

yielding to his warmth


©Kay Salady



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Walking the Broken Road

Broken Road

I was royalty
Then you bent me so far
I ended up impoverished
Dragging my tattered gown
Biting a bloodied lip
And wiping a dirty face
You liked the rust and lace
As the wind caught my hair
But it faded to gray
As did I
Now there is nothing left of me
But a whisper
The grit in my toes
Reminds me of you
Where I have been
Feeling so unclean
In need of sanctuary
If only to bathe
And to rest my weary soul
If only to stumble
From this broken road

©Kay Salady

Lover, don’t be Shy

Lover, don't be Shy


Lover, don’t be shy

Whisper inner thoughts

Of endless incantations

Winding through your mind

That I might fulfill

Your thirsty feral need

Seize this willing flesh

Unable to refuse

The thrill behind your touch

Entice me with the words

I need to hear you say


©Kay Salady

Love will Dream

Love will Dream

In the shadow of the midnight

The pale moon strikes silver beams

Through draperies I have parted

As I look out at her and dream

I whisper words of comfort

Toward a heart so beautiful

Lying there amid your dreams

I embrace you with my soul

Love will dream about you

Darling, try to dream of me

Beneath the shade of heaven

May you find sweet reveries

As blissful as the moment

I first held you in my arms

Enchanted by the magic

Of your exquisite charms

I’d lost myself in you

Then found myself in me

As I danced within your laughter

And held you tenderly

Softly rocking to the music

Of the heart within your chest

Bringing comfort so enormous

Ever thankful – ever blessed

Standing in the darkness

I can smell your fragrant hair

And though you’re not beside me

I can feel you; I am there

Holding onto you so tightly

With my love – my everything

Somehow knowing gentle Luna

Sent my heartfelt offering

©Kay Salady

Whispers in the Night

Whispers in the Night


My lips whisper words

That you may hear in the night

Secrets of my heart

That may never come out right

In the light of day


As sun kisses you

In the way I’d like to be

Warm upon your mouth

Oh so very tenderly

I think to say I love you


In that light of day

Would you run away and hide

If I should convey

All the feelings deep inside

That scatter into the night


©Kay Salady

Talk to Me


In the silence of the moment

When breath-to-breath we merge

To brush the sacred instance of our being

Talk to me, my love

Whisper your heart’s longings

Sweep away the vapors from the sky

Bring to me the moon

And all that softly glimmers

Speak to me, and I shall swiftly fly

Delighting in the rhapsody

Resounding at the door

Before the very entrance

To your heart


©Kay Salady

Pillow Talk and Wine

I whisper my secrets in the dark

As I lie upon your pillow

Fragrant by my arousal

Churning with your madness

Covered with your dew

Aching for more

Pillow talk

And sweet


©Kay Salady