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Too Much or Not at All


You say I talk too much
But that I make you feel good
I can’t understand
Why you make such great demands
You’d never want a wife
Or someone there beside you
Yet when you feel alone
You ask me to come home
Too much or not at all
I’m not allowed to call you
Yet I belong to you
With all that you put me through
I’d rather stay away
Than let you make me feel bad
Because my self confidence
Is worth more than your two cents
Too much or not at all
I’d rather take the fall
By letting go of you
What else am I to do
I need to walk away
I’ve nothing left to tell you
Too much pain to touch again
No you were not my friend
Not at all

©Kay Salady

Where Divination Stands


I return again to this frozen lair
Where divination stands at a precipice
Searching for wisdom from the deepest well
Where words are buried beyond the realm
Of all our understanding
For knowledge is an arduous journey
Far removed from the seeker’s view
And those deemed to be unworthy
Yet I press on digging diligently
As one who labors to give birth
Bleeding my own righteousness
And earning my good name
In a land that is foreign
To one who is not a man

©Kay Salady


Kay Salady Epiphany

I heard you singing
A song meant only for her
But I couldn’t help myself
As I studied every move
And listened intently
All the while
If I am worthy
Of seeking
The affection
Of a man
Who is far
Too beautiful
For this world

©kay salady

Let Me Sleep

Let Me Sleep

I’d stay in bed and dream

If the world would let me sleep

I swallow muffled screams

That I choke on when I weep

I wish that I were strong

And wouldn’t cry for you

The days are dark and long

And my heart is black and blue

I face each night alone

Feeling very small

With the life you threw away

Stacked up against the wall

Doling out my worth

By the letters that you wrote

Searching for a clue

Inside every single note

To see if I’ve misread

The intentions that you sent

Perhaps I was mislead

And don’t know how things went

I need to build a fire

To burn your memory

To rid the deep desire

That lives inside of me

I run away from you

When I go to bed and sleep

Yet every time I do

I run away from me

©Kay Salady

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Fragile Wings

I love this artists #paintings #kihindewiley #beautiful #inspirational #concept #black #men #royalty #sex #elevated  (Taken with Instagram)

Fragile wings maintain your color

As I brush them with my love

For simple breath may blow as dust

Your embellishment from above

Who am I to touch the splendor

That my eyes lack worth to see

Yet my heart knows sincerely

This tender love must be set free


©Kay Salady