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My Darling,

In my existence

Only thoughts of you remain

And I am resolved

That until my dying breath

These lips will whisper your name

©Kay Salady

Cookie Cutter Waltz


Lemon yellow light
Filtering through the window
Dances on your skin
And the shadows make me smile
As soft music fills my mind

©Kay Salady



Shall I run from love

Or dare to go the distance

I have but one choice

For my heart knows no other

Every road leads straight to you


©Kay Salady


Author, Kay Salady 2015

Author, Kay Salady 2015

Before we had met
I was so intrigued by you
Stranger from afar
You were my fascination
And a dream beyond my grasp

©Kay Salady



Those Saturday nights
Strolling through your Cotton Club
With a hi-de-ho
We tripped the light fantastic
And oh, the glide in your stride

©Kay Salady

Poem #3 for National Poetry Month “Our Love is Intense”

Our Love is Intense

Poem #1 for National Poetry Month “The Father and Son”

The Father and Son

Wrapped Around It

Red Fedora

You’re so very smooth
Sauntering into the room
Flicking that red brim
With the tip of the finger
I am clinging to for life

(c) Kay Salady